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  1. I was on the Sunrise last week and went up to play mini golf a few times and noticed the balls felt like foam. I have heard some lines use fish food golf balls for driving off the back but not sure if Carnival was one. Does anyone know?
  2. How bad is the zipline? One couple in the group of us is going on that horse back riding, snorkeling, zip line tour and keep asking us to join them
  3. We will be there on Monday on the Sunrise and plan on renting a golf cart for the day. How safe is the island if we wanted to head to the downtown area on the other side of the airport? My fiancee and I are both in our 30's and will be going with another couple on the cart so we should have safety in numbers and I'm sure the island is fine but you can neve rbe too sure. Also what are the best shops away from the port area to go and get interesting stuff?
  4. My favorite is going out on the top deck or the "secret" decks on decks 3-4 at night to just look at the stars and enjoy the darkness! I love looking out at the stars reflecting off the ocean!
  5. As the title states, where can I get this hole punched so I can put the card on a lanyard or do I need to bring a hole punch?
  6. I'm sure I will be like you the first day, I am a super early riser as I work from 630-330 but also plan on staying up late to enjoy the stars!
  7. Nothing planned except renting a golf cart at Turks and Caicos!
  8. So a few of us on this upcoming trip (Sunrise 11/2-11/7) are night owls and regularly stay up hanging out till the early morning hours. From what I remember about Carnival from the past was there is no official shut down for the boat but a lot of places like the buffet or restaurants close at set times. What things are there still to do between midnight and 5am? Do all the bars shut down at a set time or do they run 24/7? Are the casino and pools still open that late?
  9. So from what I read the beers are pretty good then! Pretty happy about that and looking forward to trying all the Red Frog ones!
  10. Leaving on the Sunrise in 3 weeks and am an avid beer drinker! The lady and I are getting the drink package but what beers are the best for the amount you get per day? We're on a 5 day with 10 of our friends and don't want to get blasted every day but still want to have fun. We like everything basically but stouts so please don't hate
  11. This was me back in 2004! I was 16 on my first cruise on the Inspiration and went with my family and grand parents. Made a few friends but they all had a curfew of midnight and I would be still bored and wide awake so I would go try and gamble or get free beer or cigs off people leaving the bar for the night!
  12. So I haven't sailed in 15 years but going on the Sunrise in a few weeks! There are 12 of us going, scattered all over the boat and knowing this group probably won't remember where every room is. To solve this issue I was thinking of getting something to put on the outside of each of our doors to make it a little easier to find out friends. Are you allowed to tape or hang stuff from the outside of your door? It wouldn't be anything more than a card or something
  13. I will be on the Sunrise from 11/2-11/7 with 11 others. We all plan on paying for the Carnival messenger app for the duration of the trip. With this in mind what do we have to do with out phones? We all have an iPhone so is it as simple as disabling the cellular data and leaving wifi on or do we need to put into Airplane mode and then turn wifi on when we wanna use it or can we leave wifi on the whole time onboard?
  14. This was on the Inspiration back in 2004 when I was 16. It was the final game of the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals and it was Tampa vs Calgary, we had just sailed out of Tampa the day before and it was a very close series. The night we left was 6/6/04 and I remember a bunch of Canadian people walking around in Flames jerseys talking about how they were gonna take the cup and win it big. Well this pissed off some people from Florida and a small fight broke out at first on the promenade deck...then it grew larger and larger as drunk people were coming in from everywhere until security had to break it
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