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  1. It's an absolute disgrace if they're genuinely putting prices up before announcing the next raft of cancellations. I'd understand if prices had gone up because they'd sold a few more suites etc, but that's not the case in the cruises I've been looking at. Really, really disappointed as we were booked on a Sup. Deluxe Balcony cabin for our cruise next month and I was then looking at taking the FCC for a cruise next year to book a suite with as it's for our honeymoon. After the price rises today, the 125% wouldn't get us the same cabin, let alone a suite. Not good.
  2. Without wanting to be all suspicious, I'm expecting P&O will announce the next raft of cancellations in the next couple of days. Happy to be proven wrong, but the cruise for next May I was looking at, the cost of a Suite has just today shot up by £400 despite them having exactly the same suites available to pick today as they had yesterday...it'd be really, really disappointing if they're upping next year's prices in advance of announcing cancellations but when the price is completely static for a fortnight and then suddenly jumps despite no more suite cabins being sold I'm sta
  3. After plenty of umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether we should take a refund or FCC when our honeymoon gets cancelled in a couple of weeks (we are booked at the end of May!) we've decided we'll take FCC, but book a replacement cruise as soon as we can. We've seen the cruise we want to book (incidentally, for almost exactly a year later!) and I was just wondering if anyone who has taken the FCC so far knows how soon after your existing cruise has been cancelled you can book a new one with the FCC? We're expecting our cruise to be cancelled in the next week or so, and I'd be wanting to
  4. So is this not true then about them being cancelled? Mickrory, where'd you get the info from? 🙂
  5. I can't see this? I can only see on Cunard's site 15 May, same as P&O?
  6. It's an interesting one - if I remember right they cancelled up to 15 May around the end of March, so a 6 week 'batch', which if that's what they're continuing with you'd expect them to cancel sometime in the next week! Half of me wonders though if, as the number of cases drops, we'll start to see the batches get smaller and smaller so they can resume cruising as soon as possible. I'm hopeful it'll be toward the end of the summer when it restarts - though how empty the ships will be is another matter!
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering this - when do you all think the next extension to the 'shutdown' of operations will be announced by P&O? We're in a position where we've got a honeymoon booked for 23 May, but I can honestly say I'm 99.9% certain the cruise won't be happening. It's just a case of when P&O will extend the cancellation window! Do you think it'll be in the next week or two, or are we thinking it'll be May before they extend the cancellations out?
  8. So, here's a question - if P&O offered to move it only, could you still claim under travel insurance for a cancelled cruise if the credit note P&O offer isn't acceptable?
  9. They are - and what it looks like they're trying to get is a two year delay on refunding. Two years is far, far too long - I'm not waiting two years to get a refund for my honeymoon being cancelled! It shouldn't be the responsibility of customers to provide interest free loans to the holiday companies. Yes, these are completely strange times that nobody has predicted but why should they effectively get to say my money is of more use to the cruise company than it is to me? Because that's effectively what's being said!
  10. Like I say though - it's all good if you're regular cruisers (especially if money isn't so much a problem), but by effectively forcing people to use P&O again it's backing people into a corner for potentially a prolonged period of time. Especially for those of us who don't cruise often and who had only booked this one cruise as a special, once in a lifetime trip. I hope you get your refund though!
  11. I think it'd help a lot of people, but not everyone - to say 'we're going to keep hold of your money for two years before you can potentially get it back' is a bit like keeping your money hostage. I'm not in a financial position where I can lose the money I'd saved for my honeymoon for potentially two years. I know the situation is extraordinary, but you'd not go to buy a car and be told 'we can't give you the car you want, but we're going to keep your money for two years. If you like any of the cars we release then you can have those, but if not you can have your money back in two
  12. I meant can they change the rules around pre-existing bookings, as the contracts and law you sign up to at the point of actually paying for the holiday are the ones you agree to be bound by. By making changes to the contracts and law underpinning the holiday it essentially invalidates the contract anyway?! I do sympathise for companies like P&O who must be struggling at the moment, but for my partner and I we're in our late 20s and the £3k we've paid is an enormous sum of money to us - and was something which was a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Our wedding is potentially put off
  13. Can they actually, honestly, change the terms now for bookings which will have been made based on the laws at the time guaranteeing a refund if the cruises were cancelled? My partner and I booked and paid for our honeymoon a year ago - this cruise has cost us over £3k. We're now in a position where our wedding has had to be postponed to next year and we are reconsidering whether or not to go on a cruise - but in any event our circumstances would be much preferable to get our money back than an IOU for some 'future promise' of a holiday. Our honeymoon was supposed to be
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone re: our specific situation. I was getting worried because they'd removed all wording to being able to offer a full refund for those cruises before 11 April, so I'd assumed they're not only trying to offer future cruise credit. Hopefully toward the end of Aug or Sept we'll be able to get ourselves on a cruise again - even if it isn't a honeymoon!
  15. That's what I'm worried about, too - we'd booked our cruise as our honeymoon! It's bad enough with the situation we've had to cancel our wedding, but at least our suppliers and everyone have been really helpful with it all. The massive uncertainty around whether we stand to lose a LOT of money if P&O are refusing to refund those cancelled cruises is what's stressing us out! I'm going to assume if they cancel the cruise they invalidate the contract which is formed and a full refund is legally due under the Sale and Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 but that's about as far as
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