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  1. I submitted mine about 3 weeks ago for a B2B in November and just got a confirmation for both cruises via email yesterday. I always ask for an email confirmation and they have always sent me one. With Carnival, it always is a crap shoot.
  2. Elaine.......they may have changed their policy. I have a B2B cruise in Nov - both under their Hot Streak casino offer. I've re fared both cruises 3 times in the past month without a hitch.....just FYI.
  3. Yeah.....you didn't use to be, but they restructured the AARP rewards and now you have to be a "member" to get certain perks - and the Carnival cards fall into that category.
  4. Thanks.....yeah I've been waiting. Nice to see they've increased to 3 a month - just bought my 3!
  5. Again, thanks to everyone for all the great info!
  6. Thank you for the updated info.....I had no idea it would be this easy and actually something to look forward to!
  7. Thanks to both you and Bostwick Girl for the information. The insight is greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks Bostwick Girl and Garnett! Almost sounds fun! Were you actually able to get off the ship as if it was a port of call and just board the ship later in the day?
  9. Thanks Garnet...exactly what I was hoping to hear. I appreciate your help.
  10. We've never done a b2b cruise, but decided to try one next year on Carnival. We were not able to book the same cabin, so we have to switch cabins after the first cruise. Both cabins are guarantee, so no idea if they will even be close. My question is: Do we have to lug the luggage off the ship after the first cruise and re enter with our luggage, or does Carnival have a policy that allows us to leave our luggage on board and they move it to the new assigned cabin? I know we have to re board, but hoping that we don't have to deal with the luggage. Thanks in advance for any information.
  11. As I stated above, I too got my deposit returned within 2 days, but my water purchase (only $5.45) came on a separate credit.....but it did show up on my cc statement about a week later. (same cc).
  12. Humm... I cancelled on March 8th and my cc was credited in two days. But that was at the beginning of this whole mess. With so many cancellations, it's probably back logged.
  13. March 9th sailing and I got my letter this morning. Wasn't sure it was real, but seeing it here confirms it! Extra $100 OBC!
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