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  1. It seems like they should give you as full refund under the circumstances, at minimum a full FCC offer. They ultimately cancelled for the same reasons you did, the pandemic...but honestly I think we'll all be lucky to see any money, ever. NCL has done a fine job of making themselves look terrible in the eyes of their customers, IMHO.
  2. Yours is a much different situation. Mine was specific to the trip, through NCL, and THEY cancelled, not me....So the policy never went into effect. What NCL and others should be doing, especially if they are going to have my money for over 7 months and keep part of it, is to give us a full refund, AND a FCC for, say 25% of the original amount, at a minimum!! Some cruise lines, like Princess, are giving 200% FCC's,. I have read.
  3. So it was refundable ONLY if you went on another cruise. How is that fair? Sounds like perhaps the cruise line owns or controls the insurance company. Funny so many are ok giving away money for something they never got, or never even went into effect. By these standards then, they should be able to keep our drink upgrade package money, excursion money...Heck, just keep it all. Funny that the travel agency could refund me within hours but NCL needs 100 days. Lets not forget they are HUGE corporations folks,, with CEO's who's bonuses are bigger than some peoples lifetime salaries, not some mom & pop operation who deserve our support!
  4. That's really not a legit excuse. Yes, we should expect it to take some time...maybe a week or 2 extra, NOT 90 days. NCL has had time to calculate my FCC and keep emailing me with different incentives in an attempt NOT to pay me....and the majority of their agents worked from home BEFORE Covid 19, so nooooo! Most industries, e.g. real estate, have rules and laws pertaining to deposits and how they are handled and returned. The treatment we are receiving from some cruise lines should be a real eye opener for the public! People seem to still think this pandemic is going to be over in a few weeks! What if this drags on for 3 months....Do you still think you'll get your refund?
  5. Good to know. This is how it should be. NCL apparently is more worried about stockholders than customers. Lets see how it works out for them!! I would advise anyone from booking on Norwegian anytime soon, that's for certain!!
  6. On what cruise line, may I ask? On NCL, the FCC they offered did NOT include the insurance I had bought...And they keep sending me the FCC even though I already told them I wanted a refund. MY TA says they are doing this to everyone. if they weren't so sleazy I'd take the FCC, but they are that sleazy, and i refuse to do business with anyone like that!! A shame, as I did enjoy cruising and recently retired....sigh!!
  7. And just to clarify, I purchased the insurance directly through NCL, along with adding the spa package, even though I purchased the cruise itself through a travel agent, who I will say has been very responsive during this mess. Thank you Daniel!! Also, the full policy is not available to read at the time the plan is purchased, so if there is verbiage saying no refunds, how would anyone know? I work in the real estate industry. It is commonly required for people to purchase a homeowners insurance policy prior to closing, to go in effect the day of the closing. If a closing never happens, the policy is refunded in full, promptly. I have seen it happen on several occasions for various reasons. I mean seriously, they want to use my money for free for 7 months, and then charge me an additional $70 for the privilege. It'll be the last penny they ever see from me, and we were planning a 20 person family cruise. Hell nooooo!!!!
  8. 1st, you sound like a TA. Funny, when I asked my TA about this BEFORE the pandemic, his reply was "of course you'll get a FULL refund on everything....They can't keep money for something you didn't get". Just another lie...
  9. Thats different. If I purchased auto insurance ahead of time, say a week prior to buying a car, and then the sale was cancelled for any reason, I would get a full refund. Why, because the insurance never went into effect. Same thing with homeowners...or ANY other type of insurance My cruise insurance never went into effect either, so why do they get to keep it. Again, THEY cancelled, not me. Talk about adding insult to injury!!!
  10. Well, I'm glad it's not only NCL that is screwing everyone!! They cancelled, not me. I had to wait 10 days to even be able to ask for a refund, and by that time I already had the refund from the travel agency for their portion (their commission) of about $60. After waiting the 10 days and requesting a refund, then NCL says 90 MORE days. They have already had my money for 4+ months at that point!! Then they send me a FCC in a much lower a,mount than what I actually paid. They say are NOT refunding ANY travel insurance they issued. Why? There is no reason for refunds to take 90 days. What other merchant could do this on something THEY cancelled? If any other business did this, it would be a CRIME. I personally am boycotting the cruise industry completely until they start acting like responsible businesses. There are plenty of other vacation/travel options out there!
