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  1. How do you play the slots in the casino’s on Celebrity ships? Do you insert your Sea Pass card, where each go is charged to that? Or do you load credit to some other card, specifically for use on slots. Need to know now as my wife is threatening to let loose!!
  2. Are X sailings through the the Panama Canal always made on Millennium Class ships? I tend to see Celebrity Infinity doing this route but never any Solstice ships. I often thought that it was down to size but recently saw NCL Bliss going through on You-Tube. Bliss looks bigger than Solstice class ships.
  3. That’s a relief! I was getting concerned there!!
  4. We’re due on Eclipse in August departing Vancouver on the Alaska inside passage cruise. On this itinerary, is the ship generally within 12 miles of the shoreline? If so, does that mean that the casino doesn’t open?
  5. See my post before this. I know theoretically you get any table but in our experience you tend to get the same table, if it’s available. In that way you build a relationship with your servers as you would with traditional dining.
  6. I’m not referring to “select” CC status I’m referring to “select anytime dining”. And my impression is built on using select dining when booked in 2C and 2B veranda’s compared to sailings in concierge and Aqua. When in the cheaper cabins we would be towards the back by the busy kitchen access but in concierge/aqua we’d have a prime position. Could be coincidental, but I’d think not.
  7. There’s other minor considerations. The partially obstructed cabins on deck 6 are ok but the higher decks are better in their general outlook. With concierge and Aqua you’ll get more CC points, important if you’re on a mission like me!! Also, we have noticed that if you’re Select dining the position of your table in the MDR is determined by your “class” of sea card.
  8. We had a similar situation just yesterday, but it would seem like we’ve come out of it a lot better off. We’re sailing on Eclipse in Alaska in August. We’re nearly 2 weeks to final payment. We booked this a year ago while on board Solstice in Hawaii and got an A1 Aqua cabin with free drinks and $300 OBC. There was also an onboard incentive of additional instant OBC of $150 that we took on Solstice which more than covered the £89 deposit we had to put down. This sort of deal seems a no brainer to me, even if we didn’t end up going! When you get home you can transfer these onboard bookings to a TA but we keep it with X. Anyway, yesterday I noticed that the price of our cruise had dropped significantly. In fact, I couldn’t believe the number of cabins available in all classes and no doubt a result of those making multi reservations bailing out before final payment. I contacted my “Personal Cruise Concierge” (yes, really!) at X UK and suggested cancelling and rebooking and although We’d lose our £89 deposit and $300 OBC it would still work out some £700 cheaper. Well, she said don’t do that I’ll see what I can do and speak with my manager. Within an hour she came back changing our current booking for the existing A1 cabin at yesterday’s online price for an A2 cabin (our CC perk) with free drinks and free gratuities, while retaining our $300 OBC! The bottom line being the balance that we owe in 2 weeks time is now an impressive £1,150 less than it was yesterday morning!! Oh, and when our new Guest Invoice came through it was showing an additional $300 OBC, now making a total of being £1,380 better off. We like our “Personal Cruise Concierge”!!!!
  9. Our current Aqua booking has Select Dining and obviously access to Blu. If we were booked for Aqua with Traditional Dining, say 6.15pm, does this early sitting only apply to the MDR and with Blu we could turn up anytime?
  10. If you don’t want a hotel for the day there is a facility at Canada Place cruise terminal that will store your luggage and even transfer it for later retrieval at the airport. We used this last year after our Hawaii cruise and toured Vancouver during the day.
  11. Hi Davie, would that hat have been Putu with bald head and from Bali? We’re on eclipse 11th August and love Putu. I drink like a fish but my wife is teetotal. Every day he would make her a different “special” non-alcoholic cocktail. And it made her feel special!! He’d gauge her arrival from me turning up (early!) and present her each night!! Top bloke!! Phil
  12. Huskydo, if you want to PM me I can give you some more info. Shouldn’t really be hijacking this thread.
  13. Hi Huskydo, we’re doing similar this August but flying out to Calgary (and back from Vancouver). We’re picking up the car at the airport and taking 7 days to drive to Vancouver via stays in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Kamloops. 2 nights in Vancouver then joining Eclipse. We booked flights and hotels through BA holidays and car hire through Canadian Affair.
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