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  1. I tried to transfer it to my bank account using online banking but the charge was going to be nearly £100 because it treated it like a cash advance, but I phoned then and they transferred it for free.
  2. I just got a Mr Angry on one of the Marella facebook pages chastise me for claiming my money back. 🤣
  3. My refund finally hit my credit card today, now all I have to do is fight them to transfer it to my bank account without charging me for the privelege.
  4. It does give some comfort though in that while I pursue a refund my money is safe.
  5. The CAA have announced that these RCNs are covered by ATOL, so as long as Tui/Marella has your money, it's safe. Previously Tui had said you were covered but CAA/ATOL refused to confirm this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53448181
  6. If this cruise had happened it would have been our first time ever with Thomson/Tui. Might never use them now. Our first holiday abroad was in 1986 with Yugotours. I'll let you guess where we went 😏. Since then we've been to The Algarve, Malta, Majorca, Rhodes, Benidorm, Disneyland Paris, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura. Lanzarote has always been our favourite and we keep going back, we had a week there in January and it was fantastic as always.
  7. I've given up with Tui/Marella, I've written to my credit card company to go down the section 75 route.
  8. Update:- . HOW DO I KNOW IF MY TRAVEL PLANS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED? If your holiday falls into one of the below categories, due to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s advice against all but essential travel, your holiday will no longer be able to go ahead as planned. • TUI holidays travelling on or before 11 June 2020 • Marella Cruises sailings on or before 30 June 2020 • TUI River Cruises sailings travelling up until and including 25 November 2020 All other holidays are continuing to operate as planned and will be continuously reviewed.
  9. They've changed their mind and you can call for a refund without waiting on your credit refund mail • If you’re unable to accept a refund credit you can apply for a refund; due to the volume of holidays impacted, we’re asking you not to contact us until you receive your refund credit so we can continue helping customers in date order. However, if you do need to request your refund before this you can do so using the details below. Please be aware that our call centre teams are incredibly busy, so call waiting times are considerably longer than usual. You can call 0203 451 2868 between 9am and 7pm from Monday to Friday.
  10. Holidays prices will certainly go up next year, but if you take the cash refund and book a holiday next year the price will still be up. I suppose it depends if you are planning on taking a holiday next year. Using the incentive (if it's really 20%) could offset some of that price rise. But if you don't have any holiday plans, take the money.
  11. That's not what they are saying. If you accept the credit note then you will get a cash refund if you haven't used it within 12 months. But if you contact them straight away and ask for a refund it will be processed. They don't say how long the process takes, but I doubt it would be 12 months. In the meantime ATOL will cover your money if Tui go out of business. As I said, the extra 20% is tempting as long as it is 20% or very near it. I have an eye on a holiday for next year anyway so as soon as I get my email I'm going to see how much incentive I get when I try to book it. If Tui are taking the P and not offering anything near 20% then I'll phone for a cash refund.
  12. • If you’re unable to accept a refund credit you can apply for a refund; however, we’re only able to process a refund for you once you have received your refund credit.
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