  11. This would have been my 2nd cruise...Went last year on the NCL Escape and was hooked, but after this experience, IF I ever do cruise again, it won't be with NCL. And I can't help but HOPE all this comes out to the public, because how many more people are putting deposits down right now that have no idea what crooks NCL are! And this pandemic may go on for a considerable amount of time...If so, we may never see refunds!!
  12. Well that shows you what kind of a company NCL is.....And it has already been shown / proven many times, NCL are bold faced liars!! I tried to file a dispute with my credit card, but they won't allow it since it has been over 60 days. Can't even file a BBB complaint against them, as they are not a US based company....which is how they get away with all their "games", from paying employees peanuts, to ripping their customers off on a regular basis ( and getting away with it)!!
  13. My NCL cruise to the Bahamas March 22-29 from NYC was cancelled by them on March 13, 2020. I was told I couldn't even apply for a refund until March 23. The link they sent me originally did not work, so I had to call on the 24th and they send a new link if you want a refund...They said it would be 90 days from the date I applied. So they have already had my money for 4 months and they will have it for another 90, interest free... Multiply this by the thousands and thousands of customers waiting on refunds, and that a huge amount of interest we are losing...and what about the poor souls that paid by credit card and are making monthly payments...I'm sure there are many in that boat. NCL has lost me as a customer, and I'm certain many others...I'm also certain they don't give a sh##
  14. I forgot you only have 1 adult in your group, so yes, that explains the lower gratuities. In my case it works out to about $375 per person extra for all the freebies....and it's probably worth it I guess....the dining is like a $100 upgrade, I'd probably drink perhaps 2 drinks a day, so there's a few hundred more, the internet would be nice to be able to check home, etc. Hopefully it works out for you, and they may offer the free third person again. I need to get busy and book too...I just realized the trip is less than 60 days away now!! The other kind of crazy expense is paying $40 a day for parking next to the ship in NYC! I wish they would offer a credit for that! I have seen small credits in the past.
  15. I just did a mock booking on NCL's site for the Gem for 12/13. It gave me a little different numbers than you are saying, but I did it for 2 people. The cheapest guarantee balcony is $1198 for 2, plus $356.40 for the "freebies" and then $409.88 taxes, port fees., etc. for a grand total of $1,964.28. Or a sailaway balcony room is $1,207 total with taxes and port fees, but no freebies....I'd probably do this, then add some meal upgrades, since I rarely drink....although my travel companion wants to drink more, so IDK ! I might just bite the bullet. If you use all the freebies the upcharge is probably worth it....but it's basically a $750 upgrade for 2. It's kind of sad that the taxes, port fees and gratuities are nearly as much, and sometimes MORE than the cost of the room & meals! Just went to Busch Gardens last weekend and they operate the same way...They offer a low gate fee (this time of year), but then hit you with a $10 administrative fee for buying on-line, and then hit you with a surprise minimum $20 parking fee. And food prices are insane!! Yes, we are lucky to have such things to annoy us!! MM had asked "How good are those specialty restaurants. We would go to Teppanyaki, Cagneys, and Le Bistro." Cagneys was great, Tappanyaki was very good, and I didn't try Le Bistro.
  16. I'm playing poker, and have not yet purchased for 12/13....I see the Bliss is currently $100 more $499 for a balcony sailaway than on the Gem ($399), as of the last I checked a few days ago. I'm kind of hoping for the Bliss only because it's a newer ship, but I wouldn't mind experiencing the Gem either, and it's an extra day too on the Gem. IDK what to tell you about upgrading...Let us know if they let you. I think the key is whether you have paid in full yet or not, but I could be wrong...I think if you have not yet paid in full, you can cancel your current trip and then re-book at the cheaper rate. If you have paid in full, you are at their mercy, but again, just what I have heard, and I'd be interested to hear how you make out. And I think the gratuities will be more, if you get the alcohol package. I do have to pull the trigger here soon on one of these, as my friend who would be going needs to give some notice for their job...If it were just me I'd wait til the last week, lol...
