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  1. I would definitely try embarking again out of San Juan on the southern route. So much more time needed than a 7-8 hour stop over. Would be a few years down the line since we’ve never cruised to Alaska or Bermuda.
  2. That’s good. I probably shouldn’t have quoted Joebucks without having complete info but most businesses don’t need to operate under those debt terms. Long term loan repayment terms are definitely what cruise lines need right now.
  3. I think chapter 11 BK is inevitable for some cruise lines as they become more & more cash-strapped. Chapter 11s are usually only approved when the debtor company can provide a viable way out of it’s current situation (is that possible with this virus?). The I think the recent high interest rate (11%?) loan rate CCL obtained recently indicates some concern investors have in profitability returning soon. If further loans or stock offerings are initiated, they become more about repaying old loans than maintaining minimal infrastructure at even higher rates.
  4. Maybe it’s just me but I consider the social responsibility aspect of either repatriating the crew or continue paying them greater than the legal aspect of contractual obligations. Same with not taking into consideration feeding crew over what they would have to pay for food once repatriated. We’re probably going too far off topic here so I’ll leave it alone. Just my $0.02.
  5. @geckoaz A better measure of responsibility would be to compare how Carnival repatriated their crew compared to other cruise lines and if Carnival continued to pay crew while they remained on the ships. I haven’t researched either issue myself but did hear some comments about pay stopping which I consider cruel considering the crew’s financial responsibility to their family. This virus has been a life-changing event for most of us. Hopefully all governments and businesses learn how to adapt to minimize the future impact on individuals.
  6. Transferred a cruise scheduled 87 days away to exact same cruise 424 days from now. My TA really wanted me to make final payment under the premise that the cruise would be canceled anyway & a $600 OBC would come my way. I’m too risk averse & still saves about $120 rebooking it & incurred no cxl fee.
  7. If this can be commonly replicated it will need to either be stickied or reposted often. I’m not canceling October yet & would have to do any changes through my TA but would consider this a huge benefit to those cruisers undecided about their 4th quarter cruises. And it costs Carnival $0. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Illinois restaurants just went with 25% indoor capacity last Friday. We decided to dine in at one of our favorites that had been closed since late March. They definitely did things right with tables clearly marked as unusable for social distancing and wait staff always wearing masks. We wore ours while moving about as a measure of respect. Meal was great & uneventful. Hopefully the State won’t re-spikes as closures would certainly reoccur.
  9. I would likely cancel or move my October booking if there wasn’t a fee involved with the ES rate. Doesn’t make sense at this point to make changes involving a fee when it will likely be canceled anyway. I may look to defer final payment date (currently 7/28) but am not sure if that increases my cancellation penalty if I can’t go due to work restrictions. A no win/break even situation as many are experiencing.
  10. @richfret Hang in there. There will be cruising again one day. One thing about cruising many people like is that it can be planned down to the last bite, balcony angle to a sunset and favorite cruise director. All-inclusive resorts can be nearly as comfortable & planned and may be your best option until cruises resume. @FiredogCruiser I personally don’t see politics playing as much of a role in cruises resuming as some others. However the ultimate deciding body is the CDC/Coast Guard first then state/local next. The details being worked out are mostly between the
  11. A lot of wisdom in your words (in my opinion). Living your life to the fullest extent is not mutually exclusive with being socially responsible.
  12. Thank you for your service. My brother served on the Coral Sea in the late ‘70s which I think was stationed in San Diego at the time.
  13. Quoting myself here to be clear. We all need to balance the risks presented by this virus vs rewards (helping economy, personal enjoyment, etc). It is an individual decision once available. Yesterday was the 1st day since March 23rd I was able to eat inside a restaurant in Illinois; I did. Wore a mask entering & leaving (obviously not while sitting). Tables were marked for available seating or excluded. I enjoyed my meal as much as I would have last year.
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