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  1. After years on Oceania where we rarely ate in the MDR we loved it on Crystal. we found the menus much more interesting and varied and the preparations fresh, beautiful and hot. Enjoy!
  2. We were as aft as one could get on deck 5 and with exception of the occasional door banger next door it was silent. Great location because very few people pass your door.
  3. WHAT WAS THAT, We also had our back to back combined and the turnaround day was one like any other. You do not need a new key card nor do you have to do anything about your on board account. It was a lovely day with a long MDR breakfast and then a walk in the port back for an early lunch before most of the next crowd boarded. No stress!
  4. Having been in London in March-April. I can assure you you will have no problems getting a HOHO from one of the vendors. They seem to us as walkers to be everywhere in central London all the time.🚒
  5. Agree, you will see more on the HOHO buses. 🚒 Remember one day in London is like a drop in the ocean.
  6. Cute flats or sandals are perfect day or night . I have not worn heels for years and have never needed them on Crystal. Remember BTO night can be as formal or in our case non-formal as you like. We have not done formal for 25 years an there are many like us onboard. I know you’ll enjoy Crystal.
  7. Agree,tacky!! Fortunately the lines we have chosen to cruise with have next to no or no children or groups that would tend to wear matching printed tees. Lucky I guess!
  8. Why not ask on the Azamara board?? This is “supposed “ to be the Luxury board. good luck!
  9. In over 10 visits we have never had a problem getting a taxi without reservation.
  10. We do not eat she’ll fish and the smell in the MDR on lobster night is a migraine trigger for me. Manfredi’s was delightful and quiet and they went out of their way for us but don’t tell everyone. Enjoy!
  11. Have you read TripAdvisor. It looks to be one of those “ you get what you pay for?
  12. Our QG boarding in NY was a blue card and we were almost immediately escorted to our suite @ 11:40. There is a separate waiting room at the left rear of the main “so called terminal” for Grills and priorities.
  13. Nothing on Oceania is” very dressy!😁 I believe they have separate parties one for everyone and one for past cruisers.
  14. From the Jr Suites up all pressing, laundry and dry cleaning are Free.👍
  15. Put it on one’s credit card!😕
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