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  1. We're booked for the 28-day cruise. Where does the ship go for the next week? It might be fun to do a back to back on that! Dave
  2. A few months ago they changed the port of departure from Barcelona to Tarragona. Does anyone know anything about this place, like things to do or places to see? Thanks! Dave
  3. Wow! That's crazy! Which groups are they? Dave
  4. Hi, Speedoguy1, I think you'll do just fine. There are all sorts of groups on these cruises and you'll fit in with one for sure, especially if you're social. There are lots of opportunities to meet others there with all the activities they have planned. There is a lot of alcohol consumed on these ships, too, but since you're not a big drinker, you'll probably have a pretty manageable bill at the end of the cruise! Dave
  5. I'm always prepared for informative, constructive, and respectful feedback!
  6. A friend told me on this last cruise that he and his companion cancel the daily auto-tipping and buy the unlimited dining package. They tip at the restaurants and they tip the steward in cash using the envelopes that have been left in the room. He says that he shouldn't have to pay the auto-tipping that partially goes to the main dining room when he doesn't even go there. This sounded very interesting, so we are looking into this. However, it seems that the dining packages are a lot more on some ships than on others, such as Allure vs Rhapsody. (I'm not keen on prepaying tips because I'd rather set that payment back a few weeks by having it charged to my credit card). Dave
  7. Ugg...unfortunately, you are very close to the truth in the case of my first cruise. The more I drank on the last night, the more the bills flowed. As for walking at funny angles, I'm not sure I remember anything after leaving Schooners that night!
  8. I like that. I am sometimes disappointed when the tip I give the bartender for making an excellent drink goes into the jar. It never occurred to me to give her an envelope at the end! On this last cruise, I had a bunch of $2 bills that I gave when I ordered two drinks or got a really great drink and one lady put hers right in her pocket because she collected them. On this last cruise, I found that $2 bills were pretty popular and a great way for the bartender to remember us. Dave
  9. Our first one was this past March and I had no clue about anything. The emails you get are just before the cruise, but it would have been nice to have more information before hand! I think all the 7-day cruises are similar. On this one on The Celebrity Edge, there were three T-Dances: Dog Tag, Sports, and Disco. There are also a few themed late dances, but the only one I can remember is the White Party which was two nights before we arrived back in port. But you do NOT have to dress the theme at all! It's fun no matter what you do. Also, there are no drink packages available-you put them all on your tab (and that doesn't stop the alcohol from flowing on the ship anyway!). I found the entertainment to be great. I love Miss Richfield 1981 and saw La Voix for the first time on this past cruise. All the drag performers, including the lovely Miss Richfield 1981, sing with their own voice. These cruises can be whatever you want to them to be. You can be as social as you want, or just visit with a few friends and have quiet evenings of canasta. Personally, I love that we are all in a place where we are the majority and we don't have to worry about how others may see us and I especially like taking a break from being a gay-ambassador (I feel like that sometimes where we are the only gay couple around!). I think that there are groups on Facebook for the Atlantis cruises, but I am very uncomfortable with my every action on there being part of a permanent marketing record, so I no longer use it. I got some pics of the T-dances online if you want to see them. Thanks! Dave
  10. We were just on the Rhapsody TA last month from Barcelona to Tampa. Yes, it WAS a lot of fun and we met of lot of gay guys on it. We liked it so much we booked it again for 2020 and 2021. I can only imagine how much more fun it'd be on the Allure! Dave
  11. Hi! Great! It should be a fun cruise, although there seems to be much more planning involved with these Atlantis cruises, such as what to wear to all the dances! Dave
  12. Hi, This is Dave and my partner and I are going to be on the Atlantis cruise in March on the Celebrity Summit. It'll be our second Atlantis cruise and our seventh overall. We had a blast on last year's Atlantis cruise on the Edge that we booked the Summit for the next March. Is anyone else going on this cruise? Dave The Polaroid guy
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