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  1. 6 minutes ago, wrk2cruise said:

    You need to specify  which ship.   It makes a difference.

    Agree. On S and M class it’s not an issue because the MDR kitchen is located with the Luminae kitchen.


    On E class, the kitchens are at opposite ends of the ship. Generally, you can’t order off those menus the day of. I’ve seen the odd post on here where folks who say they have, but in my opinion, it’s not fair to make the servers run to the other end of the ship.   They will do their best to accommodate you if you give them a day’s notice though. 

    As for delivering to your suite, room type matters.  Luminae is not available to be delivered to your room. Just the regular main dining room.  Sometimes the PH or other top suite can get it delivered, but that’s it. 

  2. 1 hour ago, cruisestitch said:

    So today I have experienced for the first time that Luminae and the main dining room were open on port days with early departures. we are in Tortola BVI with all aboard at 2:00 and both are open for lunch so I now stand corrected having seen it with my own eyes.


    on Reflection 

    That's super interesting. I'm guessing they were trying to take the load off of Oceanview because everyone would be up there trying to grab lunch.

  3. 9 minutes ago, leaveitallbehind said:

    Albeit these were earlier times just after covid but we paid $65pp the first time and $160pp the second (basically as a walk up) - which we thought was high - for CBC access and at the time the Cabanas were under $1,000.  (Did NOT buy those - our last cabana purchase was over the water at Barefoot Beach in Labadee for $475!)  The $173 for CBC isn't too bad as when we were there in January for our NYE cruise they wanted $360 - which we did not pay as well as it was way too high.  But we walked by the area and it was quite well sold.


    The lunch there is IMO excellent and - based on specialty restaurant charges - worth about $50 pp.  Something to consider.


    All subjective as you indicate.

    The last time we were on a private island was in Labadee and we also paid $475, which I though was highway robbery, but it was using OBC so it wasn't as bad. We wanted an easy getaway in September and are doing a 3/4 night b2b with 2 visits to CocoCay on those cruises. 



  4. 39 minutes ago, Saturngrl said:

    As noted above, there is no suite-only area at CoCo Cay.  The CoCo beach club is an extra upcharge, but worth it for the the quiet, higher level of service and AMAZING lunch there.  We did that on our last cruise.  


    We have also purchased a cabana by Oasis Lagoon.  It was fun and near the swim up bar.  Our cabana attendant brought us fruit kabobs, our drinks, and lots of great food from the Snack Shack.  


    We had no problem with use of our beverage packages on the island.  



    Thanks for that information. Celebrity is charging $173pp for Coco Beach Club access. The Oasis cabana is $1,499. Knowing that this question is extremely subjective, is it worth that for that price for the day?

  5. 30 minutes ago, TommyD3 said:

    We are on the Beyond, April 22. The second day, April 23, we are in Coco Cay !!!

    Thanks. It must be sold out as I didn’t see that one on the Celebrity site .  

    I’m not sailing until early September,  which will provide some additional time for intel about how the different brands will mesh there.  

  6. I did some research, and it looks like Celebrity's first stop is on Reflection on May 3. Has anyone heard whether Celebrity will be using any of the areas of the island for suite-only access like they have when they cruised to Labadee? I read that RC doesn't have a separate area, but wonder if Celebrity will. Have any of you sailing on Reflection heard from the shoreside concierge about any special Retreat areas?  


    Looking at the app, cabanas are $1,499 to $3,499 depending on where. We certainly won't be partaking in those. I can't imagine paying that much for a cabana for the day. 

  7. 9 minutes ago, Dolebludger said:

    I don’t need the newest iPad, so if older models are sold for the first time I do expect some discount. But what I read about shipboard purchases of Apple equipment stated that there might not be much (if any) warranty left. According to what I’ve read, Apple’s time limit on warranties begins when the store receives the item — not when the consumer buys the item. I don’t know if any of this is true, but it is the story that’s been going around

    My experience (see prior post) is the warranty begins with purchase, just like any other authorized reseller. I've put this to the test once when one of the Airpods stopped working and Apple gave me a new one because it was still under warranty from the day I bought them. 

