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  1. It should not take five (5) days to install eight (8) letters on the new ship. The Edge. Wr should know by Friday, October 25,2018. What is going on.
  2. It should not take five (5) days to install eight (8) on the new ship. The Edge. We should know by Friday, October 25, 2018.
  3. Thanks Lloyd555 for those additional photos. She looks elegant. We will all know by Friday, if they are installing letters on the funnel.
  4. Lloyd555 could be a very small hairline crack in one funnel.
  5. Lloyd555, looks liked they are either repairing or cleaning a funnel in your photo. It is very hard to tell what is exactly going on. Please keep everyone up to date.
  6. Thanks Vtcruising. another amazing night photo of an amazing new ship called The Edge.
  7. Lloyd555, thanks for those amazing photos. I pray we all can relax in those oversized lounge chairs in the very near future.
  8. cruise47

    Infinite Verandas - Who Knew?

    Thanks Vtcrusing and hcat. I have seen these three (3) photos. However, I would like to see the actual finish product photos of this Veranda. I am also excited about cruising this new cruise ship. I liked everything to date of The New Edge Cruise Ship. 👍
  9. Thanks you Vtcruising, I feel everyone here are looking forward to your new EDGE Spreadsheet.
  10. Vtcruising are you ready with your New Edge Spreadsheet?
  11. cruise47

    Infinite Verandas - Who Knew?

    Are there any new photos of the bed beside the new infinite verandas?
  12. The new photos reveal, that there are going to be some very high end stores on The Edge.
  13. cruise47

    "Manage Followed Content"

    The format wording make display differently on your computer & laptop then on an IPAD.
  14. I pray everyone have saved the spreadsheet information to their computer before the update. Everything (all data & information) is there on my computer.