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  1. There are a few hotel options that I have through American Airlines points. I trying to determine which is the most cost effective and convenient. I also realized we will be down there during Spring Break on a Saturday night. That means beach is not going to happen. I can even look at options away from the coast and not necessarily near the port. We can always Uber from FLL rental car dropoff or even the ones near the cruise gate. The convenience of having car rental return right at the hotel makes things easy.
  2. You post said Dec 2021. If you are going this December, the only hope in my opinion is Labadee and/or CocoCay are open. If they are not, it is unlikely to sail. Cozumel is being bombarded to open. I think those are the only true 2020 options available and they may not even be options anyway. Labadee: Very risky to the country if 1,000s are there daily. I know it is separated by a fence, but there are locals that work there and take everything back to where they go. CocoCay (and other cruise line islands there): Most likely available to RCL. However, the Bahamas will want tourist money and I can see them not opening CocoCay alone. They may make it a requirement to stop in Nassau as well. Cozumel: If they open, they cannot accommodate the number of ships cruise lines are going to want to send. They may also require the cruise lines to open more shore excursions to the local businesses or include more in RCL's planner.
  3. In the end, it is only $100 and I can write it off as a loss. I can file a complaint with the BBB and negative reviews. It has been 6 months. With no business happening they can process refunds.
  4. You won't be able to cruise out of the US unless at least one foreign port is visited. My opinion is private islands will open first and possibly Cozumel. The rest will be a wait and see approach.
  5. You only have to put down a deposit for one that far in the future. It is a personal choice. Seriously, the deposit for a cruise is say $1,000. You are booking for December 2021. If you are lucky, that $1,000 would be $1,100 invested in the stock market by the theoretical time you think all this is over. But by the time you made that $100, the cabin you wanted has gone up $1,000. You made $100 profit and the cost of $1,000 more in cruise price. So the next post will be: "holy cow cruise prices have increases so much I can't even cruise. It was $2,000 last year but now it is $5,000. The cruise lines are robbing me."
  6. Very easily. RCL even stated awhile back that buffets may be gone and require staff servers to plate the food. If you don't like the work "slop", then how about: "A loving, caring member of our crew will gently scoop the delightfully arranged food of your liking gently like a soft wind blowing through the clouds onto your ever so eagerly waiting plate with a smile and a comment to delectably enjoy your meal" Yeah, slopping it onto a plate is much faster to type.
  7. I have a feeling, at least for the US, that due to transmission only through droplets in the air that smoking/vaping/cigars/etc may be banned except for a very few select places on the ship. I think people will finally get no smoking in the casino.
  8. I know covid has been tough on businesses. However, there is a limit to how bad it can be. The entire country has learned to work remotely. You need to adjust and start processing refunds. I am sorry your business has been hit by this. You have already charged me a 30% cancellation fee. Now, you have an interest free loan. It takes a total of about 30s to process a refund. Since there are no cruises, you have the staff to process them. I am fairly certain you probably took the PPP loans from the government as well. There are no excuses for such poor performance. I know for a fact I will NEVER use you as a service and I hope to better inform others of how bad this company is and not go through it.
  9. My cruise planner refunds came in about 2 weeks at 100%. My cruise refund itself has been piecemeal. I have received 1/6th of the total refund so far. Still waiting on the other $1,000. It has been 5 weeks now.
  10. I am thinking cafeteria style. Some things will be pre-plated and others will have a server that will slop it on your plate.
  11. If the FDA would get off their duff's also and realistically look at rapid testing (15 minutes is not rapid), testing will be done quickly, efficiently, and cheap. There is a company with a home version that cost $50, 98% accurate, with results in 11s. Each test is about $0.25. Commercial versions are a little more expensive for the unit, but still better than the 15 minute test. The problem is the FDA continues to change the EUA criteria and the companies have to jump through hoops. Even if it was only 75% accurate, it is worth releasing. This way if you have a positive at home, retake it. Still positive, then get the 15 minute test. It costs a whopping $0.50 for 2 tests and uses some odd 0.05% of the life of the unit. OK, charge me $2pp for that test and be done.
  12. I don't think it will do anything to stock price. I skimmed through the recommendations (two column section). Pretty much everything in there could have been written by someone with common sense and a 9th grade intelligence level. There may be more "meat" in the details after it. But, those columns for modifiable and permanent is all common sense. You could pretty much get 99% of those through the first 2 pages of posts on this forum.
  13. It doesn't matter if you can see it, smell it, or whatever. That garbage is coming from the lungs which is the main place in the body this disease targets. With the wind on a deck, that mess can travel 200 feet quickly through the air.
  14. Well, it needs to be added in my opinion and banned. Some may whine, but they don't need to go.
  15. I have not read it and I do not have the time at the moment. I will get to it at some point. With the CDC announcement (and quick retraction) that Covid-19 is not passed from contact with things but through the droplets in air, are we going to finally see the end of smoking and vaping pretty much everywhere in public? I am going to read through it to see if that is addressed. Vaping and smoke are horrible carriers of communicable diseases and can carrier it even farther than 6'. This would be a great change to cruising and everything else.
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