  8. It really is luck of the draw as to the inventory. For example, last month on Constellation, the only Apple product they had were Macbook Airs. I've bought Airpods, Ipads, and Apple watches on board before but you never know what they will have. I too use my OBC for the purchases because in some cases they were older models, but since I'm not using "my money" it didn't matter to me.

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  9. 1 hour ago, debfed65 said:



    Thank you both for replying! It is appreciated 😊

    I was just wondering if  AUD cash was better for the Saturday Market at the Rocks with the local vendors. 




    When we were there in 2022, we brought some AUD from a prior trip. And we came home with the same AUD as credit cards were accepted everywhere, including at the small vendors like you're talking about. 

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  10. On 4/1/2024 at 12:45 AM, owensp said:

    We travelled to Antarctica earlier this year on RA and were in Suite 701
    - no issue with noise in rough seas that we were particularly concerned about - at the bow of a small boat in a 6m swell is always going to be a bit of a ride

    - no real issue, but it did seem to unnerve my wife a little, and the bottom of the window is high in comparison to your position when lying on the couches - there is a heavy curtain that divides this area from the main part of the cabin.

    - this seems to be in the wall of the cabin in the centre of the main section of the suite along the centre line of the boat - we didn't use this at all

    Travelling again on RA in August, doing Vancouver to Nome, but have moved a deck up to 801

    Thanks for the information. We will be in room 701 in December. Did you take any pictures of the room that you can share? 

  11. 16 minutes ago, Georgia_Peaches said:

    I will be sailing in one of these with my dear mother in July.  She's never been on Celebrity and I wanted to introduce her to a nice suite experience.  I'm hoping you can answer this question for me...does the window in the shower that looks into the bedroom have a privacy screen?

    There’s a switch to make to glass go from clear to opaque. 

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  12. The only time it’s ever showed to us is when we’ve been in a Signature suite on Reflection and the inhabitants of the Reflection suite have been extremely high maintenance.  Our butler would call for reinforcements and we’d see the other one every now and then. 

  13. I’d be interested to hear other people’s experience.  Ours experience while sailing in Penthouses is that, while they are dedicated to your suite, they are also dedicated to other suites as well. It’s not a 1:1 ratio.

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  14. I have never felt the need to tip at the beginning of a cruise and have always received excellent service. I’m sure you’ll hear from others who say it’s critical to get excellent service, but it’s never been my case. I think it’s a bit tacky as well in that you’re automatically making an assumption that they won’t do their job and the only way they will do it is to tip upfront. 

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  15. We just got off a 9 night on Constellation. There was live music in the Retreat Lounge at least 2 of the nights. Unfortunately, it was only one set right before dinner time.

    The Suite Manager also arranged to have the magician from one of the main theater shows do a set one evening before dinner. There wasn’t an empty seat in the Retreat Lounge. Sure wish they would do that sort of thing consistently across the fleet. 

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  16. Not sure what you’re trying to say that’s new.  What you said has been how Luminae has worked for years.  It’s never open on port days (other than embarkation day).  

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  17. We were just on Connie last week and I asked for Macallan in the Retreat Lounge.  They told me there’s a $2 upcharge even in the Lounge.  I had a direct conversation to show my displeasure about it with the Suite Manager and didn’t have to pay the upcharge the entire week.  Hopefully they will retreat in the crazy business of up charging for nominally better products.  I don’t mind it for expensive bottles, but for Macallan Quest or Decoy wine, it’s unacceptable. 

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  18. 14 minutes ago, mahdnc said:


    Hi, Lois.  It is great to hear from an old Celebrity regular from years gone by.  What brings you back?



    I was thinking the same thing. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming travels. 

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