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  1. Then why is that not posted on the panynj website?????
  2. Sky class only? Isn't there Star class on this ship?
  3. That's for sure. We're looking at summer rates. Much closer to 1.5 to 2 times that cost. We used the genie for specialty resturant reservations, choice theater and other venue seating, priority tendering, dealing with pre and onboard wishes. There are other threads just dealing with what the genie can do. Mostly, it's up to you.
  4. We're you bothered by any noise in 1720. That suite overlooks plenty of public areas, whereas 1718 overlooks the ocean. DW is very concerned about both the noise, and the privacy. Which balcony may offer more shade?
  5. Hot tub? You mean on the balcony? I checked the videos. Both have a tub. BTW, were you bothered by any noise from CK? I've heard some posters say they heard the clank of dishes and pots early in the AM.
  6. Neither the GPS or the OPS are located at the rear of deck 17. The Royal and Star Loft suites are. The GPS and OPS are more forward facing on deck 17. One adjacent to the Suite lounge, the other next to CK.
  7. Both are listed with the same sf of balcony. Videos appear to back up that. Both appear to have similar views and both have partial views of the sun deck below.
  8. Don't think that would be the reason as there are only one of each on the ship.
  9. We have been looking at possibly booking either the Owners panoramic Suite (#1701) or the Grand panoramic suite (#1758) on the Oasis. They are located in similar but opposite sides on the same deck. The OP is larger by 162 sf, however it is pricing several hundred dollars less than the GP. Does anyone have an idea why the smaller suite is commanding the higher price? Both are Star class, so that cannot be the reason.
  10. Yup. I agree about missing a balcony. Also, the location may not be the best if one is prone to seasickness.
  11. OK, so the Oasis has added two UP Suites during the recent major overhaul. Waiting for someone to do a review. Wondering if they're worth the $$$$. They look beautiful, but I can see some issues with them.
  12. What does that sign say? Was the whole area over the new cabins closed off? Was this closure enforced?
  13. Your input helps, but does not make our decision easier. Please define "morning and late evening". I wonder why a ship would put a "noise source" next to such a high end suite. We had these noise problems on DCL two times and learned a cabin selection lesson quickly.
  14. Thanks again for your review. A few more questions if you don't mind. Did you have any concern about privacy and/or noise from down below? Also, how bad was the noise from CK?
  15. Glad to hear you did not have to endure long lines. I guess we'll have to wait until the ship is at or near capacity to get a report of how the lines are at the various food and sport venues.
  16. Thanks. I thought so. Would you mind commenting if you experienced long waits or crowding anywhere on your cruise (embarkation, dining, shows, snack venues, WJ, etc.)?
  17. That's what I meant. No issues with frozen products, but fruit, veggies and fresh seafood will be an issue.
  18. 10 days? I would wonder about the condition/quality of the food after so many days at sea. And heaven forbid they run out of liquor!
  19. Is that a public area above those new cabins? If so, it appears that those ultimate panoramic suites don't have much privacy.
  20. So, will these observation areas have chairs or loungers? Or just be areas for "observing"?
  21. Have tried one travel agent site. Nothing showing. Will try to call Royal next. Never used a travel agent. Always booked directly through the cruise line. This time we need to.
  22. Still trying to convince DW that we should book this cabin. She's concerned about the lack of privacy. Another curious thing is that 1720 is currently available all summer '20, while other suites (royal loft, owners panoramic, and grand panoramic ) are not. Strange. Is RCL holding back on the others???
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