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  1. Myself and my husband have both been double jabbed. Can anyone tell me what proof I need to show to reflect this. I have my card with both dates and have also requested my letter from NHS. Do I need the app as well? Many Thanks
  2. Many thanks for the replies I will keep looking to see if anything pops up.
  3. We have a staycation booked for August . Just wondering if anyone has done an excursion to Belfast. It is showing on our itinerary but yet to release any excursions although other ports have already shown what excursions are available. Many Thanks
  4. All very well but grey area for my son he turns 18 in September so a bit in limbo as not under 18 for pcr even though he takes the test twice a week for sixth form and not over 18 enough to have had to have both jabs. Knew this was coming so we cancelled our cruise in October . Hopefully we will eventually get back cruising with P&O soon.
  5. Hi Does anyone have a price list for the spa and treatments on Virtuosa Many Thanks
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    Thank you 😁
  7. poorer


    Hi Could anyone tell me that have recently been on Virtuosa what currency is being used for UK staycation. Many Thanks
  8. poorer


    Hi Could anyone tell me that have recently been on Virtuosa what currency is being used for UK staycation. Many Thanks
  9. Not just cutting it adrift but actively and forcefully abandoning it. We no longer belong to the demographic they want. That's fine. I know they need to cultivate people new to cruising but it does upset me that they no longer seem to care about loyal and repeat cruisers. I still think they upset us at their peril since older pax are the ones with time and disposible income to sail more than one 7-day cruise a year on the whole. Iona and Arvia are big ships to fill again and again, especially with little variation in their itineraries. Sharon You state that P&O are
  10. many thanks for the replies😍
  11. Just a quick question. Does anyone know that the ships that are sailing in the UK this summer will be having any formal nights? Have asked MSC but don't really give me any answers for this. We are on a seven night around the UK late August. Just need to know in case I need to buy black tie outfit for my 17 year old. Many Thanks
  12. Hey I am new to MSC forum. Just need a bit of information. Having always sailed with P&O we were wondering what it is like to sail with MSC. We were really hoping to go around the British Isles with P&O but we cannot go as my son is 17 years old and will not be vaccinated. So we thought we would take the opportunity to try something new. So would like to know if anyone has any information about the restaurants, dress code ,entertainment and kids clubs etc and how you think this compares to P&O. Also recommendat
  13. Hi The butler will at hand for all your request and can pretty much arrange what you would like if he/she is not around there is a number for you to call. We have stayed in a suite on Britannia before and fingers crossed this August also. As you are staying in a suite you are normally the first to board at 11.30 am with a champagne lunch supplied. As with suite benefits,breakfast can be taken in the Epicurian. Also we arranged to have dinner on our balcony when we had a long excursion out . Enjoy
  14. I like it( Latin name- of the seashore) At the end of the day whatever they call it gives me reassurance that P&O are continuing to look forward to the future after the year they have had. And I for one look forward to booking a cruise on Arvia.
  15. We have done the Cookery Club this was good different cuisine different sea days. We have also dine gin tasting and wine tasting if you like that kind of thing. Movies are shown and sometime performances are put on in the theatre in the afternoon. The hydrotherapy suite is also a treat . We have also done a behind the scene tours of the Galley on Ventura not sure if this available but if it is do go really interesting then you have lunch served afterwards. There was also a food festival showcasing the speciality restaurants where you can try small samples
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