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  1. orchestrapal

    Lisbon Hotel

    We also love this hotel and snagged a great price dealing directly with the hotel. They added a full breakfast and upgraded us to a suit all for much less than our TA or web sites had quoted.
  2. orchestrapal

    QE Queens Grill attire

    Blazers with open neck dress shirt are “smart looking.” Three weeks or more with constant tie wearing gets old very soon especially for those who do not have to ever wear ties in their real lives.
  3. orchestrapal

    Final payment due

    if you like the product you need not look elsewhere. Just find yourself a good TA and they wiil with some calls to VO be able to adjust your payment schedule. We just had this done a few weeks ago.
  4. orchestrapal

    Pillows and Mattresses

    We agree, no comparison to Oceania and Crystal although we were in a Penthouse suite on the QM2.👎
  5. Enjoy every minute in good health. We look forward to your usual outstanding blog.👍👍
  6. orchestrapal

    Infant Amenities (Nautica)

    In all our cruises we have seen only one small child that child belonging to an officer. They had a high chair in the main dinning room. Oceania certainly has never catered to children with exception of the few summer family cruises.
  7. orchestrapal

    Table for two please

    Just our past experience and we’ll see how things are on our next O cruise. Either way we look forward to being on Riviera however they now handle seating.
  8. orchestrapal

    January Cruise weather

    We have endured terrible seas in and out of Barcelona in the spring and fall and certainly would not recommend January.
  9. orchestrapal

    Table for two please

    It does, quietly, work that way on O and always has.
  10. orchestrapal

    I need some advice please

    We had no problem on QM2 avoiding all the “formal” stuff and will continue to do so. You can always eat at the buffet or get room service.. do your own thing and have a good crossing.
  11. orchestrapal

    First Oceania Cruise

    After 13 cruises on Oceania we tried and LOVED Crystal and Viking. We thought we would miss having a butler on Viking but our two room attendants more than made up for any butler. Suites are large modern and very very comfortable and Bathrooms are beyond excellent. We ate mainly in the two specialties and the World Cafe . The main dining room was great for breakfast and longer meals as well. The food was very close to what we have had on Oceania which we found slipping some on our last cruise with them. Free tours in each port are included and from what we heard varied from very good to fair. We do not take bus tours so cannot comment. We definitely highly recommend both Crystal and Viking as very good alternatives to Oceania.Both lines have more frequent and excellent speakers and activities and very fine classical musicians. The main selling point for Viking was the amazing staff and very friendly fellow passengers. We are booked again on both lines in 2019-2020 .
  12. orchestrapal

    Are Cabins Quiet?

    Recently on the SEA and found the TV’s maximum sound to be not much over medium. It certainly was not loud and never could be heard from adjoining room. The suites were extremely quiet day and night.
  13. orchestrapal

    The Upgrade Fairy is Alive and Well!

    You can create your own magic by booking the cabin you want and no fairy necessary. We always feel the magic when we open our door for the first time and thereafter on any ship.
  14. orchestrapal

    Wine packages, Internet and Dress Code

    Based on the lack of quality the Internet should be FREE!
  15. orchestrapal

    Cunard Pillows

    How about the shop where all the other logo stuff is sold?