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  1. Just came off the September 13th Sky sailing, and have to say other than the app occasionally logging out (but easily logged back into) it worked fine for us... In terms of drink ordering at least. I didn't like the layout and how much scrolling you had to do to see events. But for the drinks and dining functions, it worked a treat.
  2. I just disembarked Sky this morning, and I actually enjoyed a lot of evening drinks in the Crown Grill bar, a good selection of seats, and the live Pianist each evening was great.
  3. I was booked on the TA back with you on Harmony, but have given up on that now.
  4. It also seemed like B&D were over critical of Iona on their recent vlogs, this was in the same video where they ranted about paying for the cruise etc, and always being honest. Which I found jarring, as I'm sure they have been on paid cruises by some of the lines and definitely blown smoke up their Afts.
  5. We get it. You didn't like what they wore.... Move on.
  6. But MSC will be looking at their (I would imagine) huge overheads, and that captive audience once they're aboard, and pushing the limit as far as they can. I'm not mad at it, and all the more reason for the drinks package!!!
  7. I guess they also didn't have over a years worth of stationary ships and non revenue generation to make up for before though.
  8. Am thinking of a (relatively) last minute booking for the June 12th sailing, just the 3 nights from Southampton to Liverpool. I would be booking an interior for myself alone, and joining two friends. With all the restrictions, does anyone know if there is the option for me to dine with them, by linking bookings or anything? Or is that against the current rules? We would be travelling together, and arriving as one group. Just not sharing a cabin.
  9. Okay it's confusing because they are still offering you the option to add Fantastica/Aurea etc. But the initial price DOES include drinks package for the Virtuosa sailings from Southampton..... They just explain it really badly on the website, and naughtily leave the option on the website to still add these kind of packages on.
  10. Not sure now, as I want a short cruise rather than a full 7 dayer tbh, and the more affordable shorter dates are all clashing with a family event.... I may just be biting the bullet and going with Disney at this rate....
  11. They are now on the website.
  12. Given this last year, we've seen MSC (and others) aren't afraid to make changes.... There's still a glimmer of hope if these itineraries do well...
  13. For me, it would be MSC, as I think their modern ships are breathtaking, and I am keen to try one. I like big ships, so Virtuosa ticks the box. Also Disney, as I have done one cruise with them, and this current offering does seem like a one off (unless it proves to be a valid business model and it sticks for a few years) and I don't want to miss out. Also I want to complete my collection of Disney model ships as I have the Disney Wonder from my first cruise with them. Also the on board experience is pretty much one of a kind.
  14. Do we know if they have allowed B2B's on the Grandiosa sailings of recent?
  15. The articles I have read specifically mention "replacing Magnifica" so I think we're at one ship.... But compared to Magnifica.... What a ship!!! (I Imagine!! Nobody's been on her to confirm! 🤣)
  16. MSC now confirming Magnifica will be replaced by the all new (and much sparklier) Virtuosa for their planned UK Sailings. A much bigger ship and she offers The Yacht Club!! What an exciting time for the UK Cruise industry this last few weeks!
  17. For a ship that is floating around in relatively local waters and is already on sale I would expect more info and pictures than we have.
  18. I still can't quite fathom how it seems P&O have given us more info and hype already about the Arvia than they have on Iona. Which is built and sailing and tantalisingly close to having passengers on!!
  19. Not to read too much into it...But Antwerp is a lot closer to the UK.... And I'm sure the Magnifica could use the back up on the announced UK Port sailings?? 🤣
  20. Yeah have been watching a few YouTube videos on here this afternoon. She seems really nice, and still like new in some ways as she was new before the lockdown.... Exciting!
  21. After a bit of back and forthing. Have just booked a 4 day on Sky Princess in September. Princess had never been on my radar prior to all this, so quite excited to try something (a little) different. Will see what happens over the next month or two as am buying a house, but may still book something on Iona.
  22. Have booked a 4 day on the Sky in September, working on the theory that Mine and my travel partners vaccine should have been completed by then (both in our thirties), and the shorter itinerary seemed like the perfect excuse to try a new line as we have never sailed Princess. Best part of the booking process was when my Sister facetimed me just as I was finishing. So I hit the pay full balance option instead of the deposit!!! 🤣
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