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  1. Wow, not in that age or anywhere near it but don't see how that would be any different. Plus cruising never turned out be as bad as the hype was, for spreading the virus. Take out the ships that were blocked from docking by various countries, the amount of cases and deaths was exremely low especially when you factor the amount of people that were cruising over that time period.
  2. The only ash I saw was near the funnel during sailaway. We spent a lot of time on the balcony and never once saw ash. It might be that the weather was perfect for our cruise.
  3. Was the delay in expected time for the refund related to your inquiry about the change in credit card numbers? If so then they can't give any kind of clarity on timeframes because there might be an issue with the refund even if your bank has stated there shouldn't be a problem.
  4. There were a lot of cancellations so even with the people rebooking from the already cancelled cruises at least the August 1st Magic cruise is under their proposed cap. Carnival sent out upgrade emails last week but none of them were valid. My TA called when my upgrade offer didn't work. She was told that ship was at the proposed capacity and they're not allowed to change cabin assignments. I didn't ask for details so I have no clue if it is 50% or something else.
  5. There is an overhang and you can see it in the aft pictures of the Mircle. It doesn't cover the whole balcony but it was sufficient. The vibrations in the dining room one night were bad but we didn't notice them in the cabin. The Miracle just came out of drydock so if an oil drip did develop after my cruise it probably was repaired at that time.
  6. The health questionnaire is to screen for syptoms related to covid-19 not other underlying health issues.
  7. Most medical groups won't allow the doctors to sign letters like that.
  8. Who would pay for evacuations off the ship if they can't use the US coast guard? Call it travel insurance but they still need something to offset the costs for COVID or anything else since not all regular medical insurance covers international travel.
  9. I had 7300 on the Miracle last July and didn't have that issue. We loved the cabin.
  10. They could require passengers to purchase medical insurance that could cover the cost of the vaccine along with medical evacuations since the US government has said that the cruiselines must come up with a plan for evacuations.
  11. Supply and demand. A scarcity in a product cause the price to increase and it's completely different from raising prices on something that isn't in short suppy.
  12. Every port has multiple shops that sell goods and will need the business to survive.
  13. Yes, but there are many stores vying for the business so they will price competitively or lose the business.
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