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  1. I came here to post my experience from St Maarten from several years ago. My experience mirrors yours exactly. I never did see the chef buy anything other than a spice packet so I kept wondering all throughout dinner just how much was actually local. But it was a nice day going to various places on the island.
  2. As another Celebrity Elite+ thinking of trying Regent, I’ve been looking at the various stateroom categories. On Celebrity we always sail in a Celebrity Suite or higher because it has a separate bedroom and a sofa bed. Every ship’s Celebrity Suite, even if a different ship class has separate bedrooms/sofa beds. Looking at Regent, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Are the 1br with sofa bed ship dependent on Regent (meaning is one ships Penthouse different than another)?
  3. Even though we pretty much sail Celebrity exclusively, I love following Carnival’s brand ambassador John Heald on FB. When he began posting the menus, I was quite surprised and impressed with their new menus. Feels like they are going in the opposite direction of Celebrity. Most of those menus looks way better than what Celebrity has as of late.
  4. Just called my TA back and they called Celebrity. Celebrity put the OBC that they promised on a 2025 cruise we booked last week.
  5. I haven't. And I just called my TA for the status of the refund. While I was on hold, they called Celebrity who said that they have to manually issue the refund. I can't imagine having to do that for the thousands that were affected.
  6. We've stayed in a Signature Suite, which is our favorite on Reflection and have never heard any noise. We really haven't even heard any noise in the hallway.
  7. Love it. We were supposed to be on a 2024 Buenos Aires round trip and as you know it got repositioned. We are now taking our first non-Celebrity cruise in 12 years. We booked an Antarctic expedition ship on Hurtigruten cruise lines, a Norwegian company we once saw on the show Mighty Cruise ships. We also are looking at Regent too. It’s amazing because we were set to become Zeniths next year. Our relationship feels so one sided lately.
  8. As other folks have said, how you buy the excursions has no bearing. Just have one person go to the theater with all of the tickets to get the same number sticker to indicate the tour. Then you'll be together on the tour.
  9. Staying on the ship. Been once to Falmouth and don’t have a desire to ever get off the ship there again.
  10. Hi everyone. We're longtime Celebrity (usually Royal or PH suite) cruisers and are looking to branch out to try something else. One of the things that is most important for us is how a ship handles special issues with food. He has a number of allergies (seafood, shellfish) in addition to having some very specific health-related needs (like having to have soft foods). In Luminae, Celebrity's suite restaurant, we can look at the next night's menu and if there's nothing that my partner can eat, they will make him anything he wants (well if they have it). I'm assuming that Regent will bend over backwards to accommodate him, but wanted to hear from folks that have sailed Regent. Thanks! (And apologies for a food post)
  11. Sort of. You’ll gather in the Retreat lounge (or Michaels club) and they will escort you to the area on the ship where you disembark. That usually allows you to bypass the others waiting in line.
  12. We did it last year on Celebrity Solstice. We only had about 75 minutes at the gardens so it was really really rushed. If this is your only time you’ll ever be able to go, then do it. But I’d recommend a much longer trip in the future as it’s an amazing place.
  13. The only time is ever buy anything in the Apple Store on board is if I have a ton of OBC to burn through. Most of the time it’s the same, just no tax (Although I did pick up two Apple Watches at half price at the resumption of cruising because they were 2 versions behind)
  14. I remember that on an S Ship. We were invited up for a Johnny Walker tasting one night by the suite manager. It turned into a sales pitch by the gift shop. I really wanted to leave but I couldn’t get up because of where I was seated. They were only open for events like that if I recall.
  15. We are looking at doing an Antarctic cruise in December 2024. We normally sail in suites on Celebrity. One of the main reasons we sail with them is that at dinner, the staff is very accommodating to some food needs (both allergies and medical requirements for simple foods like pasta, eggs, etc) Breakfast is usually no problem and so would be a lunch buffet. How accommodating are the staff for working with us? I totally get that supply issues are present since they replinish in the location they do. For example, on Celebrity, they will show the next nights menu and if there's nothing on it, we would work with them to get an alternative that would work.
  16. I just got an email from Celebrity with the announcement. They are providing a 100% refund and $200-$400 in OBC. In typical Celebrity spectacular IT fails, the email was sent in Spanish. I guess they figured that if the ship was leaving from South America, everyone must speak Spanish who is going. LOL
  17. Everybody’s got different tastes in food. I find their Thanksgiving meal quite tasty and will even order the MDR version in Luminae when it comes up on rotation on non Thanksgiving cruises.
  18. You can ignore the time given upon checkin and board anytime once boarding begins. Having no idea if this works, I usually select the latest boarding time if I’m in a suite to let others use the earlier boarding slots.
  19. It is served in the dining rooms (MDR, Blu, and Luminae) and the buffet. The times we’ve eaten in the specialties over Thanksgiving we’ve either had nothing special or given a freshly sliced piece of Turkey with the ordered entree.
  20. Sometimes the big box agency needs to refresh your reservation to bring over the FBC info. Just call them and they will do that. Then you’ll just see one amount as a balance.
  21. Agree with @Bo1953 If you want split beds even though there’s a king, they will swap them out for you in the Iconic Suite. If you do find it’s a king, just tell the shoreside concierge before you board. Or the butler once you’re on board. Just saw a 9 night Ascent Iconic for $56k pp so they will do anything to make you happy.
  22. You won’t be able to do this precruise since one of the rooms is a suite. They are assigned to Luminae. Chat with the MDR maitre’d when you get on board to arrange.
  23. Thanks for making the thread. While I don't have any ideas, I too used to love the table service in the back seating area of the buffet. It had a limited menu, but you could just come in tshirts and shorts and still have nice relaxing dinner served to you. I'd happily pay for something like that where they could feature specials like you mention.
  24. If you can’t find the luggage tags to print, don’t sweat it. The porters have plenty and can just write your name and room number in them.
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