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  1. How crowded is the Solarium on Port Days @niksmom630? And how was the crowd around the FlowRiders before Sail Away? I will be on this ship this weekend !!
  2. Thank you for your daily updates. Looking forward to hearing about the weather related moments of your vacation.
  3. Thank you @vpat48. We try not to have indian food when we go out, but a week away from food our system is used to could be challenging. I will definitely make a note of your suggestion. I am sure it will be a life saver should we start craving !!
  4. When the comedians pick on you, how extreme is it? Does it seem fun, or is it borderline offensive?
  5. @Kessa23 Hey, I just saw your review. I also noticed you had 10329. I have the same cabin booked for my 2nd anniversary in September and your pictures show me the exact view I was going for. This is going to be our first ever cruise. Any tips for me? We won't be doing anything in Labadee and Falmouth other than just stroll around. We have an excursion booked in Cozumel, but at these 2 ports, we want to take it easy. For breakfast, I am sticking with Solarium (for the most part), Park Cafe, and Johnny Rockets. I also have some questions, if its not too much trouble: 1. Is the MDR accessible on Port days, the way WindJammer is? 2. Because this cabin comes with the Soda package, is it possible to use this in Specialty Dining? 3. Is it possible to easily change table assignment in the MDR on embarkation day? (I plan on checking-in at 10am, soon as they open) 4. I am considering MDR for lunch on sea days to avoid the rush in WindJammer that I have read about. Is this still true? 5. Are lounge-hogs prominent on the ship? Thank you for any advice and answers you can give me..
  6. I have called RCCL directly multiple times when there was a price change, and they always matched it, without changing any aspect of my booking. Yesterday, I called them, got some $ off my initial price, and received $100 OBC as part of their current offer. I have been able to get a total of $436 off since I first booked. People have gotten way more in reductions. Definitely call them.
  7. This is the email I received for my September 1st sailing.
  8. Received the change in arrival at Falmouth from 9 30am to 10 45am. Hope it stays at that, and there are no cancellations. This will be my first ever cruise and I would absolutely hate a cancellation.
  9. I have a room booked at Hampton Inn Airport North Cruise Port. Cost me 188 CAD for a night before the cruise. You get good breakfast (based on TripAdvisor) and hotel also has a free shuttle to and from FLL airport. It costs under $10 US for Uber from the hotel to the Cruise terminal. They also offer paid parking during cruise days, if you are driving down.
  10. I have a Boardwalk Balcony room. This comes with the DDD promo which offers a complimentary lunch at Johnny's, Classic Soda package, and a Rock Climbing session. BOGO is for a Buy One dining and get another dining at a Specialty Restaurant. Dining packages can't be used at Chops or Chef's table (written in the fine print). A 2 dining package cost me $100 for 2 of us. A 3 night costs $178, which I am seriously considering.
  11. Hey everyone, as an update, I noticed there was a better deal for my reservation. Almost $220 off, which the RC reps were kind to put that onto my reservation. Keep an eye on the cost of your reservation. You could periodically get a good deal. Hope this helps someone.
  12. I think it will open up about 90 days ahead. Some say it could open up earlier on the Cruise Planner, so worth keeping a regular eye open on it.
  13. If they are 16 and over, they have full access to the Solarium and the Bistro. Under 16, for sure the Solarium is not accessible. The Bistro, i am not too sure.
  14. Oh my god this is a fantastic tip. I haven't seen any other forum or blog talk about the directories. Thank you.
  15. It is so encouraging to see you had a great time. Makes me more impatient for my journey. I had some questions: 1. I have a BOGO Specialty dining package for 2 nights. I know a courtesy reservation will be made for the first night. When and where would I be able to see this, and maybe change the reservation to a restaurant of my choice? 2. There are still 170 days for my sailing. Will i be able to see a more enabled Cruise Planner once I am within the 90 day range? 3. My wife and I are both vegetarians. Will the Specialty dining restaurants be able to accommadate our restrictions? I emailed RCL and my invoice shows vegetarian under Special Services. 4. Will there be any kind of recognition of celebration of a special occasion? (we're going for our 2nd wedding anniversary) That's all for now. May reach out again if something else pops up.
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