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  1. The lack of space in QG certainly does not add to the perceived luxury.
  2. You will have the best butlers at sea IMO. You will not have to think of what you want as they will be doing in before you have ever thought you needed or wanted it. Crystal never says NO. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Amsterdam is a great walking city and the Jewish Quarter plus the AFH can easily be done alone on foot which we did. There is one Jewish tour agency “ Milk and Honey Tours.”
  4. Tips are what they are and NOT mandatory!, A tip is always appreciated and for most cruisers will not break the bank. Skip loosing money at the casino and what you save will make many people happy when you tip them in any country.💰
  5. My bad! Thought they were speaking of Amsterdam and Rotterdam…
  6. They are in the SAME country The Netherlands !
  7. Thanks for your comparisons. We agree on every pro of Crystal and even with your cons which are PROS for us. Love the quiet by the pool and the refined crowd with few children. Once Crystalized we find no turning back even if our suite is not as large as we would like. For us that is the the only easily overlooked con.
  8. We were regulars on Oceania and have also been on Viking for one 28 day back to back cruise. Our line of choice became Crystal after one day on Serenity. It is hard to explain how many notches up they are from the other two lines. Try Crystal and I’m sure the service alone will have you loving them.
  9. Love the Covent Garden, Leicester Square,Trafalgar Square areas. 42 long stays in London and walked to almost everything. Of course after the first touristy visit we had no interest in “the sights” but rather theaters and museums and restaurants.
  10. Internet is included on Crystal👍and the non - luxury line Viking.
  11. Aft you will always be able to see both sides.Fantastic views! We were in an ES and there are no adjoining doors in the aft .
  12. The worst butlers we have ever experienced were in Queens Grill for three weeks. They changed several times and went from fair to poor….Crystal has the best butlers we have had but of course it’s a LUXURY line.
  13. If you like the “stuffy for no reason “ atmosphere QG is perfect. Hopefully you will be welcomed on Crystal and have a great time. Texans are more fun!
  14. Use UBER cheaper door to door and much more comfortable than a bus.
  15. Yes we spent 22 days on Viking Ocean for the convince of coming and going from NY. We find Viking more in the Oceania category but not up to O’s food. Since we started to travel onLy on Crystal we have found what is true luxury to us.
  16. NOT if you have ever been on a true luxury ship! The only thing that is similar to luxury are the Viking prices.
  17. BUY USA and not China!! Remember, if it’s to good to be true it usually is pure junk!!!!
  18. No children will help make this a real Haven for the rest of us!,👍👍
  19. And worth every penny, glorious suites and bathrooms with many little extras brought to your suite.
  20. We find Crystal perfect for us. Viking is much more of a MASS MARKET experience. Crystal is cozy warm and charming with amazing service and food while Viking is cold new, impersonal and ordinary.
  21. Crystal tops Viking in every area with exception to suites and bathrooms. Crystal’s lecture program, food and personal service can in no way compare. We were in an Explorers Suite and ate in the specialty restaurants every night for 28 days. The main dining room was so noisy we gave it up after one night but it was, however good for breakfasts when the tours took a majority of people off the ship.
  22. I’m sure you know the word SHADENFREUDE! No thank you!
  23. And it is truly OPTIONAL. We saw very few Tuxes and many men in sports jackets on Crystal. It was and hopefully will still be a wonderful experience.
  24. No way ever will we put on anything that smacks of formal.👎👎
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