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  1. When i did cruise in April, I also took train. They loaded a truck at Anchorage RR station with cruise luggage and I picked it up on the ship, no special service required. I believe they do this to expedite luggage handling.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their input, the information is very helpful.
  3. Departing Oct 11 from San Pedro, we are arriving SWA about 8 am and debating transportation with Uber(LYFT) or NCL bus. Anyone have recent experience with this terminal, traffic, service, etc. to the NCL cruise terminal drop off point. Thank you..
  4. NCL charged a $198 cancellation fee to one of my certificates ($52 balance) and it seems to be a problem for my TA. My cruise starts 10/11/2019, If someone has one expiring October 12 thru 20th (or later) and will transfer and NCL accepts it. I will replace with a fresh one on my cruise. If NCL won't accept it, I'll just transfer it back. I just thought if someone had a certificate and couldn't sell it, might work out for both of us.
  5. I've read here that NCL uses AA, United and Delta primarily. I first looked at AA flights and found matching departing flight info, then made call, worked first time for me.
  6. Hi, call the airline and give name, flight information and they can provide locator. They may be able to help with seat reservations, if not then go to website. That is, if they have actually paid for reservation and not just a hold...
  7. Port and destination? Thanks Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T377A using Tapatalk
  8. Hi, NCL accepted the cruisenext certificates for this 5 day?
  9. I did jewel late May, all stops had cheap local bus if you didn't want to walk from the dock. None were over $5 unlimited rides.
  10. Thanks, I almost booked the NY/Bahamas that stopped at Canaveral, departed at 9pm. But I guess I would have been too far south at 230 am.
  11. Did anyone see anything? Please describe and pix if possible.
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