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  1. I'm sitting on my hands, thankful that moving expenses so far have kept me from putting a down payment on the Halloween 2021 Allure cruise out of PC. I'd like to think we'll be well out of the danger zone by then, but there's no telling. plus we're trying to convince my best friend to come with us and that may take a bit more time yet.
  2. Biggest regret I'll ever have was missing the $18 drink package last year. Early on we thought, "there's no reason, we don't drink that much." HOO BOY. Ended up buying it later. Full price for three was half the cost of our cruise fare. I was miffed to say the least, still kick myself for not jumping on it. 😬
  3. Wholeheartedly second the lavender daiquiri in Schooner. I still dream about those.
  4. Completely acceptable. Already making that Genie work hard I see! Just gives me more time to stow away, if they don't put me in the no-no room with the hot plates and irons and rice cookers!
  5. Off topic but I had a dream last night that this thread hit 87 pages before everyone sailed and I had to spend all day catching up! Safe travels everyone onboard, and washy washy!
  6. Think I could jump in a suitcase and come along? I'll sleep on the balcony, you'd never even know I was there!! I'm so pumped for this sail-along! 😁
  7. Made it both days on one of the Mariner double stops at the end of October.
  8. And Biker19 wins the coveted RCI Website Biggest Goofup Award!
  9. You just made my day. Just gotta put myself up a post-it note so I can get in on the beginning of a thread this time 😂
  10. If you have someone booked on your reservation with a different last name try their name with the reservation number. For some unknowable and probably goofy reason our RoyalUp offer went to my brother's email, even though the reservation was in my name.
  11. I'm high-key jealous (and hoping for a ride along?) Any word of them fixing the azipod issue while she's in drydock? I would assume so but you know what they say about assumptions.
  12. Just sailed on Mariner in October last year, she looked like a brand new ship. Great ship, never felt overcrowded or too busy, not even in the buffet, and there's tons of stuff to do after the Amp.
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