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  1. I thought they can bypass test cruise if 98% of crews and 95% of passengers have been vaccinated?
  2. I was thinking this too!!!! This could work but will need many many small bowls and plates.
  3. on one hand that is very good and positive news! on the other hand I don't believe single thing that comes out of China...😂
  4. May I ask which Insurance company you used for "cancel for any reason" policy?
  5. hello! I am trying to get my friend to sail with me on Royal next year and I want to show him a nice marketing Youtube video so he can better understand this whole cruising experience. what is the best one that you recommend? I have found many blog/review type videos but they are usually over 20 mins which is too long.. if anyone can recommend Video clip that is about 5-10 minutes long it would be great and helpful. Doesn't matter if it is official Royal video or not. thank you so much in advance!
  6. When I choose "We(Royal) pick your room" option, there is no refundable deposit available. Is this normal?
  7. oh wow. so I MUST cancel BEFORE June 14th IF I need to cancel..right?
  8. ah ok. so If I can cancel on June 14th or earlier I do not lose any money correct?
  9. hello, I have a quick question regarding cancellation policy with refundable deposit. September cruise I am looking at is $2,000 now with $1,000 refundable deposit. Let's say I book this today and pay $1,000 refundable deposit. If I cancel on June 14, Do I get my $1,000 back? what does "25% of total price/person" mean? Do I lose any money in this scenario? thanks everyone.
  10. I might buy some shares if price goes below $60. watching this closely.
  11. How was Almaplena? Do you have more pics? how long was the ride to get there? Would kids enjoy Almaplena too?
  12. any issue/problem with a beach there? I am thinking about going to Hilton Rose Hall for a day and want to experience a beautiful beach.
  13. I really wish I could do it! so excited for Amplified Allure.
  14. Very good news is that Allure is coming to PC in 2021. YAY!! Royal released 7-day Eastern and Western itinerary which I need some help with. Eastern - Antigua, St. Thomas, CoCo Cay Western - Nassau, Falmouth, Labadee, CoCo Cay. which one would you all choose and why? I have two young kids 10 and 5. we all love beaches/water activity/boat sailing/snorkeling. most importantly we want to see beautiful, crystal clear waters. please help me decide! thanks a lot.
  15. come on Royal! let's release 7 day Caribbean itinerary now!
  16. I am ready to book September 2021 cruise so I am very nervous too! 🙂 I really hope for Allure or Symphony.
  17. I thought about that but then Harmony will stay in Europe until early November!! I am curious which ship will come to PC for 2021 Summmer/Fall (other than Mariner)
  18. the wait is killing me! come on Royal! I want 7 day Caribbean schedules now!! 🙂
  19. yup. Harmony is in Rome so I think it will be either Symphony or Allure.
  20. It looks like only Hamorny is confirmed for Fall 2021 in Rome. maybe Odyssey goes back to PE in the fall? cannot wait for their announcement
  21. I see that Harmony will be in Europe until late October so hoping for Symphony or Oasis!
  22. any guess which ships will be home ported at PC? other than Mariner? Oasis? Symphony? Indy? Allure? Odyssey?
  23. search "Fishing with Pedro Cozumel" you don't have to do fishing part. let them know you want to do Snorkeling and go to El Cielo. or you can do Fishing and El Cielo. El Cielo was incredibly beautiful.
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