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  1. Never ceases to amaze me what others want to do. I’m glad Celebrity does not allow this.
  2. We used https://www.seattleststowncar.com 3 different times last month and they are top notch.
  3. Agree. We’ve uploaded pics and they always retake them at the port. Not worth the effort to try to do it before.
  4. We did the small boat to the Dawes glacier from Solstice last month. It was easily one of the best excursions we’ve ever done. They offload you right from the ship onto their boat and then return you to Juneau.
  5. I’d also recommend a car service. They can come right where you exit the terminal. That’s what we did. Wasn’t that bad. Plus if you’re flight is after a certain time, the port of Seattle offers complimentary luggage valet so you don’t need to deal with that.
  6. The Five Courses includes selections from the a la carte menu. The upcharge is for the wine. The five courses wouldn’t be included in a meal package because of the wine inclusion. But you could just structure your a al carte to get the same food and use you beverage package to get the wines. You may need to get different wines to fit the beverage package parameters.
  7. Agree with Happycruiser and Jelayne. I'd wait until much close to your cruise. They should reach out to you 2ish weeks before you cruise. They will always have availability for those levels of suites so don't worry about not getting reservations. To try to contact this this early will just frustrate you, as you've seen. Shoreside is not the best right now (although have they ever been amazing?).
  8. We are always contacted when staying in a Celebrity Suite or higher. I get really excited when they reach out because that means the cruise is around the corner. Then I remember that for at least 75% of the time, our requests do not make it on board, so what’s really the point. I can just as easily communicate it to the butler on board and it gets taken care of.
  9. I'd be interested to know what you find out. We're booked for the train in November through Celebrity and would like to know if we can book directly or need to stay with the ship excursion.
  10. On our Solstice cruise last month, the hot chocolate was made with a powder. If they have the milk available at Cafe al Bacio, there shouldn't be any reason they can't.
  11. Yes to what folks are staying, but there may be an issue with timing for transferring the FCC on the cruise you’re cancelling. It sometimes can take a long while to get the numbers.
  12. If the shorter excursion is indeed the excursion where you board a boat off of the cruise ship, I would recommend that one over the round trip from Juneau. We just did the one where we got off the boat near the glacier last month and there no real advantage from taking the excursion to and from Juneau. It was nice just getting off the cruise ship and going to see the glacier. You see the same coming and going so no need for all the extra time. .
  13. To close the loop on my travels, I stumbled upon Alaska artworks, a tiny shop in Skagway and bought a couple of locally made items. https://www.skagway.com/listing/alaska-artworks/28/ The Soap stone carving that I bought was actually carved across the street from the store in the park.
  14. Sorry that happened to you, but our experience was the opposite. In December 2021, we had a ton of nonrefundable OBC to use. So we decided to buy some Apple products, knowing that we were buying older versions. Among other items, we bought the expensive noise cancelling AirPods. One of them stopped working 3 weeks ago and I took it into the Apple store. They were able to look them up and said that even though they were the 2019 versions, they are under warranty because of when we bought them. They replaced them at no charge.
  15. It’s been over 15 years since we’ve cruised to Alaska and I don’t remember anyplace we ate or shopped. We are going to Ketchikan, Skagway, and Juneau next week. I’d love to hear what your favorite restaurants are and also some stores to buy authentic Alaska native merchandise, not the cheap knockoff stuff. We’ve got some crafts we bought last trip with and would like to add a few more.
  16. If you don’t see what you’re interested in, I have had success in just asking the butler to swap out for what I was looking to have. For example, I usually request a Macallan for the room.
  17. Future cruise deposits are about the only thing on board you cannot use OBC for.
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