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  1. Don’t book it. Stick to what you know and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere which you won’t get on Cunard. If you want to upgrade a bit go one of the premium lines such as Oceania or Azamara. NO formal there.
  2. Sorry you’re having that problem in in NJ. Here in Center city Philadelphia no such problems, we are very lucky. Mail has been delivered every day, groceries come within a few hours of my ordering and local small businesses have been wonderful about delivering to us as well. I hope your situation improves quickly. Down
  3. You just gave us another reason to NEVER go on a mega mass market ship,. As if we needed another reason.☑️
  4. Always have used the stairs even after several joint replacements for MBH. No cruising weights weight gains for us!😄
  5. If you have a high level credit card such as a Chase Sapphire your payment may be covered. We had a problem with a Viking refund and had the funds returned by our credit card. The worst part of Viking is their front office!👎
  6. NO Cunard QG is definitely not like any luxury line we’ve been on. You are on a. Mass-market ship at luxury prices even while in a suite.
  7. Love your rose colored glasses. Enjoy your current time aboard Viking since what we are reading in reliable sources makes the future of cruising look very glum.
  8. We did a B/B/B and thr youngest on any of the three cruises were a few in their early 50’s. If your looking for luxury Viking does not fill the bill although it is a very nice experience however not Crystal.
  9. Since the dreaded Covid19 will not have gone away just because our president says it is over. We are looking at possibly 18 months Or longer of it still being around. Since ships have been described as floating PETRI dishes many will not want to cruise for years to come. This will not “be over until it’s over.” Even some cruisers are now unemployed and may never be able to cruise Or vacation again. Viking and other cruise lines will have to have long term plans and probably long times to crawl out of this. Half empty ships will not keep them in business after this is all over. Stay safe, stay home.👍
  11. Thanks for another wonderful cruise on Crystal! Somehow the highlight for me always seems to be when you leave and then come home to the babies. They are so delightful as are you all. Until we can join you again.
  12. If cruise lines were not getting responses they would no longer send out all their mailings. We get them in our newspapers several times a week. Don’t want paper brochures but have a recycling can nearby in which to dump them.
  13. You made a great choice now just go and enjoy😁 and forget the negativity.
  14. Because that is what they are and always have been. Try them to experience for yourself.
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