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  1. cruise47

    Taste of the Edge: Beverage Photos!

    Please stop teasing the future cruiser of The Edge. We are ready to board and sail this amazing ship.😄
  2. Nice photo, why is The Edge lending on the starboard side?
  3. On the seven nights cruise, what night will they be serving lobster in the Blu restaurant?
  4. Photo #1 is a Celebrity crew member standing in front of the wings. You can see his eyes and he is dress in a black Celebrity uniform.
  5. Lloyd555, she is the first ship dock at the pier from the airline photo.
  6. Photo #1 reminds of a singer person (M.Jackson) standing in front of a pair of wing. I can see a Roman Trojan Horse on deck and not Mr. ED of the comedy television show.
  7. Is the new theater going to be similar to an I Max theater with surround sounds?
  8. Lloyd555, thanks you for that photo of The Edge Villa, (Amazon Villa) maybe one day in the future planning.
  9. A seven (7) day’s cruise is not long enough to enjoy this new ship. IMHO.
  10. Thanks you Vtcruising she cruising alone in that blue Caribbean water into port. Awesome!
  11. Lloyd555, Thanks for the photo, where is this located?
  12. Lloyd555, looks like the pool area will be a spinning light display. Those photos are so modern and they are giving me the feeling of a new youthfulness and new energy. Thanks for the photos.
  13. Outstanding starboard photo. Lloyd555.
  14. cruise47

    Where's My Cabin?

    Please forgive me VTCRUISING(but the devil made me do it for fun) please tell them your cabin is on The Edge and it is cruising in the Atlantic Ocean and will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ASAP. All in fun everyone.😎