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  1. I know, unfortunately, our cruise is still a long way off, but the time to check on flights is quickly approaching. We are scheduled for a 12 day cruise on the Apex out of Amsterdam on July 8th. If we leave on the afternoon of the 7th, our flight from Detroit gets into Amsterdam at 10 am the next morning. The Apex is scheduled to leave at 6 pm. Does that sound like an itinerary that will work, or should we come in the day before? Many thanks
  2. Why do people feel like”this does not apply to me. I’m special. I can go whenever I want so I can either chow down at the buffet or scarf down lobster rolls at Luminaire.” People we just went through a pandemic, and if you had an opportunity to take a cruise 6 months ago, you would have followed every rule or “suggestion” to make it happen. Even if though you think you are, you’re not privileged; all of us are in the same boat (literally). So don’t bend the rules to pacify your selfish intentions. Take your time, enjoy being alive and don’t try to screw up everyone’s return to a relief from this past tragic event.
  3. Captain James T. Kirk.
  4. We are scheduled for a cruise onboard the Apex next July. We have a Sky suite with a double sofa bed. We are taking our 2 grandchildren. Will the double sofa bed have enough room for them?
  5. How can I find what my current credit totals are?
  6. After 2 canceled cruises, I’m coming up to our third scheduled cruise to the Baltic in July, but not sure if it’s going to happen. So I made a a reservation for the same cruise in July of 2022, but I got a great deal for a Sky Suite on the Apex. My question is this. Should I keep the one for 2021 until they cancel it and then I have the same cruise for the next year. If they cancel it, will I get a 125% credit and can I use it towards the next year’s cruise. If they do have the 2021 cruise, I can just cancel the 2022 one. Am I thinking correctly? Many thanks
  7. My family has a cruise scheduled for July 18th for the Baltic region aboard the Celebrity Reflection. Our previous cruise was for last June to Canada unfortunately was canceled and I was wondering if our present on experience the same fate. I know that I have to cancel our plans by April 18th, but I heard that perhaps I can wait until later without a penalty. Any advice from experienced travelers would be appreciated. Stay safe.
  8. I have to make a decision by Wednesday regarding our June 16th Cruise to New England and Canada. I need to choose from these options. Any advice would be very much appreciated. 1. Pay the final payment, hoping that the cruise actually happens. 2. Pay the final payment, and have the option of canceling later and taking the future credits. 3. Pay the final payment and staying with it and if it is canceled then taking the whole payment and possible additional credit 4. Just cancel and look into something next year. one option gives me my deposit immediately and my money is not tied up. The others have various other stipulations. So your help would be appreciated.
  9. We are scheduled for the June 16th cruise to these areas. With the recent ban on ships from the Canadian government, I guess that cruise will probably get canceled. I really hate That because we got a great deal with 4 perks and a Family Veranda cabin. Doesn’t look good.
  10. That pretty much answers your question, as immature as it was.
  11. The drip coffee in Ocean View is Lavazza, the same company that provides the espresso for Cafe Al Bacio.
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