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  1. No issues at all with bringing food like that onboard. You may not be able to bring it off, but that should not be a problem as I’d assume you would consume all of it pretty quickly on board v
  2. I posted this a few months back. Avoid the Riu. We went and it was a horrible experience all around. Chair hogs that make cruise ship hogs look like amateurs. Their liquor is below well quality and most are poured out of bottles with masking tape listing what they are. The food was also of low quality. The pool was nice though.
  3. You basically can look up flights from any airport to any airport using Celebrity air's website or phone as long as the flights will get you to the cruise. For example, if you are sailing out of Southhampton, England, you could put Heathrow, but you could also put Paris if you want to fly in a few days early and stay in Paris. Play around with the Flights by Celebrity website to see what makes the most sense for your schedule, the cost, and the timing of flights that Celebrity can offer.
  4. Yep I saw that. I guess what I was trying to say that didn't come through was to offer a counter to see if there were any other cruise tours available for the original cruise you booked. Maybe there is a different one with availability that they would switch you to at no cost. And then ask for the airfare airline credit to assist in moving that if the days don't align.
  5. Are there other cruise tours they could put you on? If so, I would do that and request it at no additional cost and also have them cover airline change fees if the tour is longer.
  6. Yes. You can take a 333 bus directly from Circular Quay. One other option is to take a ferry to Manly beach instead of a bus to Bondi.
  7. I find it easier to have written requests to give the butler and have done so for years. My memory is pretty haphazard and I always seemed to think of things after chatting with them the first day. So I just write them down. We are also low maintenance, but I find that they appreciate it. We list liquor and minibar preferences (when sailing suites where it's included), daily canapes, bed preferences, and any other little extras we'd like. I've seen folks go way overboard over the years in such a list, but I find it helpful so that I'll remember everything.
  8. I cannot believe a ship this new has worn areas enough to comment on. Maybe the reviewers brought a microscope and examined every service.
  9. It’s a pretty new ship. Can you provide examples of what you’re talking about?
  10. It would help to say which port. You could try sites like dayuse.com to get a hotel room for the day.
  11. Only time Celebrity docks at Pan American is when the cruise ports out of San Juan, not visiting for the day.
  12. Sometimes things are as they are. I would assume Celebrity and other lines hold contacts with the port for specific piers. If you’re that against that pier, maybe cruise another ship that docks at a pier more to your liking.
  13. It's not just ships when you depart, but when you arrive back. There could be way more ships in port then. And then, someone also would be inconvenienced by having to take a shuttle because they parked at a different pier. Agree Pier 29 is horrible, but it's not the end of the world. You'll be on the ship soon after arriving.
  14. Yeah. It’s way quicker because you don’t need to taxi to downtown Cozumel and then be dependent on the ferry schedule. They contract with a ferry that that pulls up right by the ship.
  15. We almost always book independent because we like not having a bus load of people where the fastest you can move is dictated by the slowest person on that tour. Also, my usual rule of thumb is if it entails more than 2 modes of transportation to get to a place, I'll book direct with the cruiseline. For example, to go to Tulum from Cozumel, you'll need 3 modes (taxi, ferry, taxi/bus) to get there. Whereas the Celebrity tour uses a ferry that departs right from the dock where the ship is. There are some excursions you have to book through the ship, like some trains.
  16. Official policy is that they will keep it for you when you reboard. I've seen tables that they set up for this purpose. But, it's actually pretty uneven. They don't always do it and just let you continue on. They won't ever confiscate and dispose. If they do take it, it will be given back at the end of the cruise. But again, this is inconsistent. We've had it both ways.
  17. You’re right. I certainly wouldn’t want my work email published like that.
  18. Great advice. Even if a watch is several generations old it’s still good. Plus using OBC helps a lot as it’s not cash (well one point it was but you know what I mean)
  19. It’s a free service and worked perfectly for us last June.
  20. I copied and posted a direct quote from the FAQ. Here’s a screenshot. Celebrity is not known for their website ease of use. This mirrors my experience this past November.
  21. Please see my post where I link to the official Celebrity policy regarding corkage. This information is not current.
  22. Yes I did this in November when we brought 4 bottles of Australian Shiraz. I had the premium package and was never charged corkage. Even in the past when there was a corkage fee for beverage package holders you were never charged at embarkation. Only if you brought the bottle into a dining room. Whatever you read they are misinformed. Hence relying on an official policy.
  23. There’s no debate on it. (Well it’s cc so there’s debate on everything LOL). But the policy is right in their FAQ: Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages onboard; with the exception of embarkation day when each guest (of legal drinking age) is permitted to bring onboard up to two (2) 750 ml bottles of wine (which are subject to a corkage fee) per guest. A corkage fee does not apply to guests with the Classic Beverage Package or Premium Beverage Package. https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/customer-support/conduct-policy#alcohol-policy
  24. Yes, room service is still complimentary for suites.
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