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  1. Hello, I had the escargot here on the Summit three nights ago. The only thing is, though I have a very strong digestive system, and ate veal after as my main course, I had an episode overnight after my meal that, though I can't contribute it to the escargot, left me with the runs for six hours... I suppose it could have been many things, but (no pun intended), it was coincidental with eating the escargot.
  2. Well, we are aboard the Summit, and our Classic Beverage Package has not been automatically upgraded to a Premium Package. Perhaps I misunderstood everything that had been said here, perhaps I misunderstood Moriah, the Celebrity respresentive I spoke to who said we would be upgraded... But as I said elsewhere in our Roll Call, having been asked so many times in the first few hours of this Cruise whether we wanted to upgrade, I did, just so I don't have to be asked again. Otherwise, everything is fine on board, and the spirit of the crew seems quite responsive and they are open and pleasant about serving us. P.S. When I did upgrade late last night at the Guest Services desk, they waved the charges I had accumulated for the drinks that were over the Classic Package costs.
  3. If it helps, I just chatted with Moriah at Celebrity, and she confirmed to me that our Classic Package will be automatically upgraded to Premium. I am not sure of any other details, and, being new to the whole Cruise experience, nor can I understand every acronym used in previous explanations (or the subtleties of more seasoned CCs discussions on this subject), so I hope what I was confirmed by a Celebrity representative for our upcoming reservation on Summit seems true, and it applies to others.
  4. My thoughts exactly when I read this passage. Thank you, and thank you Paul.
  5. Thank you for this. Such wonderful and quick replies I have been getting a a new member of CC by other CCs to the questions I have asked. I had previously registered with the Move Up Program (MUP) and reviewed the procedures. What Paul had noted was that they are, "...Waiting for pricing to drop to jump up to aqua or to a suite." That doesn't seem like it involved the MUP. Once one is onboard, is there a wait list that is either applied for, or as an extension of the MUP?
  6. Perhaps I should ask this elsewhere rather than interrupting your wonderful Blog; however, when we get on Summit this Saturday, can we ask for an Upgrade, and depending on availability and cost, get a cabin type of greater value than we have? If this is the case, what are the procedures we should follow?
  7. Very good point, thank you for memtioning it, as I will to them.
  8. Thank you, I have two daughters coming on our Cruise on Friday and they will be pleased to know what is and isn't allowed
  9. I think you may have missed the poster's OP, where JC ends with, "...On a positive note the food, service, and ship were very good." And overall, JC, though there doesn't appear to be any traumatic effects mentioned in your story, it is 'nuts' (the term you used to describe the Guest Services Attendent's reaction to your complaint) that there was drama in having so many circumstances result from the Cruise ship's errors, including the offence of being charge and having to clear a charge that wasn't warranted at all... So JC, I too would have reacted similarly. Though your reaction in the comments you provide certainly do alert all of us, including me, a relatively new Cruise Critic member (going on Summit in five days) to such circumstances; I have not found your telling of them was portrayed as any 'big deal', rather, simply good reportage to all. Thank you.
  10. I too am relatively new to the Forum, and I am grateful for its vast resource of information... My question for this thread is, can we bring our own hairdryers aboard as is suggested here? I had read they are already provided in each stateroom (and though I thought I read the ones provided were not all that powerful); but then again, I thought I read that we can't bring hairdryers, nor irons, onboard ourselves. Thank you for you help.
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