  17. It was a studio I had originally booked, through NCL directly...and it was the same thing....The prices on balcony cabins had dropped to considerably less than I had paid for a studio, and as i said, they upgraded me to an aft balcony room for free and gave me an additional $50 OBC. This upgrade didn't happen until less than 2 weeks prior to sailing....and I had to make some noise for it to happen! The more I looked at the videos of a studio room, the more I said "not for me!". A balcony is soooo much nicer, even one with an obstructed view (in my opinion).
  18. How do you usually book? Do you use an agent? Can I ask that question here, lol? How about the Cruise Next deposits? They can only be used if you book direct through NCL, correct??
  19. Awesome!! Now there's some deals, neighbor!! Yeah the cruise I went on in early June this year had ridiculously cheap fares too, the final 2 weeks. It was a rude awakening to the "book early and save" line...As you said, flexibility is everything, with a little luck thrown in for good measures!
  20. I wasn't suggesting flying the same day as your cruise...and that's why I said, what works for me not not for you. I live in NY too, 2 hours from the pier, and the last time I went to Daytona Beach, we left NY at 6 am and checked into our hotel in FL. at 11 pm....But I can see with 2 young children that might not work. Just an idea. Yeah, the ships like to keep their booking policies a mystery, and for a good reason. They don't want to make it easy for bargain hunters, and they want to make the most they can....and none of their "free" giveaways are really free. For me a sailaway balcony would work. I don't drink alcohol OR soda, don't care about internet. and I can get a few meal upgrades for $100...and things like the go-carts or laser tag, and spa are extra in nearly every class you can sail in. Here's question, since we are way off topic anyways. Whats the difference between a sailaway balcony and a guarantee balcony?? Is it just that you can get the extras included for "free" with the guarantee room?
  21. There are a load of variables, and what works for me not not work for you. I'm single, retired, live near a port, and can leave on a moments notice....But if i bring someone who has a more rigid schedule, I might have to book more in advance. It also depends on the destination and what I feel like doing...Whether I want to do a lot of activities and excursions, or just relax on the deck. And of course the risk of waiting is the prices could go up....That would probably only be if they get the ships close to full, and at this point they have a long ways to go. Do a mock booking at least once or twice a week and see how the ships fill up...Or plan a Florida vacation and leave from a port there....There seems to be a LOT more deals from Florida. Good luck to you!!
  22. I'd say you can't go wrong with either one. The Bliss is much larger, nearly twice as big as the Gem I believe, and it's a newer ship and has a few more things to do...but I think it all depends what you are into....and your children are younger so they probably won't be into some of the bigger attractions on the Bliss just yet. Both have a great pool area for kids. There's tons of online videos of each ship to give you an idea what they offer. The Gem cruise is a day longer, if that matters....spending that extra day in Florida I believe. The prices currently are great on both of these cruises, and may get better. I have friends that have been on both, and told me they preferred the Gem. But they are super laid back and spend most of their time at the bars. I personally am going for the Bliss!! I think there is more entertainment suited to my tastes on the Bliss, and a newer, bigger ship I prefer. Perhaps we shall be cruising together!! It would sure be great to come back to NY for Christmas with a tan!! Best wishes whatever you decide.
  23. The good news is if you fall overboard, you won't get wet!! And you will still have great views of everything important. Have fun, I was on the Escape this past June and had a really great relaxing trip to Bermuda!!
  24. From what I see, you're right....much of the time. That was not the case on my cruise in June 9 on Escape, and college was out then too. Balcony cabins were 1/3 the original price the final 2 weeks. And you know what's funny (to me)? I went with a group of 18 people, and not one of them mentioned noticing that the prices had dropped dramatically the final 2 weeks. None of them even looked at pricing, because they all assumed they were saving by booking months early like we did. Nope, not the case! I didn't bother to tell them all that I got a HUGE upgrade for FREE, because I knew they were all paying double what I was. But yeah, that doesn't happen on most cruises, I know....but it does happen on some of them. And there is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain, is there? I get emails full of cheap cruises every day and, as I said, I am flexible, not only on travel dates, and destinations, and I can leave from any port on the east coast, and then some. Retirement has it's advantages...Or so I have heard!
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