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  1. Pride out of Barcelona disappeared too. They were scheduled for May of 22. Completely wiped from the website.
  2. I am one of the ones who received the full refund. About a week before canceling I called Carnival and was told I could shift the sailing or receive a refund. We thought about it for a week and then decided it wasn’t the right time for us. We called Carnival and they very easily canceled the reservation. They were very customer friendly.
  3. We were given our choice. We elected the full refund. We booked everything air, insurance, excursions thru Carnival so one call canceled everything. We did not use the insurance it was just a complete cancel and refund. It was a tough decision as we had fantastic non stop flights and a VIP rate of $585 for a balcony +taxes etc. I commend Carnival for the way they handled this.
  4. We cancelled our September Alaskan cruise yesterday. Masking for about 10 hours flying in from NJ and then all the masking on the ship was just too much for us. Carnival canceled everything with one phone call, air, cruise, insurance and excursions. They were wonderful and zero penalties. We just decided it wasn’t the right time for us. We have another Mediterranean cruise scheduled for next May. Hopefully, that will be a go.🤞
  5. We just booked the Sept. 7 sailing. We were originally sailing from Italy to Greece but ultimately decided it might be too risky to sail overseas right now. We have been on the Miracke twice before but it was about 10 years ago. We are debating on whether or not the Cheers package will be worth it for us. Could you please post the cost of wine/glass and perhaps, a frozen cocktail or martini? Thanks in advance and please enjoy your trip.😁
  6. It’s a delicious cold tomato/ vegetable Spanish soup. It’s a little spicy but delicious.
  7. What happened to the Gazpacho?? It was my absolute favorite😫
  8. So are we. But, with all the new variants we are worried that masks will become mandatory on the ship and while in the ports.
  9. We are booked on the Getaway in October sailing from Rome. We specifically picked this ship because it requires 100% vaccination. If that changes, we will cancel.
  10. We are taking the refund. There is too much uncertainty about future cruises. If things work out and we can cruise again, we will just pay for it and be happy
  11. Exactly what I just said. How can they still send the Escape to Europe? Who is going on a Med cruise now?
  12. I am on the cruise with you. Maybe Greece? I can’t think of where else they could go
  13. We are on the cruise too. Changing flights will be a nightmare for us but I am afraid that the ports could be significantly changed. I was on the infamous Carnival Miracle cruise that went from the Caribbean to Newport Rhode Island and it was not fun. But, you can’t compare a Caribbean cruise to a TA Mediterranean cruise. I am worried that the virus will spread to Spain, France etc. This virus is no joke and I would rather cancel the whole cruise than jeopardize anyone’s health.
  14. My friend and I booked the Jade TA last year and for convenience booked the NCL platinum insurance. I have had several bouts of cancer and their pre existing condition was fairly liberal. Sure enough, I had a problem and had to cancel. One phone call, a simple form and within 2 weeks we were cancelled with a full refund. I had to cancel a cruise 9 years ago when recovering from cancer treatment and had used one of the most popular travel insurance policies. Well, six months, 3 denials and finally I received the refund. I will add that my career was in insurance review and resolution for a mayor company. Without this experience I would still be fighting over the denials. So, the NCL insurance ended up being the right insurance for us. On a happy note, we have booked the same cruise on the Escape for this April.
  15. I should clarify that I do take some US currency and since I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Europe a few times I also now save any unused Euros now rather than exchanging them back after the trip. I know this isn’t for everyone but I am hesitant to use ATM’s in other countries. I was burned once so I just feel more comfortable doing it on the ship. I use Bank of America and they are willing to give you their reciprocal banks in European countries so that’s another way to get money in foreign countries.
  16. Yes, we are aware of this but it’s just for the sake of convenience. I tend to use my AMEX card or a Travel Visa card that doesn’t charge exchange fees so the higher fees on the boat is just easier.
  17. I’ve done it several times before leaving as my local bank will order the euros for me. However, we’re going on the TA next spring and I will probably just do it on the boat. I never use as much as I think and end up having to exchange again back home. I will just take some out a needed on this trip.
  18. I had to cancel TA last year due to a reoccurrence of cancer. NCL insurance refunded 100% because I had not been treated 90 days previously even though it was a pre-existing condition. 8 years ago I used a different insurance co and they denied due to cancer issues. I appealed 4 times and finally did get all my money refunded. As others have stated, it is the insurance company you have to fight with. Last year I used NCL’s policy and it was handled within 2 weeks. I know ship’s insurance is not considered the best but in my case it was superior to an outside company.
  19. Thanks. We’ve only cruised on Carnival, Princess and Celebrity and have never been charged before so I just wanted to confirm NCL’s policy.
  20. I am sure this has been addressed before so please excuse this repeat question. We are booked on the TA Escape next April. Since the ship is leaving from NY we won’t have to fly in beforehand so we want to take some wine onboard. I know that NCL charges a $15 corkage fee but if we just bring on wine for our room do we still get charged? Thanks for any info. This will be our first cruise on NCL so I am just trying to get a handle on their rules.
  21. We are booked on the Escape transatlantic and also received an email that we are skipping Barcelona. Terragona sounds really nice but one of the main reasons we booked this was Barcelona. We are thinking about our options right now. Do we know why NCL is changing ports? The email just mentioned something about overbooking the port. But it sounds like this is happening on more than one cruise.
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