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  1. Except when you can’t get into the hallway because doors are locked
  2. We arrived about 10:15-10:30 on a 4 Nighr spring break cruise on the Liberty. There was no wait in line for early/late boarding, the only difference is they get a zone and we waited in a non-checked priority section which took minutes to process. Agents weren’t even checking your boarding paperwork as they called thru Wedding parties, Platinum, Suite, FTTF categories of boarding. Secondly once aboard the hallway doors to cabins were locked with signs saying no stateroom entry until 1:30pm and no staff to assist. Luckily at one of the elevator entries I found a regular door giving entry to the stateroom hallway and myself and about 5 others took it. Again no one was around to assist or question us. IMHO it wasn’t organized enough or worth the fee.
  3. Summit in Freeport drydock 3/13/19
  4. Well considering this is the CCL board I tried to mention the things I’ve taken notice of on their line. I believe I did give a blanket acknowledgement to changes brought on by many lines. I can also say that I’ve never seen entire YouTube videos featuring passengers eating Guys burgers over and over and over and over and over and over and over for lunches and dinners. Each to his own but IMHO I feel these people have been convinced that is what they should be eating because they are aboard a Carnival cruise ship. Side note, I have not actively searched for YouTube videos for any cruise line pushing burgers but looking through some videos on the ship I’ll be sailing soon I noticed a recurring theme.
  5. Theories seem to abound on the HAL board about this. The scan itself looks like it was photo-shopped as lines appear to be cut. Other thoughts are this happened on a Culinary Afficanado’s cruise perhaps by the Culinary Council. Constant though is that not many have experienced this on their recent sailings so I’m not sure it holds water.
  6. Wonder if this was a Culinary Afficianados Cruise since the food quality/menu is probably a step up from normal MDR dinner fare?
  7. Where did this rumor start? A Celebrity board? LoL. HAL is a wonderful, old time line, the notion of charging in MDR off regular menu makes no sense.
  8. There is a difference between "class" cruising such as White Star Line where you get the level of service you're paying for and classic cruising which Royal Caribbean was in those days. By "classic cruising" I meant a high staff to guest ratio, superb room steward and wait staff service (even the Maitre de becomes very familiar with you), midnight buffets, food quality and menu, the entertainment staff who would sit at your table in the MDR and the Captain and staff who would be seated for dinner in the MDR, the Captain's Cocktail Hour, etc. Of course much of this has gotten impossible on the mega-ships but I think you understand now what I was referring to.
  9. Thanks for your opinion but you really don’t know my circumstances do you? We’re staying in a local hotel the night prior and the shuttle service will have us to the port by 10AM and the earliest check in time I could take was noon. I also am recovering from a broken ankle (10 weeks post Op today) and while I’m improving standing in line/waiting around for 2 hours was not something I had any desire to do at the beginning of my vacation.
  10. I was on the Grandeur in 2006 and it felt dated then! I wasn’t a fan of the ship and I feel Carnival food quality far exceeds Royal Caribbean in the buffets and MDR in regards to selection and quality of product. My vote is for the Pride though I’ve never sailed her.
  11. Sorry but you’re wrong on so many levels. The reality is there weren’t many lines/ships to serve the masses and the popularity of cruising was so high with repeat cruisers that the majority of the industry didn’t feel the need to even advertise because sailings were at capacity without needing to. If the “old style of cruising” was such a turn off, why was the “Love Boat” such a beloved show?
  12. Really? The cake at the coffee bar is extra??? Damn more tragic news!
  13. My first cruise at age 12 in 1989 was on the RCL Nordic Prince, it was at that time the epitome of classic cruising (per the reviews of my parents who had been cruising since the early 70s), My second cruise was on the then glitzy and obnoxiously glamourous Carnival Ecstasy in 1994. I remember the commercials with Kathy Lee Gifford, “If they could see me now, on a FUN ship cruise”.....that line alone forever changed the impression of cruising. It was meant to appeal to the masses, to the non-cruiser. What the non-cruiser didn’t know, the traditions of cruising, they might never find out about if only taking a Carnival cruise (granted back then Carnival still offered many of the same traditional cruise indulgences as the other lines) but you simply didn’t see Royal Caribbean or any of the other lines (mostly non-American at that point in history) advertising........so that’s how Carnival, as the oldest brand, began to change the traditions and the model. I have my opinions that if Carnival hadn’t done so, cruising wouldn’t be as mass market and the costs would probably have increased with inflation. The cost of a lowest category inside cabin on a 7 day Bermuda cruise in 1989 on RCL was $975pp with 3 in a cabin. Can you imagine what that cost might equate to now with inflation if cruise lines never found the need to fall in a mass market affordable budget???? Again, not a bad thing, just reality.
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