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  1. We will be sailing Azamara for the first time in December. We are sailing out of Florida and returning to Florida. We are not heavy drinkers can we packed all the unopened liquor bottles and bring them back home?.
  2. Is it true that the bathroom on Princess are smaller and that they have curtains on their showers stalls; instead of glass shower doors; unless you are in a mini-suite class cabins or higher?
  3. We received our second Moderna shots yesterday.. Does any feel liked, will Azamara be sailing in December 2021?
  4. What is the official smoking policy for all the Princesses cruise ships?
  5. We also purchase this boarding cruise photo with our OBC. It also helps us to remember our Celebrity Cruise experience with the date and year.
  6. Thanks this link worked.
  7. Thanks everyone we are just ready to cruise again. We enjoy good service and excellent dining.
  8. Another newbie, hoping to sail on the Quest in December. This thread is excellent, so helpful and so much information, and advice, about Azamara. We are Celebrity Elite Plus, with Celebrity Cruise Line. Two questions are the bathroom on Azamara about the same size liked on the old Celebrity Century cruise ships or smaller? What is a half bottle of liquor?
  9. We were planning our first Azamara cruise this year but had to cancel because of the covid pandemic. We are Elite Plus with Celebrity. Looked that video and the small cruise ship atmosphere.
  10. Have anyone heard about a,New Vaccine Passport being developed in Denmark? It will show that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19 (dates and the type of vaccine).
  11. Have anyone heard about a New Vaccine Passport being developed in Denmark. This passport will show that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19 (dates and the type of vaccine).
  12. Our cruising partners do not drink alcohol or used the wifi. They liked the OBC to use to dine in the specialty restaurants. This all inclusive plan is not good plan for them.
  13. What is X going to do about the Aqua Spa thermal tables ?
  14. I have a DD214 Form, I keep it in my bank safety deposits box. I have a DMV ID Card with my Veteran status. Can I used this ID. You must submit your DD214 Form to obtain a DMV Veteran ID Card and you must be a Honorably Discharged Veteran. Can I used this ID to apply for a cruise discount?
  15. We cruise to relax and to enjoy our relationship with one another. We do enjoy fine dining in a nice small restaurant atmosphere with impeccable service and excellent food choices and variety. We do not cruise to hear or to discuss negativity issues.
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