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  1. Booked on the Reflection for next summer - Just had a Family Room Veranda on Deck 8 become available for less than we are paying for our Sunset Veranda - This is a Norwegian Fjords cruise, so I am very concerned about the views. I've had the FV on the Summit and loved the extra space with my daughter - Only there it was aft vs here its forward -- I've read that the deck 8 FV balcony's are normal size (100 ft) vs the other FV's - Thoughts/advice??? Thanks!
  2. Received our credit But... Just received most of my credit for the Feb 15 sailing of the Millenium that was cancelled by Celebrity - We're missing approx $1200 in credits out of $7500 - What a disaster... now to get back on the phone with them...
  3. Feb 15 Millenium sailing - Received Airfare credit over a month ago for supplemental charges - Received 50% FCC a month ago - Still waiting on refund - Spoke with Celebrity yesterday - April 6 Refund was "processed" - Since then there has been no action and its awaiting accountings backlog - Was told it could take an additional 30 days...
  4. I filed a dispute with Amex last week - Was told I had 60 days from the actual cruise departure date to file the dispute - My initial deposit was close to 2 years ago and they are still covering this as a valid dispute
  5. We are still waiting from Feb 15 - The first of the sailings to be fully cancelled - I chatted with Amex this afternoon - They told me I had 60 days from when the cruise should have departed to file the dispute - Anything more and I'd be out of luck - That puts me at next Wed - I'll let it go until Monday and then I file a dispute - I have emails and voicemails from X stating I will receive a 50% FCC and a 100% refund - Its heavily documented
  6. Was on the Feb 15 Cancelled Millenium cruise - Received my 50% FCC over a month ago - Still waiting on my refund - Spoke with Celebrity on Friday and was told same "Ticked the box but forgot to hit submit" story - Was told I would see full refund in 1-2 weeks - If not I will dispute with Amex. Rebookied the same cruise for 2 years out - Glad I booked it when I did as its now $1000 more...
  7. Feb 13 Millie cruise out of Hong Kong - Received the 50%. FCC, still waiting on refund - They're slammed, I'm sure it will come through - Giving them time - The agents have been incredibly helpful - They're so overworked and exhausted now..
  8. Was on the cancelled 2/15 cruise - Received my 50% FCC 2 weeks ago and was told 9-10 days for refund - Still waiting, but I know its in the system - I'll get it eventually, just have to wait I guess.. Received my airfare reimbursement 2 weeks ago as well... They're swamped and understaffed..
  9. Interesting that people on cruises after hours have received refunds/credits - We were booked on the cancelled Feb 15 Millie sailing - Haven't received anything - My parents were booked on the same cruise and haven't received anything either. Was told by Celebrity to wait 5 weeks - if after 5 weeks we haven't received anything to call them ...
  10. I'm booked on the 2/15 sailing - Or should I say, I was - I'm sailed with Celebrity many times (Elite Actually) - I do not have an issue with a FCC - Would I prefer a cash refund - of course - But I understand its a business - I am pissed that I can not use the FCC on Azamara - I think that is Absurd - They want to bank our $$ collect interest and hope we do not use the credit in the future - Thats how big corporations work - Its all about their stockholders. If the rumor that the 2/15 sailing being cancelled comes to fruition - meaning they knew they were going to cancel the cruise, but waited to tell customers until the last minute to avoid refunds becomes true, I may swear off RCCL and all their brands in the future - But again this is only a rumor and a game of telephone. Celebrity's communication has been deplorable - But, at least when I call Celebrity I can speak with someone - Calling Cathay Pacific, their phone system just hangs up on you - To cancel my flights I gave up on phone after 2 hrs and resorted to waiting in a Chat room for 4 hrs. This has been an experience to say the least .. And I'll have some stories to tell..
  11. Anyone have any experience with these? I have an opportunity to get a $500 award of one of these through work (among other options) - They cert state that they have to be redeemed on a new booking only and through Celebrity - Anyone know if after making an initial booking with a gift cert if the booking can then be transferred to your travel agent for OBC? Thanks!
  12. Getting some mixed information from Celebrity re:Vietnam Visas - Travel agent states we need to obtain a visa before leaving the US, Celebrity email says they will sell/provide them on ship, Captains Club says that we should get one in advance due to issues with Vietnam immigration. Thoughts? Experience???
  13. Hi - Going on a family reunion cruise on the Summit over Thanksgiving - We have 20 or so people and are all on Select dining - I didn't realize we could reserve tables this far in advance for Dinner - As its Thanksgiving I wanted to make a reservation for our group. Does anyone know what time the Shows are on the Summit? Trying to schedule around them for diner/the kid's - Anyone have a copy of the cruise planner? Thanks!
  14. I agree with you on all points here - I had done lots of research - We had actually booked an alternate line - Viking was not our first choice - Due to circumstances out of our control we wound up rebooked on Viking - Regarding the coffee - I prefer mine Black as well - The machine on Viking is horrible - The Bar area had an espresso machine hidden away - Once I discovered it on the 5th day I could at least get a decent cup- But the standard coffee offered is some of the worst I have ever had - Couldn't wait to get off and find a cafe
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