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  1. We always sail in the Signature suite when we are in Reflection. We really enjoy it and have never experienced any noise. The higher ceilings make a huge difference and the rainfall shower/bath is amazing.
  2. I usually try to stay out of tipping discussions because everyone seems to know exactly Celebrity's tipping service works for their staff, even if they have no clue. But I will say that RichardRahl's response above is one of the best I've seen. It's none of my business how employees get paid or have tips distributed, if pooled.
  3. We’ve also had several Indian meals prepared for us over the years. However it’s not a guarantee because I think at least one maitre’d has said that they won’t because it would smell up the restaurant. So it all comes down to the individual staff in the ship as to how much out of their way they will go.
  4. Are all of the couples sailing in a suite? If so, it doesn't matter what's listed in the reservation about dining time. Luminae does not have set dining times like the MDR. So there's really no need to have the reservations linked. If you all aren't sailing in a suite, it may not be possible anyway as your dining room would be Luminae and theirs would be the MDR. In that case, you'd need to chat with the maitre'd of the MDR (or Retreat Concierge) to arrange for you to eat with them in the MDR.
  5. Has anyone lifted and shifted their cruise where they had booked a Signature Suite on Reflection and shifted to another S Class or to an M class ship? According to Celebrity's L&S site, my two options are Silhouette or Constellation. Since Reflection is the only ship that has Signature suites, I was wondering whether you were offered a Royal Suite (higher category but with the same amenities) or a Celebrity suite (lower category and fewer included amenities). I'm aware I could call but I'd like to have as much information from the cruising community before I do so. Thanks.
  6. We'll be overnighting in Ashdod in Oct. 2021 (was supposed to be 2020), and instead of going back to our ship, we decided to overnight in Jerusalem so that we can experience the city after tours leave. We have two days of private tours booked with GTI, including a full day in Jerusalem. What would you do in the evening? Walk around the Old City? Dinner recommendations? We're staying within walking distance of the Jaffa gate if that helps.
  7. Our October 2020 Mediterranean/Israel cruise is now our October 2021 Mediterranean/Israel cruise. We are going to be doing 4 nights precruise in Rome. However, with the modified dates, we plan to stay for a extra day after the cruise ends. Instead of staying in Rome or Civitavecchia, are there any other towns and more specifically, hotels, that would be nice to stay a bit off the beaten path where we could still get to FCO within about an hour the next morning?
  8. Does anyone have scans of what the menus were? His recipes were featured on our first few cruises and were fantastic.
  9. Sounds like you would have been more comfortable and safe by wearing a protective suit and gas mask while on the ship if you were that concerned about documenting how Celebrity failed.
  10. If you're before final payment, I would add her now, even if its still a "maybe." You may not be able to later should your section for muster/life boats be full. You can always take her off right before final payment. We have done this before for one of the signature suites. It didn't affect our pricing to add a 3rd at a later date.
  11. We routinely are able to make an 11:15 flight out of Miami when docking in Fort Lauderdale. I usually arrange a private transfer (Larry’s Limo) and not a Uber simply because it might take additional time for the uber to Arrive and find you.
  12. I think we had the same agent. I got the same attitude and information about the site being wrong. She also told me that she could see seats being bought as we were speaking and that I’d better book quickly. This is for a cruise 11 months away. Sounded very odd so I ended the call.
  13. Am also finding choice air with very low and different prices from the other Celebrity ways of booking. Just booked DC to Rome. Choice Air was $2400pp business while the flight search within the celebrity booking was $4700. And depending on how I spoke with, the call center was $4-6k per person for the same flights. I was able to call the airline to select seats so I should be good to go with the lower fare.
  14. We’ve bought iPads over the years on our cruises. We only do so when we have a ton of Nonrefundable OBC. I wouldn’t buy one on the ship if you’re spending your own money. They may be a version prior, but that’s ok with us. If we don’t need iPads, I use the OBC for Johnny Walker Blue.
  15. Hello. We were just in Aruba on the Celebrity Edge and I wanted to give a review of the Riu Palace Antillas Hotel, which we went to after purchasing a pass from resorts for a day. The cost of the pass was $130. I would not recommend going to this resort for this price. We have been to numerous places like Nachi Cocum in Cozumel and Maya Chan in Costa Maya. They Riu couldn’t be more different than these amazing places. First with the good. The staff generally were very pleasant and seemed to want to help you. The grounds were nice and the beach top notch. However, these were not overcome by 3 major failures. 1. We we got to the resort at 9am and got our bracelets and headed out to the beach. We got the last few available beach chairs. (or so we thought). After sitting in them for 2 1/2 hours a lady and her husband appear stating that they put hotel towels down to reserve them at 6:30am (5 hours prior). I told them we would not move and she called an attendant. He got their towels from us and found them another spot after I refused to move This place makes Cruise ship chair hogs look like novices 🙂 2. The bars all served liquor that were below well drink quality. For the price we paid, having at least well quality should have been standard. In addition, a number of the mixes were in old liquor bottles with the name of the mix handwritten on the bottle on tape. That did not seem like a good idea given the recent attention to liquor issues in the Caribbean. 3. The buffet was clean and well kept, but the quality of the food compared to what we paid for the day pass was significantly different. Had the hotel charged $50 instead of $130 my expectations would have been greatly reduced from what they were going in. Happy to answer any questions.
  16. You’re welcome. Thank you for doing your blogs. I had followed your them because we were boarding the following week and also had several friends on the TA.
  17. It would be a bit tight but you can still get out in either outside.
  18. Here are a couple of pics. There’s room to move the beds apart about 12-14 inches (moving each one so that it’s touching the nightstand). That might be enough for some who want them separated. Or it still might not be enough for some.
  19. Will do when I see them in the morning.
  20. We are currently in a CS on Edge and I can’t see a way to move the cubes or drawer. They seem to be permanently attached. In addition, there the lights that are permanently mounted right above them. There are indeed two separate beds pushed together, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to separate them in the space. It’s the second time we’ve been in one. Love the room, but that sofa sure is hard as a rock.
  21. Are there any recommended stops on the way from Rome from Civitavecchia? We’ll be in Rome for four days prior to our cruise and wanted to do something outside of Rome the day we transfer. I know that Rome cabs offers a stop at Bracciano Castle and lunch in Ceri. We will have private transport so we can be flexible. What would be some other options?
  22. I’m guessing they also want refunded the cost difference for staying 2 nights in the £1000 hotel.
  23. Been following your cruises because we have some friends on the TA. Who is replacing Priscilla For suite manager? We board the day you arrive in FLL.
  24. We only do ships tours for those that could involve multiple modes of transportation over long distances. For example, for Tulum, Mexico it would involve a taxi to the ferry, a ferry ride, and an hour bus ride. That’s a lot of chances to have problems. However the ship’s excursion takes you directly to Playa Del Carmen right from the ship’s pier.
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