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  1. Thanks, Coral. The ships have been going out less than 50% full, so it will be a big ship without the big ship crowds.
  2. Thank you! While we would both rather travel to Europe, neither of us are up to the long flights and jet lag right now. Robin
  3. Mont-Saint-Michel is definitely worth seeing!
  4. I booked a Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Edge just a few weeks ago. We leave on 10/30. I am beyond ready for a vacation. We have been to all the ports, but did schedule a beer tasting excursion in Roatan. The Delta variant has made for a busy fall. Thankfully, in KY, there are ample options to test, including in the schools. That has helped. Vaccine approval should be coming in the next few weeks for kids, so I need to get this vacation in so I'm ready to immunize my patients. Robin
  5. We had 1140 on the Connie and loved it. Being able to eat in Blu was a treat, as was the shower spa. The balcony was fabulous, and the Sunset Bar was just beneath us-less than a 30 second walk.
  6. I am not. I am in KY and am registered with their website. My husband is able to access his through his physician office's MyChart portal.
  7. https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/vaccines/after-youve-been-vaccinated/your-vaccine-information/view-or-print-your-covid-19-vaccine-information-faqs#i’m-unable-to-print-my-vaccination-information-from-the-covid-19-vaccine-portal-but-need-a-copy-of-it-what-should-i-do
  8. I did lose mine, but have an official copy from the state immunization registry, which I can print whenever I need it, save it to my phone, computer, etc.
  9. What a fabulous trip review. Thank you so much! You've inspired me to see which cruises are still available for the Health Care Heroes recognition, since I have a certificate as well. Robin
  10. I was able to upload both mine and my husband's on my phone Robin
  11. Many states have set up their state immunization registry such that you can print an official record of your Covid vaccine series. I am in KY and accidentally washed my original card and it was destroyed. I was able to print off one from our registry. Here is the link to PA's site. https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/Reporting-Registries/PA-SIIS/Pages/PA-SIIS.aspx Robin
  12. This was our first Uniworld cruise. We loved it! The dining room was a little noisy, so we had pizza on the top deck 6/7 nights. A couple of nights, we were the only ones there. Nothing like an al fresco private dining experience on the Venetian Lagoon! The head chef, Carlos, created a special pizza sauce, using the peppers he grew onboard. Do it JP!
  13. Looks like a great trip. So good to see you two traveling again! Robin
  14. Looking forward to your trip report! It will be fun reading a report from someone I have previously met on a cruise. Robin
  15. You will tend to spend little time in your cabin so it really doesn't matter. Most scenic sailing time it is best to be on the sun deck or lounge where you can see both sides of the river. The aft lounge is another good place to spend time.
  16. Thanks for the review. It brings back memories from our cruise a few years back.
  17. Beer and a croissant....sounds like a great combination! Enjoy!!!
  18. Also interested in meeting up w/ you virtually!
  19. Love it! I couldn't justify it with my 5 mile commute to work, I wouldn't have time to "appreciate" it.
  20. Another thanks from me! It has given me something to look forward to each day. We have been watching National Geographic and the Smithsonian Channel a lot during the pandemic and have also added to our list...Now to go somewhere!
  21. I did see on their FB feed that they set up a movie screen on the top deck. Was there good attendance for that event?
  22. It is! Here is another pic, which would have given it away. We bought the Salzburg Pass and this was included. Along with three free beer samples😁 We ended up having dinner there, and it was fabulous.
  23. More TdF fans! I agree. Free advertising for France. So many beautiful places to go. I'm rooting for Mark Cavendish as well. What a great story. Robin
  24. This was one of our favorite museums. Name the river from where this city would be visited, the city and the museum.
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