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  1. TA's own your reservation and they sometimes aren't willing to give up commission for cheaper pricing.
  2. That is what is going on here LouTheGlue -- I don't have a car so I would have to decline that -- people are saying if you don't accept it your actually booked one is automatically cancelled. That is just bad. And Congrats - as someone who is working through this whole mess at essential grocery (big name) store and we were not put on the priority list I really appreciate this.
  3. Well I can say is is congrats to those that have been able to get the 2nd shot early. Mine is booked for August 16th, first was April 26th. I'm not eligible yet to try for advancing and have heard horror stories for those that have tried, bookings were no where near their location, and they lost their original booking. A&L--I'm in Ottawa, that was (and still somewhat is) a hot spot, over 65 and can't get my 2nd as fast as you and Lisa did! I'm jealous :) For all my fellow Canadians -- as a grocery store/self-scan worker during all this I give you my heartfelt thanks for your social distancing/mask wearing and getting the jab!
  4. A&L_Ont and Mapleleafforever -- since this thread has slightly derailed -- giving you two a big Hi!!
  5. HI I'm sorry to be so negative, but coming from a province that numbers are out getting (are) out of control and a year later still reading something like sounds "all about me" comments - won't wear a mask, mad they can't travel, won't cruise again until they can without a mask. If you don't want to wear a mask on a cruise, sounds like you don't wear one now. And sounds like you don't care about keeping anyone else safe. So Stay Home!
  6. Yorkvillain -- thank you for the thread and everyone who has contributed to it. SofN was also my first cruise with RCL. I had one one with Carnival and was so not impressed, new travel agent convinced to try Royal. Those steps up to the Viking Crown holding a dress down while climbing up and then with a drink on the way down -- LOL
  7. Enjoying the quips, pics. Thank you for the laughs everyone. Great thread.
  8. Enjoy your trip ckrobyn!. We've got the storm coming in tonight/tomorrow all day (if we get it). Who'd think we'd be adding N95 or other to our packing lists.
  9. This is a great decision. They deserve it. There are a lot on unnamed heroes in both situations. They people (animal rescue) that saved all the animals they could. Re-united pets with the family. Took in the injured and gave them life and hope. The first responders to these souls are truly heroes. Thank You.
  10. LOL -- It's going to be an ear-worm from now on for me!
  11. As posted above -- it's now 7:25AM here --- John, nice pics - but go to bed!! :)
  12. Taking over the chat for a moment to say HI to Merion_Mom! Enjoy your cruise :).
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