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  1. Yorkvillain -- thank you for the thread and everyone who has contributed to it. SofN was also my first cruise with RCL. I had one one with Carnival and was so not impressed, new travel agent convinced to try Royal. Those steps up to the Viking Crown holding a dress down while climbing up and then with a drink on the way down -- LOL
  2. Enjoying the quips, pics. Thank you for the laughs everyone. Great thread.
  3. Enjoy your trip ckrobyn!. We've got the storm coming in tonight/tomorrow all day (if we get it). Who'd think we'd be adding N95 or other to our packing lists.
  4. This is a great decision. They deserve it. There are a lot on unnamed heroes in both situations. They people (animal rescue) that saved all the animals they could. Re-united pets with the family. Took in the injured and gave them life and hope. The first responders to these souls are truly heroes. Thank You.
  5. LOL -- It's going to be an ear-worm from now on for me!
  6. As posted above -- it's now 7:25AM here --- John, nice pics - but go to bed!! :)
  7. Taking over the chat for a moment to say HI to Merion_Mom! Enjoy your cruise :).
  8. WooHoo -- another Live and Great Review by John (and Laura)!! Looking forward to traveling with you again.
  9. Thanks John for the great pics/report. Always a joy to read your thread. Awe Bella! Think it's a tie who is happier to see / hug who 🙂
  10. John, if you happen to run into John and Marilyn again -- say 'hi' from me (Catherine aka jaspercat). Thank You!
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