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  1. The Explorer Suites on the aft of the ship are wonderful and in our eyes worth the splurge. There are many perks and the services were top notch. We would never book any other suite on Viking.
  2. orchestrapal

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    We found the best coffee and nicest “cafe atmosphere” at Sir Samuels.
  3. orchestrapal

    Disembark with your bags.

    Disembarkation was a snap with disembarkation “on your own.”
  4. orchestrapal

    Queens Grill Initial Thoughts

    Our butlers in QG have also been useless but we book more for space and service than the mediocre food. We would love to have a butler that is at least as good as on other lines. The test comes again this summer.
  5. orchestrapal

    Oceania NEXT

    We were also on the Regatta, Victoria to Vancouver. Wherever we walked, or tried to, on the ship we were met by workers carrying off furniture and old carpeting. It was a very unpleasant ending to an otherwise very good cruise. Oceania should plan enough time to do whatever work on these old ships so as not to begin it while loyal cruisers are still on board.
  6. orchestrapal

    No World Series on Viking Star!

  7. orchestrapal

    Room Service tipping

    We recently left a VO Cruise and never felt that any staff member was awaiting a tip after any service provided. The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful and very surprised when we tipped some of them at the end of our cruise.
  8. orchestrapal

    Salon price list on Viking Sky

    Thanks but these are all Products but I believe folks are looking for prices for Services.
  9. orchestrapal

    Never have been on Cunard

    FYI Viking Orion has the newest most advanced planetarium at sea. Not that this would be most people’s first reason to book a ship.
  10. orchestrapal

    Small Travel size containers?

    Major drug stores such as CVS will be happy to provide new pill bottles at little or no cost. My pharmacist is happy to give me any sizes as many as I wish.
  11. orchestrapal

    For Oceania cruisers considering Azamara

    I’m in Maura’s camp and can not take any smoke. What good does that nice enclosure possibly do without a door?
  12. orchestrapal

    Riviera cruise from Rome to Barcelona

    Happy to hear how much you are enjoying Oceania’s high points. As for your negatives, these are all items well known on CC that you could have read here many many times. Continue to enjoy your cruise!:) . .
  13. orchestrapal

    How soundproof are the rooms on the Serenity?

    I doubt it would be the volume but rather the high pitch. Unless you are you are Joshua Bell or Sarah Chang your neighbors may not be thrilled. 🎶🎶🎶
  14. orchestrapal

    New CWC pins

    Pins and lanyards both rate a 👎👎👎
  15. orchestrapal

    New CWC pins

    You took the words right out of my mouth. We leave that junk in the cabin drawer. Seems a total waste of money for something most of us would never wear.