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  1. Since we only book 'regular' balcony cabins we've been taking inflatable footstools for quite some time. Amazon is your friend as there are many options. We just blow them up but you could bring a small hand pump too. We also enjoy spending sea days on the balcony with our feet up.
  2. You still have to go up to the desk.... Hopefully your table will be ready. If not, you still get a pager. Some ships have separate lines for reservations but last time on the Equinox there wasn't so we waited in line with everyone else even with a reservation. What I was referring to was with Carnival you just click in the app that you're ready and they notify you when your table is ready. No line as everyone does it the same way.
  3. One big difference is Carnival usually has at least 2 comedians every night which we love to attend. On our last Celebrity cruise they didn't have any comedians on board. The CD and other team members did all the comedy shows. They were OK at best. We usually sail Celebrity but Carnival is a lot of fun too. Oh and you can't sign in for dinner on the app, you have to wait in line at the desk and then they might give you a pager... We'd sail on either as we like them both.
  4. Yea, not sure it matters, just don’t sail on them.
  5. We love it. Usually have plenty of ship OBC so we leave the TA OBC for a refund. Always amazed that some people won’t use a TA. Just throwing money away. Actually I used to do that until I realized that I didn’t need to be in ‘control’ of my booking. All the free money I threw away.. ugh!
  6. We go without as the couple of drinks at night are fine. Obviously we don’t drink much lol. We will usually take one into dinner with us and that’s all we need with dinner The occasional coffee or extra drink we might want is nowhere near the cost for the package. We’d have to drink a lot to hit that mark. Plus we bring 2 bottles of wine with us. lately I’ve been taking a French press and some good coffee. Just order hot water with breakfast room service. Would rather not have to get dressed to get good coffee….
  7. I was so disappointment when they left these out of the S class ships. We love them!
  8. To us it's the best cabin on the ship, the first off the back of the hump. You can stand/sit at the railing and see forward when needed. That's when people could see you but if you're sitting normally on your super large balcony, they can't see you. We always try to pick this cabin. The first off the hump up front gets too much wind for us as it 'catches' the wind while sailing. enjoy!
  9. I swim quite a bit and have never attempted to swim laps on the ship. Too short and/or too many people. I wait until we go to a beach and do a nice open water swim.
  10. Tip.... one person go get the car and the other wait with the luggage. The elevator for the parking garage had about 50 people waiting last time we were there. I just took the stairs and got the car, drove over and picked up my wife and luggage.
  11. I get it but this is no different than them starting to charge for room service after we made final payment. And yea. it's not the same cost but we used it a lot so it was at least $20 a day for us if not more. So even if the cost is less, the principle is the same...... I paid for free room service and they took it away after I paid This is just how they treat us now.
  12. But he is comparing fairly recent cruises… right? Just curious
  13. Thanks for the review. We feel exactly the same way. our last Equinox cruise was one of the best ever. MDR is fine with us too and usually very pleased but we aren't foodies. Give us decent food, a server and a table cloth and we are all set! lol Question though, you said 'unimpressed with the shows at the theater, we like to go at least one night and didn’t bother' How did you know they weren't any good if you didn't go. I mean, we agree that the entertainment is lacking and we left a few shows midway. That was probably the only downside to the cruise. Glad you had a great time!
  14. We used to pretty much sail Celebrity exclusively but stopped sailing them 5 years ago when the prices started creeping up. We are Elite level but will never get to Elite+. We've been on many cruises since then but only 2 on Celebrity and only because I found them at a really great price with a lot of OBC. I have one booked for April and keep looking but won't book unless I find another great deal.. Till then, we will keep sailing, just not Celebrity.
  15. Not being rude, but the expectations should me you are NOT getting it. No disappointment then as that's no way to start a vacation. Could you just change your booking to the cabin you really want?
  16. That stinks. But yea, especially with multiple rooms a TA might just be the way to go. All that OBC... I cringe when I think of how much OBC I threw away because I booked on my own and wanted 'control' over the reservation uhg!!!
  17. Ha ha. We sail Carnival too. They are not bad. Just have a bad reputation. And yea, a bit livelier but it’s fun
  18. We rent ahead of time. In Aruba we have used a couple of companies. Most let you keep it until 7 ish for a small extra fee. No one sticks out to recommend but they weren’t National companies, just local. Plenty of rentals when you leave the gate…. Plenty on Curaçao we always use Advance Car rental. They have a map with all the cool spots highlighted, a gps in the car with the same spots programmed in and he gives you a cell phone to use to call him when you want to drop off or if there is a problem along the way. Price seems steep but it includes all the above plus insurance. Still well under an excursion each. Have fun!
  19. Love ABC. Either book on board then transfer to your TA or book with the TA directly. Labor Day sales are still going on. Aruba; have rented a car to explore and snorkel and have just gone to the beach. Both are fine Cauracao; rented a car all 3 times we have been there. Love exploring and snorkeling around the island. We always leave time to explore downtown as it's so cool Bonaire; We use Woodwind for a great snorkel to the island. They are fantastic and the snorkeling is to die for. As you notice we do a lot of snorkeling as these 3 islands have some of the best snorkeling in the world. I can sit on a beach or rent a gold cart om almost any island. Can't pas sup the change for some great snorkeling. Also, a car rental is always cheaper than us buying excursions. Have fun!
  20. Other than to take advantage of currency exchange there is no benefit to pay ahead. People might want to but there isn't any benefit. I'll pay after my cruise, not before. And I usually have enough OBC to cover it so that's always a plus. enjoy
  21. Went on the Equinox in April. One of the best cruises we have ever had and there have been many. Food was just fine but we are not foodies. Don't remember any sparkling wine when we boarded the ship. Do not listen to the complainers on here. If I did I would never sail any cruise line again. Cruise Critic posts and Facebook posts give the impression that cruising is terrible.... People like to complain and many are so full of themselves..... Go and have fun!
  22. Last time there we just rented a car and went exploring. Had a blast
  23. Following.... We booked for March next year. I like that you can reserve a front row chair... unlike the Boatyard which is first come first served. Never been so we'll see
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