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  1. This would be something I would love if they did!
  2. I'm fine with crowds. go to Disney almost every summer so I cannot imagine anything being worse than that!
  3. Yeah this is my biggest worry...I have a few pairs with good grip soles on them but don't want to ruin them by accidently stepping in someones spilled drink...might just get a good pair of slippers!
  4. I plan on bringing flip flops but on some nights or early mornings would love to wear a pair of nice warm fleece slipper socks walking around. Is this allowed or do they frown upon not having shoes on?
  5. Cannot wait for this to be done and see the videos online of what it will look like finished! Sailing on her in early November and just want to leave already!
  6. I was just talking with my group that is going on Sunrise in November and a few of us smoke. Now I know enough about what areas smoking is allowed, casino, some decks away from the pool and restaurants but what about vaping? I have a friend going with who is a bit of a bro and will just vape where ever he likes and even tho it's annoying and we tell him not to he still does. Now I don't want to get him kicked off if he does that so what are the vaping policies on the boat?
  7. I would have loved shooting off the deck. My grandparents used to tell me about how they hit golf balls off into the ocean once!
  8. Will be taking a 5 day cruise Nov 2-7 on Sunrise with 15 others and already cannot stop doing as much research as I can!
  9. I was watching some video recently on YouTube that said if you wait till the end of the cruise so maybe the last two days or so and ask about a spa pass they will usually give you one cause they are trying to make as much money as they can
  10. I will be doing both on my next trip in November! I love the fresh towels in the morning and turn down service at night and then like having a clean cabin when I come back for my afternoon nap or before dinner!
  11. A few of my friends and I have the Switch and plan on bringing one with to play Super Smash and Drunk Driving Mario Kart while on board, we will be on Sunrise this November. Will any tvs have an HDMI port we can use to plug the dock into or will we have to just play with the handheld?
  12. How loud is the music on Lido? Our cabin is right near the door that leads inside on the left
  13. Booked Nov 2-7 on Lido with 15 other friends on board! Cannot wait to see what changes they make!
  14. Also how is the adult to kid ratio during that time? We are all late 20's early 30's with no kids yet so it's not like we will care but the others in the summer that I have been were full of kids
  15. Going on a 5 day Eastern Caribbean cruise from Nov 2-7 with 15 others. Every other cruise I have been on was in the middle of summer so nice warm days and calm seas. With hurricane season still in full swing that early in the fall will that effect the waters? I have a few friends who get motion sickness easily and already plan on taking the necessary precautions to try and prevent it but just wanted to see cause Google just shows the averages.
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