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  1. Hey Mek.....no explanation necessary. You wanted some basic info and asked for it. Looks like you've been around long enough on these boards to know that all most do is complain about something. I hate to even post anymore because someone always has something smarta$$ to say! I look to them occasionally for good info from good people......but always shake my head at all the neysayers and or complainers. Like my mother taught me years ago.....if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut! Have a great cruise.
  2. MeK: Sailed the Grand in April.....Cabin L223 - balcony. When we arrived, no barrel chair. As discussed in previous threads, asked the cabin steward for a chair and we had one within 30 minutes. We were told that there was a limited number and it was first come, first served - so ask early. Hope that's a more reasonable response!
  3. We actually stayed in this cabin two years ago, so let me answer your questions based on our experience. 1. The doors to the open fly bridge area in front of your cabin are directly adjacent your cabin. They were always unlocked when we were in port and are a great area to walk around - GREAT VIEWING AREA! However, when we were at sea they were mostly locked - mainly due to the wind. When they were open, there did seem to be a substantial amount of foot traffic, which of course is visible from inside your cabin. It might be kind of hard to understand, but you are actually about a half of deck lower (out your window) that the deck itself. There is a walkway between your cabin and deck. What you actually look at is a metal staircase - although see through. Thus, you do not actually have a clear view out the window, rather you are looking up toward the upper open deck area. 2. We did the Pacific Coastal as well, only from San Francisco. We didn't find the motion in the cabin to be any different that others.....but we had really nice weather (March). 3. The spa is across the hall, but you would never know it. The entrance is at the other end of the hallway. There is no direct access to the adult pool.....but down the hallway is the open pool area....which of course is where the ice cream is! 4. The front of the gym is above you and I do recall a few mornings that you could hear some very minor noise.....kinda like when they moved chairs on the deck above. It didn't hamper our sleep. Overall, the cabin was configured differently, and you did have a little more space. But the thing I remembered I didn't like was that there was no chair in the cabin, thus no sitting area. But being on the Lido deck and near the festivities and food more than made up for it! Have fun!
  4. Bungie cord works way better!...but take a couple in case one is too short.
  5. If it's the glass factory that all the tours go to, it's not more than a 10 minute cab ride from the dock. The glass factory itself is interesting as they have an area where you can watch them make the glass items.......but be aware their gift shop is a bit pricey. IMHO you can probably get the same items at a lower price in the local shops.
  6. nrsmeme: We live near Reno and we too live about 4 hours away.....and have had the same issues with parking! Too close to fly but too far for someone to drop us off. At least for us, after considering all the options, (public transportaion / uber / park and cruise options) it always works out about the same price wise....so we just bite the bullit and pay for the parking at Impark. If you use that option, just make sure you drop off your passengers and luggage before you head over and park. Its about a 10 minute walk back to the cruise terminal. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. I'd agree totally with Cruise Raider. In April, we arrived early with no issue, and our traveling companions arrived at 2pm with no issues. We both walked right on and to our cabins. SF has a great terminal anyway.......if your driving and parking, make sure to drop off your passengers and luggage first, then park and walk back to the terminal. It's about a 10 minute walk. It's a lot easier if you don't want to haul your luggage.
  8. Exactly....I just did it and also thought that they applied credit to the S and S account.....but nope, they redeem in cash. Got a "coupon" in my cabin which I almost threw away! Now that I know this it makes it easy to not carry a lot of cash when boarding.
  9. Thanks Masterty for posting this video - I was going to buy the DVD when we were on the ship but didn't, so it was nice to see the work they did and even better that I got to enjoy and appreciate what they did! I thought the ship was in great shape - now I know why!
  10. Just of the Grand as well and here's my 2cents: I agree with most of the comments by Linsifer and Oskidunker.......with a couple of exceptions. Ship looked to be in great shape. We were in L223 - Wall hanging tv's were great! More shelf space for stuff. My bed was outstanding - pillows still the best Had to turn down (or up) the A/c on several occasions due to being too cold! Salty Dawg: Food was pretty good - didn't have a HD, but burger was was good and tacos were outstanding, as were the extra crispy fries! I ate the ice cream on many occasions just to be a good sport, but it could have been creamier. I wasn't a fan of the new menu's, but I didn't go hungry either. Just wish they would offer more choices. And although Linsifer was right about the constant chemical/paint odor, it didn't bother me.....but if you were allergic to it, I can see how it could really effect you - pretty strong sometimes. And I did get a barrel chair upon request! I'm sure the differences on the a/c and beds can be subjective due to your location on the ship. Was a great all around cruise.
  11. I'll report back in here as well since they removed the other thread: Just got back from 10 day Mexico on the Grand. Upon entering my balcony cabin, no barrel chair. Asked the room steward and he said no problem - had a chair in 30 minutes!.....and they just came out of drydock. I asked if this was the new process and he said yes - they will be available upon request. I must say I was surprised as I didn't expect they'd have one - but happy to have the chair.😂
  12. I had the problem for a couple of days, so I just called them yesterday and it was added at the 18% tip - $36.87. We sail next week.
  13. Sounds like they're gonna have a bunch of new spots to back fill sooner than they expected
  14. Astro Flyer....your comments are spot on and as a consumer of Princess I feel exactly the same way. It's all about them making money and of course, they don't want to lose money either. My point was that if people don't vocalize and provide feedback to Princess they just go on "business as usual". I'm sure it was a cost cutting idea, but they probably didn't expect the push back from customers. If they get the idea that maybe people aren't happy, they may reconsider. But like you, I won't patronize them it if they don't. Lots of other choices.
  15. Floridalover, I would like to respectfully disagree. I'm old school and as a business man, you learn in business 101 that the bread and butter of your successful business is your repeat and loyal returning customer. You go out of your way to make that customer happy. Because if they are happy, they tell their friends and that produces new customers, etc. Marketing can't buy that kind of publicity. How many friends have you encouraged to take a Princess Cruise? I know I have many. On the flip side of that comment is the unhappy customer who tells 5x as many people that's he's/she's unhappy. Remember the old commercial, you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends and so on and so on! And with bad advertising / reviews, regardless if true or not, that information remains longer in the memory and is harder to repatriate that customer. Now I have no idea if the powers to be at Princess are business educated, but I can't imagine that they would purposely attempt to alienate it's loyal base. I'm sure this was a miscalculation on their behalf. I'm sure whatever it is it's a bottom line issue, and loyal and unhappy customers contribute to that bottom line many times over. They can't afford to lose even some of that base. And remember, Ms. Swartz answers to stockholders and a Board of Directors!
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