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  1. I’d only consider getting one onboard if you have OBC to burn through. If not, you’ll probably find much better deals on land.
  2. If you want a change of pace and something different it is. I usually don’t ever do speciality restaurants unless I have OBC to burn through.
  3. With respect to the last part, all that video does is report second hand info from someone in that group who always seems to have issues with things. Agree with @jelayne that service isnt horrible but there are fewer staff around and those that are working are maxing out.
  4. Check out PK Travel. We used them in October 2023 to go to Delphi. It was an amazing day and the company is top notch. https://www.pktravelgreece.com
  5. We have booked cruises for others with no difficulty. We were not on the other cruise. You just need their info including birthdates.
  6. I would also check in with Guest Relations to see if they need to input a special code in their system to allow it. They could code their card to only work with the parents. Have no idea if that's the case, but good to do that before you leave the first time.
  7. I posted this in the Florida forum, but didn't get any hits. Did Celebrity ever offer luggage valet at Tampa? We've sailed mostly from FLL and Miami where it was offered pre-COVID and I know it's just being reinstated in some ports. We're sailing out of Tampa in March and am curious as to whether it was ever offered in Tampa.
  8. Did Celebrity ever offer luggage valet at Tampa? We've sailed mostly from FLL and Miami where it was offered pre-COVID. I know it's just being reinstated in those ports, but was curious as to whether it was ever offered in Tampa.
  9. Yes, while that would be nice in an ideal world, we agreed to their terms and conditions when we signed up and paid to go on the cruise. Take a look at them and see what they are allowed to change and substitute with no notice on their part. The only way to get around that is to not cruise.
  10. Totally agree. I’m on the cruise now. While I’m extremely disappointed in not being able to go (this would be the third try), I booked full well knowing that this part of the world requires flexibility. I’m grateful for Celebrity for doing all of the legwork to change our ports. I’m sure there will be a lot of sleepless nights among celebrity staff and am grateful for their hard work given what’s happening. This is nothing compared to the real world right now.
  11. The captain recently announced that all stops in Israel were cancelled. We are now heading to Cyprus and will overnight there. Then we will have a sea day and arrive in Alexandria Egypt a day early and have an extra day (now a total of 3 days) in Egypt.
  12. Captain just announced that we will be arriving tomorrow in Cyprus and then having an overnight in Cyprus. Then we will have a sea day. In addition, we will be having a 2nd overnight in Egypt.
  13. Can’t comment on the mood as I’ve been up in the Retreat all day. I have no doubt Celebrity will make the best decision it can.
  14. We’re on the cruise currently. Haifa is the first port (has always been the first). No word as of yet as to what the ship will be doing.
  15. We did the evening Butchart Garden tour last June through Celebrity. It was basically a sprint through the gardens. I think we got maybe 90 minutes there. Luckily we had been once before, but I would have been extremely unhappy if it were my first time. Also the gift shop was closed even though there were a number of busses from the ship tours.
  16. Hopefully they can go first thing in the morning to the UK Embassy in Athens. I’m sure you already have this, but here are some emergency numbers (hopefully they are different than what you’ve already tried) https://www.gov.uk/world/organisations/british-embassy-athens I wish your parents luck in being able to go. We are on the cruise right after them.
  17. Yes that’s true, but for reference for others, there’s no need to print the tags in color. I’ve printed out the tags in b/w since they stopped sending them. For the OP, just have the porters do it at the pier. That’s the easiest way now.
  18. It will depend on the port if you can make the time you’re thinking. In general, the US ports will require you and the other B2B folks to go as a group through immigration so that could be after 9.
  19. I can only speak to the upcharge items in Tuscan when we are in a RS or above. Our experience has been about 50/50 whether they charge for it. We’ve had times where they have provided it at no charge and others when they charged. Official policy is that it’s not part of the complimentary dining for the RS and above, but some waiters will go ahead.
  20. It went very quick this past November. We got the declaration forms on the ship and the Australian authorities had someone there to collect it near the exit of the cruise terminal. If you checked yes to any of the questions, they sent you to another person. We checked "yes" for prescriptions and were sent over there. He looked at our form and we told hm that we just had prescriptions and he sent us along our way.
  21. I see a few beers and a few wines on the menu you linked to. Glad they’ve added some of those. Can you point to where they will now make simple drinks, as I did not see that on a menu.
  22. The World Class's bar is really limited to a set menu and the ingredients they have are limited to that menu (except for some really nice Scotches). If you ask for something that's not on their menu, they will almost always request that you go to another bar for that drink. I've seen people over the years get extremely loud and upset at this, but that's how that bar has always been.
  23. Great pics of Athens. Your pics are making me even more excited as we will be there in 3 weeks. Which restaurants are in the pics that you went to?
  24. I came here to post my experience from St Maarten from several years ago. My experience mirrors yours exactly. I never did see the chef buy anything other than a spice packet so I kept wondering all throughout dinner just how much was actually local. But it was a nice day going to various places on the island.
  25. As another Celebrity Elite+ thinking of trying Regent, I’ve been looking at the various stateroom categories. On Celebrity we always sail in a Celebrity Suite or higher because it has a separate bedroom and a sofa bed. Every ship’s Celebrity Suite, even if a different ship class has separate bedrooms/sofa beds. Looking at Regent, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Are the 1br with sofa bed ship dependent on Regent (meaning is one ships Penthouse different than another)?
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