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  1. Our date to apply is April 13, form will be modified.
  2. Thanks for post, I also have VentureOne and so appreciate you describing your experience.
  3. The minute any one lands in NY, 14 days isolation. If we do the math, no way for mid April...
  4. As a stockholder, I hope it survives. But anyone remember Enron, Worldcom? Nobody believed it could go to zero...
  5. They kept my insurance fee when they cancelled for a hurricane last year. Only saving grace was that they took it out of a CruiseNext certificate.
  6. We had 5 meals for 16 day trip and it was plenty. 7 + 2 seems like alot, but the paid dining venues seem nicer to me.
  7. Cancel for any reason, not used? 75% FCC seems like an option...
  8. Yes all inside, different rooms for different decks/areas.
  9. Yes sand volleyball, snorkel gear rental, zipline, bar, music
  10. You have to use it or lose it. But if you do not use it, it is applied toward the cost of the certificate. i.e. final cost of certificate is $125
  11. American, I believe Asian. They also had special buffet themes for lunch in MDR.
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