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  1. I just checked my reservation online, there is a message that says the cruise is on hold. I spoke to the agent and here is her reply With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact communities and ports around the globe, we are working to determine our next course of action. While we evaluate the opportunity to resume with sailings, we have temporarily frozen voyages that might be impacted should we need to delay sailing further. Please bear with us. We will make a decision shortly and will provide information as it becomes available. It goes without saying that our first priorit
  2. I am curious, why do all the bars close at midnight? If memory serves me right, bars closing times usually have the caption "till late"
  3. https://www.cnn.com/travel/amp/singapore-cruises-to-nowhere-intl-hnk/index.html
  4. I would not be surprised if they announce the sample test results from the Grand Princess after 1 PM Pacific so as not to spook the financial markets
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/on-grand-princess-confusion-and-missteps-reigned-as-coronavirus-spread-passengers-say/ar-BB10N7dZ?ocid=spartandhp
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/on-grand-princess-confusion-and-missteps-reigned-as-coronavirus-spread-passengers-say/ar-BB10N7dZ?ocid=spartandhp
  7. From CNN today. "The Sonoma County resident recently returned from a cruise ship that left San Francisco for Mexico and is showing symptoms of the virus, the release said. This case is not related to the Diamond Princess cruise ship."
  8. 13% of Americans have already changed travel plans due to coronavirus, survey says From CNN Business' Chris Isidore About one American in eight surveyed says they have already canceled or changed travel plans due to concerns about the novel coronavirus. The survey was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and polled about 1,200 adults.
  9. I have no recollection, I was busy losing money in the Casino. Sorry.
  10. They are two live shows, Million Dollar Quartet and Burn The Floor which are decent. They is a live rock band at Syd's every night and a variety of activities that cater to most of the passengers likes. H2O is always hopping at night.
  11. Stick to one bar you like, tip the bar staff and you will get served immediately no matter how busy they are Walk into the humidor and ask politely for permission to smoke a cigarette with invariably no objections
  12. can somebody confirm they show live NFL games in the bars, thanks
  13. Love to get some intermittent updates on your TA, thanks
  14. There is a tight schedule with only a few hours break between the end and beginning of scheduled cruises. It will be a momentous decision by NCL to take the Star out of action for even a few days for repairs. The ripple effect down the road would encompass at least canceling one cruise.
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