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  1. I did the same on Saturday and Carnival called me on Tuesday to move the cruise over. This was my first time booking directly with Carnival online so I was surprised that one of the PVP's called. The process was faster and easier than moving my other canceled cruise with my TA.
  2. Canceled last night for December so now May 13, 2021 on the Sunrise.
  3. That's the reason that they will enforce the rules just like they have in Europe with Costa.
  4. I completely understand. The results for most providers come in quickly but the problem is with the notification to the patient.
  5. I am in Naples and we have mutiple places to get PCR testing done quickly most of the larger medical groups and hospitals have facilities that will do the test. I have used Millennium Physicians Group and Naples Community hospital. Not the public drive up sites but their medical groups. My last test was a month ago and I had the results back the next morning.
  6. Not true, there are plenty of places to get tested and get results back in less than a day.
  7. I would love too but wouldn't qualify.
  8. Axios is a news organization. Your the one confusing the conversation.Your talking about something completely different and has nothing to do with what I responded to.
  9. PayPal had the discounted Carnival Cards. There are multiple options for people to combine their personal credit card deals to enhance the discount.
  10. Not 28 days that's something completely different. February 28th was the date Axios said that the CDC was going to extend the no sail in September but the Whitehouse intervened.
  11. At this point no one really knows if this was a true statement since there has been no verification that the information from Axios was true.
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