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  1. What kinds of private activities does the Heath group plan? I had some acquaintances on his post-Thanksgiving cruise last year and no one really raved when they got back and the group looked rather small.
  2. Hi Jake, I was on a Pied Piper Post-Thanksgiving cruise all the way back in 2011. It was actually great. There were 700 of us in the group so we had plenty of private events and Leslie Jordan was our headline entertainer. I'm unsure if they still draw that kind of crowd considering how many gay group sailings now exist. In Feb 2020 I was part of the Bearracuda Heretic/QueensOverboard group. We had even better private events including 2 private nighttime pool parties and BenDeLaCreme headlined but there were only 200 of us. I'd be interested to know how many Pied Piper now draws for thei
  3. Does anyone specifically know what the island time would be when the Summit is docked in Curacao (it's listed 8AM-5PM in itinerary)?
  4. Why do you care so much? Would you also be judging if he was asking about certain items in the MDR being on the menu or if there was a jazz band on the ship? It's none of your concern what makes a cruise worthwhile for another person. To each his own, his vacation, his way.
  5. I'm sure there are a few reasons such as itinerary publication by the cruise line, the fact they must get millions of dollars together to charter the ship, I'm sure if they're smart they want to see what their competitors are doing and when. I mean if the cruise line published dates and rates for mid 2021 in let's say in July 2019 and you personally booked it in September 2019, I think it's silly of you to think that a private charter picking up one sailing should be off the table. You're probably also the kind of person that would complain and demand compensation if you were on a cruise wi
  6. A friend and I are considering this cruise as well primarily because of the ability to buy the drink package and the itinerary. This would be my 3rd time on the Summit. I leave in 2 weeks on the Summit to the ABC's as part of a gay group sailing. I've never done an all gay charter before. First time on the Summit was 2018 to Bermuda before the refurb and thought it was great. I'm a big fan of Celebrity.
  7. The charter groups are pretty loyal to Celebrity as well, and probably pay a lot more to charter the entire ship.
  8. I think it's the itinerary and price point that makes this the only eligible ship for Charters.
  9. Yes, as far as I'm aware there are over 200 GLBTQIA+ in the group. It's actually 3 groups combined on the ship with the same organizers; a bear group (Bearacuda Heretic), a drag group (Queens Overboard) and the rest (call themselves PitBull).
  10. A year ago I would have said yes but I'm also on a Feb 2020 cruise and have not yet seen any upgrade promos. I got a notice of the new Premium Perks package at a discounted rate but Celebrity would not allow me to upgrade my Classic perk to this package when I called.
  11. I'm trying to log into my cruise planner during the final 10 hours of the extended "Super Sale" to see if there are any good deals. I cannot log in so I decided to call. As we speak I have been on hold for 20 minutes.....What's ever happened to customer service?
  12. Please sit at your own table for 2 so that your judgements do not spill onto my plate. Thanks!
  13. I was expecting people who have recently been on HAL sailings to reiterate whether or not HAL is still charging for a second entree on it's ships in the MDR at dinner. I was NOT expecting snarky, snotty comments which has become the norm on these boards by Know it All Keyboard Bullies like yourself.
  14. Actually I was referencing "Schmoo here"s response about their experience April 4 & 5th and also TAD2005 comment in my originally referenced post so I'm unsure why are saying that my link doesn't support my statement....You did see the question mark in my OP Line correct? I'm unsure of what's been going on on every cruise since March 31 but came upon these 2 examples so thought I'd put the question out there for legitimate responses not rude critiques.
  15. It seem's its now become a Maitre D's option to enforce but that menu's are still served saying that the $10 surcharge exists. Not a good sign.
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