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  1. In the picture of the pantry, the door to the left of the counter is the door directly to the hall. I'm not an interior designer, but does a tan counter top go with grey cabinets?🙄
  2. What video? I have close up shots of the family, but will not publish them out of respect for the family.
  3. On this (7/7/19) cruise, we also had a medevac on Monday. Late morning, we veered off course to head closer to the mainland. A CG helicopter met us around 2:20pm. Sadly, a little girl needed immediate medical attention. It was heart breaking to see the mom, dad and little girl (and some or their luggage) getting lifted off the ship.
  4. You are correct guessing the furniture is not among the most comfortable lounge furniture ever made. And those "milk crates" weigh about 50 pounds.
  5. What's your definition of 'a lot of time"? We love our morning coffee out there, sail aways, cocktails after dark, the occasional meal. We enjoyed them most on the cooler (Canada/New England) cruises.
  6. DD10 slept on the pull out. She complained about the metal bar. Obviously the "mattress" was way too thin. Maybe a mattress topper will help. All the plants, bowls, and corals around the room were nice. They greatly brightened up the room. All the doors are the originals, simply painted grey. I brought extra door stops to stop their swinging and banging at night. Two doors in the closet/dressing area would not stay closed. I had to brace them closed with the bathroom garbage pail. If not they would swing open at night and the closet light would go on. The guest bathroom had horrible lighting. There was no light near the mirror. The guest shower had no shelf where you could put your soap or shampoo. Pantry was simply painted and a new fridge was installed. All the window treatments were new. A/C was more than adequate. Extremely cold in the living room. DW misses the make up desk in the closet area. Also, Luminae was top notch as usual.
  7. Yup. Just to the left of where the picture was taken.
  8. In the far left (top) of picture, there is a "clam-shell" big enough for two or three people. However, since it's covered with canvas, it was like a sauna in there. Missing from the picture are two loungers (by the two plants to the right). Housekeeping asked if they could take them for "varnishing" about half way through the cruise. We said OK, since we were not using them. Also, around the corner (to the left) facing port, was a two-seater bench. I'd have to say, the furnishings are much better post-Revolution.
  9. And that foot stool weighs about 50 pounds! Watch your toes!
  10. Sofa bed is the size of a double bed. (very wide). There is more than enough room for a roll away bed (or two!). But does the ship even have any roll away beds onboard??
  11. 7/7/19 cruise. Photos of PH. Loved the Revolution renovation. Way too much storage space. There were some issues that still need to be addressed.
  12. We can only hope..... But wouldn't the schedule be out by now?
  13. Cool, thanks. Could be a hidden gem in bermuda. We are not into the shopping scene. A good way to spend part of our day
  14. So, at the end of the week, I can still toss about a pound of paper into the garbage? Cool. Oh, and I forgot, all the paper straws. 😑
  15. Thanks. Somehow DW found this place. We've been to Bermuda 2x. Had not heard of this place until now.
  16. I just saw the website for the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Can anyone who has visited there provide an opinion? Is it worth the time to visit? Is it just for kids? What about their tour around Hamilton? Is it worth it?
  17. Bumping. Does anyone have an update on the Summit (staffing)? We're sailing in two weeks.
  18. Thanks. Now I know why I never saw supply ships in the Dockyard area.
  19. Sorry if I'm going a bit off topic, but where do the supply ships dock? (I mean the tankers and freighters).
  20. Toss up. Exit 10 sends you over the Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island. You stay on 440 all the way up over the Bayonne Bridge, up to Cape Liberty. Exit 13 takes you over the Goethals Bridge (Rt. 278). You still need to cross the Bayonne Bridge and go up 440 to Cape Liberty.
  21. Us too. Maybe since its so close to 7/4 the captain will treat us. I really like the opportunity to get up close to the Manhattan skyline.
  22. Someone suggested I contact Rcl directly. I did, they replied. DSB will be on our cruise.
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