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  1. Call or email Celebrity and ask them to add the beverage package to the web page. happens all the time. Once it is on the web page you can upgrade if you want. I had the same issue and also with my OBC. email is: CelebrityRRS@celebrity.com enjoy PS wait and do it just before the cruise as they often times have upgrade sales.
  2. It's a little strange filling up at least when we did. It's the gas station he recommended just down the street. You pull up to a booth and you can't see in. You tell them how much you want to pump and they put up a number in the window for which pump to go to. Never saw anyone. We didn't ay by credit cars, thinking they only took cash so we guessed at the amount. It's a great island to drive around. make sure you go North and do the turtles first as it can get crowded.
  3. Maybe we just don't care as much or they don't approach us as much but it's never been a bother. A quick no and it's over. Guess I don't see it in the same light as others. Certainly not enough to come on Cruise Critic and complain about it. I'm on vacation and it will take a lot to bother me.
  4. We didn't have any fee in October. I think they do charge though from say 11PM - 5AM or something like that. We use room service at least once a day, sometimes up to 3 times. Love it. I think it goes back to when I was a kid and wasn't allowed to order room service in a hotel - lol
  5. Fist of all, thanks for the review. Loved reading it. Would like to try Crystal some day. In regards to the above, I have to agree. I hear this a lot but have never been able to find a luxury line for close to what I pay on Celebrity. I'd love to but have never found it. But, we are not suite people so I am sure the price is closer if we did. We don't want to spend that much on a cruise as they are not our main vacations. This last cruise was 10 nights in a 1A balcony and we paid right at $3,000 total (all in cost) and that included the drink package and $300 OBC so the comparable cost is $2,700. That's $270 per night for 2 people with drinks. And I know the experience isn't the same but the cost isn't close either. I hope some day I can find a closer price comparison as I'm still looking. Just not willing to spend a lot on a cruise. Thanks again for the review, it was great!
  6. I guess it's all in what you expect and how you use your balcony. I know a lot of people that say they hardly use the balcony but like seeing out and the occasional ocean breeze. For them, this is probably ideal. Then there is the other camp (like us) that use the balcony quite a bit. We pretty much live out there. On a sea day, most of our day is on the balcony. On a port day we have breakfast out there then when we get back it's out on the balcony until dinner. About the only time we don't use it is in the evening and when we are off the ship. So as we use it a lot, the IV isn't for us. whatever you choose, enjoy. You're still at sea!
  7. Huh? I personally know at least 4 people that did the ferry and loved it. The snorkeling is basically the same spot as we saw the ferry when we were there. You just have to walk up the beach. Most amazing place to snorkel. Now this one was one snorkel stop with WQoodwind. I think they also have a 2 stop but this one went to the other side of Klein Bonaire and that was it. enjoy
  8. The longer the better. The ships are much more the same than they are different although I am partial to the Equinox. But I'd still go for the 11 nights. Actually I would probably compromise and take a 10 night Equinox to the ABC islands (if it's available in 2021). enjoy
  9. My wife (the drinker in the family - lol) usually waits until the last couple of days. Couple of reasons. First she gets to compare to the port prices. Secondly she can see how much OBC she has left and third, she can keep an eye on the sales. And yea, some stuff are not great prices but some is, like the JW Blue that was mentioned above, My wife always gets a bottle. Remember, no tax...... enjoy
  10. My wife also likes a frozen toasted almond. Like a strong milkshake - lol
  11. First off, don't take a lot of stuff with you. You can come back to the ship afterward before you go exploring other parts of the island (you are right there). We just take 1 phone, a little cash, ID and a credit card. That's pretty much it. Here is what I used and had no issues: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I41MJYG/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 We have also used these in the past and never had an issue: Much smaller and will hold pretty much everything: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079K6QL1Q/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Here's a tip I tell everyone. If you are going to be worried or stressed about this stuff then take a tour. It's just the tour takes a lot longer and costs more. We are not tour people as there is always a lot of wasted time. Woodwind did a great job but again, a lot of "wasted" time. enjoy
  12. You just leave your belongings on the beach. Trust me, no one wants your towel - lol. Of course take your valuables with you. We have a water proof pouches that we use. Can fit the phone, credit card and money. I've never heard of anyone waiting a couple of hours although I guess they could. The ferry comes back every hour in the morning but I think the schedule changes in the afternoon. This is one spot you want to get off and take the early ferry over then come back to shore and do something else. It is not a great beach to hang, you pretty much got to snorkel only. But boy, what a place to snorkel. enjoy
  13. We booked ahead of time. Heard great stuff about Advance Care Rental and it was right. Full tank of gas, clean, newer car, map with everything marked, a GPS with the hot spots pre programmed and he gave us a cell phone to call when we wanted to bring the car back. Compared to Aruba this was fantastic. We will rent from Celestino again for sure. Check out my mini report: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2596667-curacao-car-rental-and-turtles/ The car rental web site is: http://www.advancecarrentalcuracao.com/
  14. I know but since we are in there anyways......
  15. Between having 3 drinks on our cards and the recent free drinks in the casino on sea days (I know, not all sailings) we may never have to get a beverage package again.
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