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  1. I'll go with one of the following: 1) Items prohibited in Iceland, and they're smuggling stuff. 2) OK in Iceland, but huge tariffs apply. 3) Chemicals or compounds prohibited on aircraft, material vital to operations, sea lift required, commercial shipping too slow. 4) Had time to kill, decided to go for a joyride, blow the carbon out of Star's stacks, deliver some crew mail and the Captain's favorite booze. Thinking #3
  2. Pretty expensive way to deliver a "package". I'll bet it's a partial crew change.
  3. Star was supposed to be in the Med until early October. Something odd is afoot... Anyone have a clue?
  4. I would much rather blow off Iceland and take the five or six day sail to Boston or NY. I'll even throw in a few (many) grand to avoid 14 days of pointless quarantine. An option is Viking can charter flights for we, the unclean and get us outta here.
  5. We have negative tests in hand right now and aren't allowed ashore.
  6. Word I got was ~750 pax. My pessimistic senses are telling me we can expect a repeat of yesterday and today in Heimaey. This begs the question of what will happen in Reykjavik.... 2-1/2 sea days to Belfast. 5 to NYC.
  7. Can we anticipate a complete review of the TTL excursion from you? We're sorely in the dark on this one. BTW, thanks for being a beta tester.
  8. I've been watching the volcano on live cams. Hate to say it, but it's pretty quiet. The flow is oozing down lava tubes and not providing near the spectacle it once did. Just lots of smoke and hot, black basalt is all that's in sight at the volcano. Downhill from the vent you can watch the lava fill the valley as it creeps toward the ring road.
  9. Forgot to add this little gem: https://cruisepassenger.com.au/exclusive-home-affairs-says-all-foreign-flagged-cruise-ships-must-employ-aussie-staff/
  10. Thanks for all your work. Hard to figure what Viking is going to do with all their capacity if half the world is off limits for another six months to year. I did some sleuthing for areas that are open but haven't been added to the Viking cruise catalog. The only route I could come up with is the Mexican Riviera and Sea of Cortez. Wonder how that would sell...
  11. I'm still looking for an answer to a question Viking seems unwilling to address. I can't pry anything out of them. On the last day, Viking likes to have everyone out of their cabins by 08:00 and off the ship by 10:00. On all our prior Viking cruises, a hospitality room was provided for pax who had afternoon flights. It was usually a nice centrally located hotel. You could stay put, go for a walk or take a short tour. Every hour or so, a bus would take a portion of guests to the airport. It worked out very well. I am in the dark with this cruise. Will there be a m
  12. That's odd about wanting access to your pictures. The iteration I have (2019) asked for but was given no access to anything. I would have deleted it otherwise. Maybe I'm funny that way...
  13. Funny, but ah, no. The ID software is resident on your phone.
  14. If anyone has an interest in bird watching, Merilin is a really handy app. It's published by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has "Packs" specific to regions. They just happen to have one for Iceland. Available for Apple or Android phones. It's free, but you have to provide your email address so they can pester you for donations. Look in your app store under "Merlin".
  15. Iceland lives and thrives on tourist bucks. Don't be surprised if the Iceland government puts the spurs to their guest worker program and perhaps offers a monetary incentive to show up.
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