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  1. I don't actually know the answer, sorry. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to go to Guest Services, once you're on board, and make your request. Hopefully they can help you. Very thoughtful of you to think of them this way.
  2. Every ship I have been on, has had a library. There are tables and chairs, and most of the time the library is hardly used. There are books to read, and also some games stocked, you can play. If you have favorites, take your own. I haven't been on any of Carnivals newest, largest ships yet, but you can check out the deck plans of some of them. If they have a library I would Imagine the Panorama would also have one.
  3. Aruba is not really considered a tropical island. One half of it is on the ocean, and the beaches and water, are gorgeous. However there are luxury hotels built all along the water. You will need to get a taxi at the pier, and they will drop you at one of the hotels. You can walk through all the hotels, and enjoy the beaches and water. BEWARE the taxi's will not return you to the ship, in a swimsuit. We knew this, but thought it meant a wet swimsuit, so we dried ours before trying to leave. No, if you are wearing a swimsuit, they will not pick you up. Be sure to take clothes to change into before leaving. This is just a warning, if the beach is your thing. We have been to Aruba twice. First time to the beach, 2nd time to other side of island. Now, the other side is sand, cactus, sagebrush, and desert type terrain. We took an ATV tour on that side. The ATV's all have 4 wheel drive, and believe me you will need it, to navigate much of that side. It's dusty and a little rough, but fun, and quite interesting. Enjoy Aruba, it is beautiful and interesting.
  4. Please can anyone tell me how to find where I can add a new cruise to my signature? I can't find where I can do that anymore.
  5. Please can someone tell me how to add a new cruise to my signature? I can't seem to find where you can do this now.
  6. I guess the 3 deposits due, depends on how long til the actual cruise. In my case, I had well over a year til my cruise. If you have a shorter period of time, I guess they just add the remainder of the deposit due, to the final payment figure.
  7. Appreciate the quick help. Thanks so much for listing them in the order they came out.
  8. What ships are in the same class as the Mariner? I used to know this, but am getting confused now, with all the new ships coming out. I thought Freedom of Seas was in that class, but don't think so now.
  9. That's correct, you pay the $50 pp deposit now, to book the cruise. Farther down the road, the other $200 deposit becomes due. Along with the remainder due, to pay the full cost of the cruise. Usually final payment is due a little later than the deposit remainder is. In other words, you will probably make a total of 3 payments for your cruise.
  10. According to JH. the Breeze has already decided to sail to San Juan, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove. I know you take your chances, when you book a cruise during hurricane season. I have one booked myself, for Oct. But when you book a cruise to Bermuda, it's because you Really Want To See Bermuda. I would be highly disappointed to sail elsewhere. I understand the why, but I feel for all those passengers.
  11. Does anyone know ? If there is a place here, where you can find out how many people have signed up for a particular M&M?
  12. WOW. Carnival struck a gold mine on this FTTF charge. Considering it started out at about $49, I can't believe people are paying these prices for it now..
  13. I've always just used a pill box. 22 cruises with Carnival, and no problems.
  14. This is the only CD name I remember. We had him on Sensation, way back in 2000. I hadn't heard that he died. Sad
  15. thanks Shade Lady. I knew there was a name for the small boats, but couldn't remember it. I've got Oldsheimers. Tenders, yep that was it. I haven't heard the new title before. LOL
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