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  1. Think I am in that club as well, originally cancelled cruise due to foreign office advice in March, received cruise funds in 82 days, when we had to cancel we were told that shore excursions would be funded automatically, then when we chased balance at 68 days told we had to fill in form for shore excursions and should be refunded in 60 days, guess what still waiting for the £232 80 + days later. Anyone else awaiting shore excursions payment
  2. Let’s hope they re do there awful booking site, old one was much easier to use.
  3. Same thing, nothing in the morning then in the afternoon appeared
  4. Thank you, because of having to fill out the shore excursions form later on that wehadn’t been told about they aren’t due till July
  5. Thanks, hope everyone gets theirs soon.
  6. Me too, Yipee just checked our bank account and we have won today’s P&O raffle, still awaiting deposit on credit card and shore excursions booked, but at least balance has been returned, only taken them, — days.
  7. Like you say, no idea how they are doing the refunds, doesn’t make any sense.
  8. We don’t do the lottery, but would probably stand more chance than getting our refund from P&O
  9. Yes, when do they get to deck 8 on Arcadia
  10. Yes definitely, I have a theory that they are paying out shorter cruises first as less to refund.
  11. Think they have a refund raffle each day.
  12. Glad you got your refund Jean, really fed up with waiting. I have been following this thread, so have seen all the replies, pleased that such a lot of you have now got refunded, what I find annoying is that P&O are not refunding as they said in date order or at 60 days as Paul Ludlow announced. Our cruise was 16 days so a large refund is owing to us.
  13. Hi, first post. We are now on 72 days awaiting refund. Booked direct with P.O., cancelled 17th March due to government age restrictions, told that it was 45 days for full refund and that shore excursions would be cancelled automatically and refunded. Received cancellation form (wrong) same day, rang after 51 days now told 60 days and would have to fill in excursion refund form, emailed P&O to ask for refund to be escalated on 64 days, received one line email to say that we have been escalated, still waiting, definitely a black hole.
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