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  1. The “wine” part of the cruise probably refers more to the regions you’ll be visiting rather than any special events on board. The only differences regarding drink menus in Australia is that they will have the gratuity built into the price.
  2. Yep. I didn't count right. I'd just wait a few days and not stress.
  3. It could be an issue with where the ship is located versus you and the timing of the opening of check in.
  4. I would check with shore excursion staff to make sure this is the case before going ashore. If they do meet on the ship, you can let them know you’ll meet at port.
  5. Yes that’s true, but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t accept Celebrity OBC as payment. I’ve bought iPads and Apple Watches over the years to burn up OBC. I’m happy with not having the latest and greatest if I can use up OBC. I’d never pay cash for exactly the reason you cite.
  6. It might be useful to post the itinerary. Sometimes there are new speed restrictions put in place due to whales, etc.
  7. We always use a car service. It’s more expensive but we find it worth the added cost. Here is who we use in FL: https://larryslimo.com
  8. As many many folks have already said, this is nothing new. This was also a thing under the previous leadership.
  9. We usually get it when we stay in the higher end suites. There's a note from the hotel director along with the bottle of champagne (or wine).
  10. Now a days there’s not much cost savings with FBC. Main thing is that you don’t have to pay for the flights until final payment. Make sure to read the terms and conditions about what FBC does and won’t do as for getting you to the ship. It’s not as simple.
  11. Celebrity doesn’t really do theme nights. Occasionally there will be a white party, but it’s not consistent across the fleet.
  12. Personally, I'd want to have direct communication with Celebrity Special Needs instead of going through a third party. Unlike the normal customer service side who will not talk to you if you have a TA, special needs will. That way you can be sure they are aware, and you can be sure that they understand what you need, instead of it going through someone else. Even if the TA has made contact, you can also talk to them. Wheelchair Accessible Cruises | Celebrity Cruises (Contact is on this page)
  13. We’ve been in an Edge class Celebrity suite several times. The pullout bed and also the sofa part are hard as a rock and even a mattress topper couldn’t help. We always ask for a rollaway bed to be brought in.
  14. I always assume that folks want to knit the captain (or cruise director) a hat with their name on it as a present when they ask this type of question.
  15. It’s been a while since I’ve booked through FBC, but there are notations in the different fare classes whether it was refundable or not. Seat selection won’t trigger payment.
  16. Sometimes there are nonrefundable fares on FBC which would be charged at the time of selection. Maybe you got one of those by mistake?
  17. I guess it's ship dependent. While there's not the small buffet of hors d'oeuvres, like on E class, we are almost always asked if we'd like anything, and the bar servers bring them from the back. Agree that it can be super quiet, but then again, we like that.
  18. To each their own, I guess. We love the old Michael's Club vibe on the original S class ships. We find the chairs to be much more comfortable and love the dark wood atmosphere more than the E class ships.
  19. Seems like a lot of hassle and work to get a "free" transfer. I'd just take a taxi. Even though the rate is stated for intra-port transfers inside the taxi, I'd probably still offer the driver the amount it would be to go to the airport as they probably had to wait a while in line to get your fair. Seems like the $20ish you'd spend is well worth not having the stress.
  20. Are you looking at an itinerary where the ship is currently out of the UK or Australia? They add in the gratuity to items on those cruises, which would give you the $12 since they round.
  21. Celebrity generally shifts to port time. In 20+ years of sailing with them, I only remember one cruise where we didn’t.
  22. For RS and above (and Signature in Reflection) there no dollar limit at Sushi on 5.
  23. I bought a Xikar XFlame Electronic Lighter, which uses a lithium ion battery. They are allowed on planes and on the ship (I take the battery separately in my carryon) and have never had an issue. I've never been able to get a regular lighter to work on the ship as the conditions are usually too windy. Also, cutters are allowed.
  24. To directly answer your question, we have used Larry’s limo for years when we need transportation in South Florida like what you’re requesting. https://larryslimo.com/
  25. Also depending on where your tender goes, it may be better anyway to take the ship excursion because the ferry boat docks right by there. Some ship’s tenders go directly to town, but ours went to Mykonos port, which would require you to take a shuttle to town to catch the ferry to Delos. Our ship excursion left directly from Mykonos port saving the time. With time at a premium sometimes it’s just better to do a ship excursion.
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