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  1. Well one issue is that you’d be illegally entering France. I’d think that would’ve be enough.
  2. Have you been recently? We are scheduled to go in April. I’ve read other reviews that there’s a lot of sea grass there. Just trying to figure out if that’s accurate.
  3. But you are not at your club. You’re on a ship with guidelines.
  4. I would never trust what is in the app anytime up to the cruise. They are placeholders at best. Even on the cruise, they have moved.
  5. If you had sailed Celebrity during that time, you wouldn't have had a service charge either. It began in Jan 2023.
  6. It’s been a part of buying something at the spa since way back so unfortunately nothing new at all
  7. We considered doing it in November. Folks on our recent cruise that did it enjoyed it, but it was way too much time on a bus for us to do it. Just make sure you’re comfortable with that by doing Google maps from Milford to Queenstown and then onto Dunedin.
  8. Do you have personal experience with this happening? I can't see bartenders on Celebrity giving away free drinks to someone who isn't entitled to one.
  9. For a ship tour, I would automatically assume at least 45-50 folks per bus for a regular tour. And you move along at the slowest person's speed. Celebrity doesn't post the number of folks on a tour. If you want total control, I usually recommend a personal tour or small group organized by a local company where you know the number. My exception to my rule is whether it involves 2 or more modes of transportation to get to or be on the tour...then I would consider a Celebrity tour. The multiple modes could compound any issues, especially if we are new to the port.
  10. Lol. It’s not like you’ll have a choice. Just follow the folks. .
  11. No, they won’t fill them. We bring ours on board and they always make the beverage in a glass and then we pour it into our Yeti cups.
  12. Agree with the other folks. It won’t be the stuff you see in your stores, but rather what’s in duty free. It’s not a bad way to try them since you may not be used to the duty free kinds. (Especially if you have OBC to buy them with). But, generally the bartenders don’t really know more than if you do your research.
  13. Yes they still provide them when asked. I would also request via special needs, which can be done here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/special-needs/medical-needs
  14. Thank you for providing a detailed explanation and experience. It’s good to know it exists. When friends travel with us who are in a regular room, I usually just treat them to a couple nights in Luminae. But it’s good to know the option is there. One note about about the shoreside folks. That program is probably so rare that they won’t have heard of it since they are contractors, not Celebrity employees. I’ve found them decent folks, but since they handle many other lines as well, don’t know all the ins and outs.
  15. Agree that the probably won’t let them go with you upstairs to the retreat checkin. You can always check in with them in the normal area if you must go with them.
  16. I can’t speak to the Barcelo, but at the Riu where we had a day pass they sure did. We got there at 9 and every beach chair had a folded towel on it. Since there were so many, we thought it was an amenity they provided. Well at 11am a couple arrived at our chairs and demanded that we move because they put their towel out at 6:30am to reserve the chairs. We refused to love and they called security. Security was able to find them other chairs. It certainly did not make for an enjoyable day. Those chair hogs make cruise chair hogs look like amateurs.
  17. No need to put it inside a duffel bag on Celebrity. Just tape a luggage tag to the case and it will get delivered to your room.
  18. We bought the last two Apple Watches (gen 5) on Reflection a right after they reopened. They were clearing out all of the old stock and I haven’t seen much replacement since then. I would only ever purchase Apple products onboard if you have significant OBC to burn. As Jelayne said it’s older stock they usually carry.
  19. There are at least a dozen butlers each cruise and I wouldn’t think folks are able to get all of their names. Plus it could completely change by April.
  20. This is one cutback that I’m glad to hear of. We always hated being interrupted at dinner to what would have been an awful photo with half eaten food in it. Also I’m glad there are no more prints. That was such a waste of resources.
  21. Sky suites generally don't get a call from shoreside. However, ff you need something you could always call 1-877-RETREAT. Or just wait until you board, as shoreside requests don't always make it to the ship and you'd have to repeat your request anyway.
  22. I would reread their term and conditions. No where does it mention that they will get you to the ship “on time”. They will work to get you on the ship, but that could be days later at another port.
  23. Some people just cannot give this a rest. Who in the world wants a key chain as a gift anyway? The only “extra” display of appreciation and love should be in the form of cash.
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