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  1. I very much mind as a regular Saga customer and I wear no rose tinted glasses.
  2. Afraid most of your comments earlier were all about YOU. I'm championing for the majority of Saga guests having to look elsewhere now.
  3. Blimey that was some lecture. Typical of some of the snotty saga guests. Fortunately they will be in the minority. Saga are making the prices too high for many loyal customers. Great if you are rolling in it. That's my point and i don't want to be driven away to cheaper companies. Also the demographic age group isnt helping. With redundancies on the horizan too at HQ. Anyway i will let you continue the conversation as I'm off to pack for a back to back cruise so i ain't that broke 😀
  4. I know men don't need to be in a Tux. Maybe the SOD has moved with the times then re dress code after 6pm.Don't get me wrong i love Saga cruises. Got a back to back on the Sapphire booked. Balconies Lovely but there's only certain times you can use them. Raked theatre lovely if you don't break your neck going down the stairs. Poor ship coping with 3rd cruise ongoing noro but it happens and im blaming no one. If Saga don't reduce their prices its going g to make it elitist and if they want to fill the ships they need too. They arent so far. The faithful are getting older and with more dispos
  5. I agree the new saga ship prices have been hiked too much against the Sapphire and previously the Pearl. Previously it was mentioned that there was no official formal night on the Christmas Markets Sapphire cruise. It became optional mainly because people were returning later than usual from the excursions so it would be a rush to get changed into formal if they didn’t want too. This was an exception. As Saga is traditional cruising there are always formal nights which after 6pm in all public places the dress code applies for that nights attire. The only way to avoid it is to stay in your cabi
  6. Following on from a previous comment. Bottles of fizz in your cabin are only for returning Britannia club members not all guests.To qualify you need to do at least 35 nights and the level and perks increases at various stages.
  7. The ships are drinks inclusive but if you want too there is a small supplement to pay for premium drinks. Champagne can be purchased from the bars. Saga does allow you to bring a small amount of alcohol onto the ship but only for consumption in your cabin and not in public places.
  8. Phoned Saga this morning no problem. Got through straightaway. Only use them direct and never through a TA. . Great service.
  9. Yes there will be one. I have been on a 4 night trip.
  10. Last time I was onboard it was Diet Pepsi. Love the Sapphire. On her next month and back to back cruises next March before she leaves Saga
  11. Always mid ship . They saying is the more you pay the more you sway.
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