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  1. So I'm VIFP but what's this about free water? Is there a limit? Do you get one bottle? I suppose I should read up on the perks of VIFP.
  2. I'm sorry but I couldn't eat a thing knowing your nose is in my plate at every meal. It just seems unsanitary! Do you have nothing else going on in your own life that you have to focus on how other people spend their vacations and what they choose to do to enjoy themselves?
  3. Just curious which nights of this cruise are the elegant nights since there are multiple back to back days at the beginning of the cruise? It would have to be Night 2 or 3 and then Night 6 or 7. Any insight?
  4. That's great to know, I always find the embarkation day lunch buffet to be so overcrowded.
  5. Hi there, I know it hasn't been long since the cruise lines have gotten back to sailing but I was wondering if lunch was still "free" in Ji Ji and Cucina del Capitano on Carnival ships? Specifically the Horizon?
  6. I would enjoy both, just to make sure the lobsterette is as flavorless as previously thought.
  7. Oh I thought the menu posted was the 2nd formal nights.
  8. Any special reason why you would skip the first elegant night for JiJi? I’ve heard good things about it but would prefer one of the nights when dining room menu is meh.
  9. Hello, just putting it out there if anyone else is sailing on the Horizon on 9/18? 3 friends traveling post pandemic, I’m single and they are married (to each other). Be great to make a group to hang out with onboard.
  10. I too cannot help but think this is a poor layout for limited ship space, it's nice looking but not useful and efficient. I'll find out for myself in February on the Apex if I actually ever even enter other than to just check it out or attend a Celebrity return guest social gathering there.
  11. Just wondering if any other LGBTQIA2+ members will be on this sailing and bother to read this Roll Call ahead of time? Looks like from the main Roll Call page we will be sailing with a group of Hookers.....not the kind we might enjoy though, they literally mean rug hooking (sewing type stuff)....sounds more like a snooze fest than a cruise fest.
  12. What kinds of private activities does the Heath group plan? I had some acquaintances on his post-Thanksgiving cruise last year and no one really raved when they got back and the group looked rather small.
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