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  1. I've just read your post Purdey, I understand and want to ease your feelings of guilt. When dad died, we bought mum to live with us. She was 83, partially sighted, having mini strokes, and I gave up my job to look after her full time. The shock and sadness of losing dad, looking after mum 24/7 and the constant worry and stress of making sure she was alright took it's toll. Frank was working 45/50 hrs a week and my only sister lived in Cheshire , so I was basically on my own. To be able to care for mum as I was, I needed to rest and recharge, but my main worry was that if anything happened while I was away, I would never forgive myself. Talking to my doctor, she gave me some advice I want to pass on to you. Whatever happens is going to happen regardless of where you are in the world, and being constantly at her side won't change the outcome. Not matter where you are, you can always get home, and still the outcome will be the same. You can't put your own health at risk on 'what if's'. I know it may seem cold and unfeeling, but after thinking about, it was sound advice. I took her advice and my sister and BIL would come for 3 weeks every year so we could go away. It was the best medicine for me and helped me cope much better. I know it's a long-winded tale Purdey, but forget home and all the stress, have a really relaxing, guilt-free cruise and come back refreshed, you've earned it. Cheers🥂 Avril
  2. Unfortunately they are so loud and obnoxious it's practically impossible to ignore them. Avril
  3. I'm sorry John, but I don't think that would stop them. The selfish, determined and greedy sunbed hogs will always find a way around it. Avril
  4. Morning earlybirds. There must be something in the air Jane. I've been up since 3am, if I'd have known you were up we could have had a chat and a virtual cuppa. Good news about the MSC fiasco finally, and well done you for sticking to your guns. It's such a mess about the covid boosters isn't it? Everyone seems to be chasing their tails at the moment, and I don't know why they don't just shut up until they come to a definite decision. Have a good holiday tomorrow Purdey. It's just what you need to relax and unwind from all the upheveal and stress you've had recently. Well, I'll get another coffee and a slice of toast and scroll though some old posts. What a full and exciting life I lead. How do I cope?😉 Avril
  5. Think of all the washing too. Not very energy efficient for a company that's trying to save money is it? Avril
  6. There are some people who have a strong sense of entitlement, and an abundance of bad manners. Avril
  7. They don't treat their the customers like suckers either🐙😁 Sis
  8. My daughter uses Octopus Energy and is very pleased with it. It makes me wonder though if that could go the same way as ther other smaller companies. I hope not, the Big Four need some competition. Avril
  9. I'm assuming that price is for gas an electicity Harry. In reply to your question about DD, I've had a very bad experience with DD payments and I now prefer being in charge of what comes out of our bank account. Once bitten as I already said. Avril
  10. I came to the same conclusion Kalos. I read the meter and pay on line monthly. Our tariff ended in August, and I am now holding my breath. Avril
  11. I could have written that post Lincslady. I had a lot of problems with their 'estimated' bills too. When I cancelled the DD and sent in my own readings my bills were significantly less. Alright, they adjust it once a year, but why should I overpay by so much? and you have to trust they reimburse the correct amount. Sceptical I know, but once bitten, twice shy. Avril
  12. We had a very good fixed tariff with Npower, but it's now been taken over by Eon. They honoured the tariff until it expired, but now..... wow!!! I'm looking at other compnies but tbh there's not much to choose between them. I'm really annoyed that I'm penalised because I can't do a dual fuel deal, because I don't use gas, and won't pay by DD. The energy companies have us over a barrel Avril
  13. Lovely pics Graham. On another cruise?😉 Take care. Avril
  14. Exactly!!! There maybe snow on the roof, but there's still a fire burning in the grate😉 Avril
  15. Everyone will be in that 'group' sooner or later if they're lucky. Avril
  16. Could be possible if they have new crew onboard. Avril
  17. Maybe we can book ourselves in next to Azura for a refit😁 Avril
  18. Your poor husband. Frank has a crumbling vertabrae in his lower back and the pain can be debilitating at times. It's so frustrating when you can't do anything to help them. I hope he soon recovers and maybe you can still have that holiday, if a little later than planned. Avril
  19. As soon as the lines open on Saturday is usually a good time too. Or it was. Avril
  20. Although this topic doesn't affect me, I've been following it with some interest, especially your posts John, and I was unfortunately having the same suspicions. I sincerely hope that we are wrong and a plausible explanation is forthcoming. Avril
  21. That sounds like it's going to be a real 'grownups' holiday without chaperones😁 Avril
  22. It's turning out to be another lovely day, we really are being spoilt.🌤️ It's a day of mixed emotions for us today, Frank's 76th birthday and the anniversary of his mum's death. It's makes it very difficult to celebrate without feeling guilty for doing so. He's in the garden at the moment playing with his new toy that I've bought him, a battery powered lawn mower. I'm putting a small buffet on this evening for family and their partners, plenty of nibbles and a few(or not so few😉) drinks🥂. Have a good day everyone, whatever you're up to, and take care. Avril
  23. We've been in both types of cabin and tbh we've never noticed a difference. Loud neighbours, banging doors and/or drawers and even a loud tv can still be heard whether there's a connecting door or not. It's the luck of the draw unfortunately Sarah🤨 Avril
  24. I only use a laptop too. I prefer the larger screen and 'proper' keys. Avril
  25. I had some issues a couple of days ago. It took 3 attempts to submit a reply before it finally went through. When I have problems doing likes, I sign out and then sign in again. Usually works. Avril
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