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  1. Thanks. Now I know why I never saw supply ships in the Dockyard area.
  2. Sorry if I'm going a bit off topic, but where do the supply ships dock? (I mean the tankers and freighters).
  3. Toss up. Exit 10 sends you over the Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island. You stay on 440 all the way up over the Bayonne Bridge, up to Cape Liberty. Exit 13 takes you over the Goethals Bridge (Rt. 278). You still need to cross the Bayonne Bridge and go up 440 to Cape Liberty.
  4. Us too. Maybe since its so close to 7/4 the captain will treat us. I really like the opportunity to get up close to the Manhattan skyline.
  5. Someone suggested I contact Rcl directly. I did, they replied. DSB will be on our cruise.
  6. Understood. Maybe offer to go along with her to an allergist? Try to explain the seriousness of this. I know, very difficult to persuade people.
  7. Are you an allergist??? Seriously! A test like that should only be undertaken under the supervision/recommendation of an Allergist in their office. And if this person is allergic to nuts, they may be allergic to other foods. Please take this advice and see professional assistance.
  8. Very rarely does she go up to the statue anymore. We did, however go up on last year's Independence day cruise.
  9. I was headed to Bayonne yesterday. Coming in on 78, entry at 14 was backed up a half mile. Abc extension was down to one lane. Definitely have alternate routes in mind..
  10. Is there a list available which indicates which tribute bands are playing on what ship and when?
  11. I thought there was an elevator, (similar to the one you described for the retreat sundeck), on the starboard side for access to the rooftop terrace.
  12. Did you recently make final payment or make any adjustments to your account?
  13. They finally swapped out Chandelier??? How was Broadway Cabaret?
  14. I can't put into words how much I agree with you.
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