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  1. F1 Vegas is ridiculously overpriced - I've been to F1 Miami and to Montreal MANY times - I was able to get tix to the Vegas race when they went on presale - $2000 per person for basic Grandstand Seats and it goes WAY up from there - So for 3 people, basic seats and a hotel I was looking at close to 10K - I walked away and think they are out of their minds! Instead, I'll be flying business class to visit the Pyramids in Egypt, then spend a few days in Israel - And I'll be spending significantly less than just the race tickets- I'm sure it will be a spectacle but its absurd. Next year I may go to the Monaco Grand Prix and stay on an A\tlas Ocean ship in the Monaco Marina - Such a better and more cost-effective solution
  2. Thank you - Huge increase - And to the original question - Yes, I was able to use my onboard credit for it - I think this will be the last time I upgrade to premium, from now on I'll just pay the per drink upgrade cost... more economical
  3. Can I ask what price you are getting for the upgrade? I was just told its $20 a day after discount to upgrade from Classic to Premium - Thats almost double what it used to be. - Is that right??
  4. Totally agree with this - When I was on the Apex a few weeks ago and inquired about the March sailings, he said that they (the onboard sales crew) had noticed them being locked in the system but had no idea why - They HAD NOT received any communications about them
  5. I'm a travel agent.... When I spoke with Celebrity last week they told me these sailings were "RED" as well, but stated that it meant the cruise was oversold - I do not think they know any more than we do
  6. I started this thread and it has been interesting to watch its evolution - I too hope our sailings go off as planned - I am booked on the March 16th sailing myself after having been booked on the very first Celebrity cruise booked that was cancelled due to covid (leaving from Hong Kong). I thought I would share what is on the Travel Agent booking site for Celebrity - If you look at their calendar, the Millenium is showing ZERO sailings in Feb - There is a Jan 28 sailing from Bali to Singapore that has rooms available - Then you have a month where the Millenium just disappears.... A dry dock?!?! Who knows? Also, I had received 2 mysterious emails "welcoming me aboard my Milllenium Asia 2024 sailing" - Did anyone else get these? I have other Celebrity sailings booked so it was very odd...
  7. I was on the Apex last week and asked the future cruise folks - They stated that they noticed the cruises on Millenium had been locked in the system/weren't allowing new bookings - They have not been notified of any changes and were just as perplexed as we are
  8. I'm seeing excursions available for my March 2024 Japan Cruise that is currently "Locked" so I don't think excursions are any indication of what's going on.. As long as they let me know before flights go on sale I'm happy - I've now rescheduled multiple times and been hit with way too much $$ in airline change and cancellation fees - Cathay Pacific was horrible with their change fees...
  9. Have noticed that all Millenium sailings in Asia past Jan 28 in 2024 have now been removed for sale by Celebrity - That includes all 4 sailings in Feb, March and April that were going to be visiting Japan - Previously these sailings were booked at close to 95% capacity - Wondering if we're are looking at either a ship replacement/redeployment or just a cancellation of all Japan for 2024 - Interesting other Asia sailings visiting Hong Kong are still on the schedule. With the new schedules coming out in the next few weeks, hopefully something will be made of this...
  10. Scan your email confirmations carefully, I received the $100 OBC but my Invoice now shows a Change Fee for $100 X 3 people - So somehow they charged me $300 for my $100 OBC... ONLY Celebrity could mess up like this - Glad I have my original invoice to prove it but not looking forward to calling in
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