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  1. GranysT

    Military’s appreciation gathering??

    I've cruised with Carnival 23 times, and this is the first I've heard of this also. Sounds kool.:)
  2. GranysT

    A bunch of newbie questions

    If your 5 days is a Mon thru Fri cruise, during most school times, your cruise should be pretty nice. If it starts on a weekend, and extends to week days, you still may be mostly quiet. The 3 and 4 nighters, over the weekends,are usually always the booze cruises. PS Don't just eat at the buffet. The sit down dinning room meals, are very nice. You said you wanted to rest and relax. If your cruise has a sea day, DO GO to the dining room brunch. Above all, go with a fun attitude, and have a great time.
  3. GranysT

    Issues with passports

    What is this Real ID? This is the 1st I'm hearing about it. A regular DL is no longer real ID, or what??
  4. I was all ready to post about a favorite author, I just discovered, when I noticed this is a Very Old thread. I doubt the OP has any interest what so ever in it, any longer.
  5. I have read where people mention making monthly payments on a cruise. How does one do this? Do you have to book through Carnival, and set it up with them? Or can you set up payments with anyone? This seems like a pretty easy way to pay for a cruise up front.
  6. GranysT

    Vow renewal?

    Jordanaire, What a wonderful surprise for your wife. I'm sure she loved it, and congrats on being able to keep it a complete surprise. Wasn't that cruise the absolute best? In spite of the not very cooperative weather, both going and coming back. The 15 days just flew right on by. Hawaii itself was fantastic. I will always remember that particular cruise.:)
  7. GranysT

    How Do I Find?

    Is there a place I can go to find the list of cruises I have taken with Carnival?
  8. GranysT

    B2B Questions

    We did a B2B, on Paradise, a couple of years ago. Yes, you will have to disembark. A ship employee will meet you, and personally escort you off the ship, through customs, and right back on the ship. You will be issued new S&S cards. They take your picture with some kind of "Welcome Back" on it. The picture will be complimentary. Then you're free to roam the ship where ever. Kind of neat, because it's pretty empty for awhile. Be sure to check in with Guest Services, at some point on your 1st cruise, to make sure they have you down as B2B cruisers. We were the only couple doing a B2B, when we cruised. Usually there are more peo ple. They will give you instructions on where to meet on the morning of your 1st cruise disembark. In our case, they had us sit in the lobby until all the other cruisers were off the ship, then came and got us. It was so much fun watching everyone have to leave, knowing we had another week of cruising. Have a wonderful cruise, I mean 2 cruises. Of course you will.
  9. GranysT

    Making an onboard surprise with family

    I would suggest finding out exactly what time they plan to arrive at check in, and arrange for all the rest of you to show up at that time also. Well maybe a bit earlier, and wait out front till you see them.Surprise!! If you try to wait til lunch to surprise them, they might spot at least some of you waiting to check in, and that would spoil things. Just my thoughts. Hope you all have a wonderful cruise.
  10. My last cruise was in Nov of 2017. We are not taking a cruise in 2018, but flying out to San Diego for my granddaughters wedding. I always feel so lost and alone, if I don't at least have a cruise booked. So I just booked our 2019 cruise. It's not until Oct of 2019, so my granddaughter will celebrate her 1st anniversary before I get to go. LOL It may be a loooonng way off, but at least it's booked. Ah, I feel so much better.:D:D
  11. Leaving in the morning. So no more days. Down to hours now. :D
  12. GranysT

    Hotels near Port Canaveral

    Country Inn & Suites, is a very nice hotel.
  13. 9 days until Majesty. Doing the single digit dance. :D
  14. GranysT

    Drinks On Sign&Sail?

    Wow, 3 per night. That's a pretty decent perk. How does this work exactly? Do you just walk up to any bar, or in the theatre, order your drink, and hand them your card? They deduct it from your allowance of 3? Or do you have to do something special?
  15. One of the Diamond perks, on S&S card, is 3 free drinks. I imagine that is 3 drinks per cruise, and not 3 per day. Am I right?