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  1. orchestrapal

    Summit Revolution

    Good information. Hopefully by May she will be perfect.
  2. orchestrapal

    Silverseas vs Viking ocean cruises

    Given our choice we would always cruise on Crystal which we found to be just about perfect. Unfortunately thay only go in and of NY once or so a year. We find Oceania and Viking good number two and threes.
  3. orchestrapal

    Lanyards are for losers...

    These practices are only on mass market lines. We have ever seen them on premium or luxury lines except for the occasional newbie. Hope it stays that way....
  4. orchestrapal

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    Agree. We also don’t do bus tours. On any line we cruise on we pay for private tours. If bus tours are included in the fare so be it if it’s the ship and itinerary we want to be on.
  5. orchestrapal

    Once you try Crystal, you ever go back to Celebrity?

    Have you been in the SUITE class on Celebrity. From what I read it is a much more upscale experience with very good service and food??
  6. orchestrapal

    Picture on keycard?

    September in NY the passports were scanned and we boarded. That was the complete checkin process.
  7. orchestrapal

    Best Time To Cruise the Med ? June or September

    agreed! We have also done the Med in both months and prefer mid - May early June to September
  8. orchestrapal

    Gift bag for stateroom attendant?

    We were told by a housekeeper on one of the lines that they MUST throw out anything they are given from the outside. No food on that line can be kept. They can however take your real $$$$ tips.
  9. orchestrapal

    Millennium Revolution -

    Great as we were planning to avoid it. Fixed menus do ot appeal to us.
  10. orchestrapal

    Southampton Taxi Availability

    The taxi lines are usually very long but you can book ahead with UBER and they will meet you at the doors with no waiting.
  11. orchestrapal

    Can Oceania survive Viking Ocean?

    For the most part we found the food excellent on Viking. The service was amazing from day one. Everyone knew our names and our steward was as good as any butler we have had on O. The suite was fantastic and compadred favorably to the OS on O with the exception that it did to hav a powder room. Viking is putting out a very good product and we hope O (our 14-15th) Riviera in the fall will wow us.
  12. orchestrapal

    Millennium Revolution -

    Thanks for this as well.
  13. orchestrapal

    Millennium Revolution -

    Thanks, you are certainly the Celebrity top expert.