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  1. cruise47

    Stunt on Royal

    Please do not copy this act!!! This is the message to everyone.
  2. How much does the water taxis costs?
  3. cruise47

    Edge - Luggage Valet

    Are non suites guests eligible for this luggage valet program ? Are there any costs involved for non suite guests?
  4. cruise47

    Edge/Revolutionized Ships---Hmmm---$$$$

    I feel you meant ADA requirements.
  5. cruise47

    1,700+ photos of Celebrity Edge

    Your photos are "Excellent."
  6. cruise47

    SeaPass Cards On Ships

    This is common practice on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.
  7. cruise47

    Edge Review December 16-23rd 2018

    Thanks you for your review and photos. Excellent.
  8. cruise47

    Edge/Revolutionized Ships---Hmmm---$$$$

    I just hope that Celebrity top brass will stop and re-evaluate their plans for total Revolution of all their M & S class ships for a year . To ascertain all the comments, documentation from travelers on The Edge (what is Excellent, the good, the bad, what is working, what is not working and then make the proper changes). The Ball is in Celebrity court. IMHO.
  9. cruise47

    Eden is getting pretty exciting!

    What is the story line?
  10. cruise47

    Live From the Edge 12.16 Sailing!

    Sounds liked you had an outstanding cruise experience. Thanks for all your posts and photos.
  11. cruise47

    Edge (and Apex?) issues...

    Very good so you are Elite with many sail nights behind you and cruising information you can share.
  12. cruise47

    Edge (and Apex?) issues...

    Pennstateman, have many cruises have you exactly sailed with Celebrity Cruise Line? This will give us a point of reference ?
  13. cruise47

    Edge (and Apex?) issues...

    So I guess we do not need color televisions, cable networks, the internet, smartphones or laptops computer or jet commercial air planes? Without changes their would be no CC Board and we could not post on this subject. Let’s hope Celebrity will reconsider some of The Edge shortcomings and will fix these problems with their future E Class ships build. l
  14. cruise47

    Edge (and Apex?) issues...

    The Edge, to me is about “Change.” It’s takes time to people to adapt to changes. Do you remember when computers were first introduced to the General Public and How large and heavy that Black & White monitor was that CPU weigh a ton? Now look at todays computers 💻 . They are light weight some are called a lap top. They are in high definition color. You can use it talk to long distance, make graphic designs, you can even carry it around with you. etc., etc. Here is another example of change do you remember that big heavy cell phone and what functions it had. Now you have a Smartphone, that is a exactly a mini computer, you can take photos, it’s a GPS, you can even call Russia, or Aruba on it. etc., Lets give The Edge a chance .
  15. cruise47

    Edge (and Apex?) issues...

    Why are there only 15 to 17 actual reviews on Vtcruising spreadsheet under The Edge at the Celebrity Cruise Forum ? She asked for our input to create that spreadsheet. But there are over 30 reviews under the CC Ship Reviews.Section. Why the big differences? Plus, the reviews under CC Ship Reviews are more positive. . IMHO.