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  1. WooHoo -- a live review with tons of great photos from APDMOM! Have a couple more pages to catch up on, but wanted to say "Hi" and Thank you APDMOM - your reviews and pics are always great!
  2. Hi Andrew! Have a few pages to catch up (as others say work gets in the way) , with an additional dump of snow/rain/pellets today its great to see a review from you! Congrats to Owen and his team!
  3. that lunch sure looks good and I'll trade you my kale salad for it! Beautiful sunset pics.
  4. Awe, much better -- sunny pics, laughs, and krankle report versus looking outside and seeing snow falling, falling, falling, falling😃 Yummy looking dinner Owen got last night -- yours didn't look to shabby either.
  5. Good Morning Andrew! We will be at -23c tomorrow (a balmy -14 today) and more snow coming today -- look forward to reading your review.
  6. An Awesome review and great pics. I caught up, enjoyed the photos - alas couldn't post due to computer issues. Love your reviews and your tips. Safe travels.
  7. WooHoo -- a great Live review! I love the Lady O, so enjoying your pics and commentary :)
  8. Hi Andrew and Lisa! Was caught up but then work and wedding (not mine) got in the way. Then all the repost of photos scared me off! OMG, Lucy is so adorable. (John I'm a cat person, but I adore Bella too). Your food porn is great. Have to question why you had wet shorts -- do you not pack like 8 or more? (I'm sure I read that - my mistake as I was skimming through.) See you later today!
  9. Hi Andrew -- you do so much when you post Live. It is appreciated, I know people are infatuated with menus and compasses, but you shouldn't have to spend your time/vacation on that. Spend it on YOUR TIME.
  10. Oh my -- so we have lost a lot of photo history with threads. That isn't good - as I for one, do refer to people to a thread for information and one I know that will include photos.
  11. Oh crap! All of yours too Andrew? I totally understand they need to 'change' but - be a good provider of threads/photos and just don't destroy that history - it's not just the poster it's relied on by other viewers. Just like ADPMOM's. :(
  12. Hi APDMOM -- I will be very sad to see you leave, if it comes to that. I've enjoyed your posts/photos and often have recommended your threads to people searching for info.
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