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  1. I took the 600 obc and rescheduled already.. haven't paid the full amount yet though. I also do casino deals everytime we cruise so I don't pay that much for the balcony rooms. $1200 for two people to cruise is worth putting on the line for a free $600.
  2. Anything to get us back on the ships and able to throw these stupid masks away I'm all for.
  3. In simple terms what does this mean? The ships being green now? I thought there was a no sail order from the cdc? I don't see us cruising for atleast 3 more months until most of the US population has access to the vaccine..
  4. Eventually I'll get a suite just don't want to ruin the balcony or extended balcony we usually get... Won't be the same after a suite I'd imagine.
  5. Another article trying to deter us from cruising... Not gonna work here though the workers on these cruise ships are there to make a decent living and sometimes to support a family at home. I'll happily get back on at the end of this year and tip them well like they deserve.
  6. Panorama is deck 8 lol when you went in the elevator what floor button did you push? 8
  7. I don't predict much cruising until late spring or early summer.. But if I had to guess you will be required to get vaccinated prior to cruising and will be tested before boarding the ship.
  8. What would you consider the best balcony room location on a spirit class ship considering vibration, noise, view, etc.? I've been on deck 4 once and 5 twice midship with little to no vibration or noise. Deck 8 aft the last cruise awesome view but ridiculous vibration while the ship was moving... Already booked for deck 8 midship on the legend for November.
  9. Yesterday I booked for November 2021. Ready to start cruising asap.
  10. Okay understood if we are gonna go that route then yes I do agree with the bias.. This is quite normal for non elected officials to be playing politics with businesses though half of the small businesses in my hometown in rural PA are being fined for when they open while walmart gets to do what they want. It's just how our broken system works.
  11. "Floating petri dish" is the original generic cruise line insult... I would hope the CDC could come up with something better than that..
  12. I've only ever cruised on the pride before and after the last drydock and upgrades they did just trying to find out if they are planning the same changes to the legend since it will be in my "home" port of Baltimore soon.
  13. I don't believe anyone at the cdc has a bias against the cruising industry. It supports a ton of American jobs not only foreign ones.. Although I would get on a ship tomorrow if everyone was tested prior to departure and they had theraputics onboard, the cdc would be making a bad move to allow cruising again before most people are vaccinated.
  14. Does anyone have any real information on the Legend drydocking? Any upgrades or changes to the ship or just basic maintenance?
  15. Roomy ship. A little bit outdated. The only downside I can say is the use of the lido deck being just a couple children's pools and food areas. I would like to see more stuff to do and I don't recommend getting a balcony on the rear of the ship deck 8 we had a ton of vibration.
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