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  1. Well, after reading the replies to my original post and the recent reviews from cruisers to Alaska on Solstice, I'm starting to believe I was imagining things from the start. I appreciate all of you who took the time to reply your thoughts. My wife and I are anxious to start the adventure in just under 3 weeks!
  2. My wife and I are sailing to Alaska on Celebrity Solstice next month. Ever since we booked last summer, I've been reading Solstice reviews on Cruise Critic that seem to fall into one of two categories: basically negative critiques written by people who sailed in the South Pacific that point out everything from poor food and service to unclean conditions on the ship; and mainly positive reviews written by people who sailed anywhere else the Solstice goes (Hawaii, Alaska) who usually don't mention these kinds of issues. I'm not making a judgement about anyone, I'm just wondering. Do Australians and New Zealanders have higher standards for their cruise experiences than people from other countries? Does the crew have a massive turnover when the Solstice re-positions every 6 months? It's to the point that I don't pay any attention to a review if I can determine the author sailed out of Australia, because I don't think it will relate to our experience in Alaska. Does anyone else have an insight on this? If I'm imagining things, I'll be glad to admit it. Happy sailing!
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