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  1. 27 minutes ago, the penguins said:

    We have done the Antarctic on Hurtigruten absolutely fantastic. A totally different experience to any other cruise line. Everything revolves around the "expedition experience". Everything is weather dependent so be prepared for frequent changes to the programme or as our Expedition Leader, Anja, put " if you find it hard to cope with the frequent changes think what it's like for me as a German".

    Three quick tips:

    The trips to the landings on the Polar Cìrkle boats are very wet and windy - wearing cheap ski goggles makes the experience much nicer.

    Once on land you can't put anything on the ground which is problem if you need to remove gloves to use a camera. Fix your gloves to your coat with elastic though the sleeves  ( just like we did as kids) problem solved.

    The floors in the cabin showers are electrically heated - very useful for drying gloves, socks etc.

    The owners of Hurtigruten are British a bit of a surprise like N

    MSC being Swiss not Italian.

    Thank you!  Taking all the hints I can find. 

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  2. 31 minutes ago, Jim_Iain said:

    I was just sitting here chuckling -    I was thinking it feels like After I cheated on Celebrity after a long monogamous relation for 23 years I decided I LIKE IT. 


    Will Couples Counseling work and a reconciliation or will we agree to an Open Marriage.   

    Love it.  We were supposed to be on a 2024 Buenos Aires round trip and as you know it got repositioned.  We are now taking our first non-Celebrity cruise in 12 years. We booked an Antarctic expedition ship on Hurtigruten cruise lines, a Norwegian company we once saw on the show Mighty Cruise ships.  We also are looking at Regent too.  It’s amazing because we were set to become Zeniths next year. Our relationship feels so one sided lately. 

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  3. Hi everyone. We're longtime Celebrity (usually Royal or PH suite) cruisers and are looking to branch out to try something else. One of the things that is most important for us is how a ship handles special issues with food. He has a number of allergies (seafood, shellfish) in addition to having some very specific health-related needs (like having to have soft foods).  In Luminae, Celebrity's suite restaurant, we can look at the next night's menu and if there's nothing that my partner can eat, they will make him anything he wants (well if they have it). I'm assuming that Regent will bend over backwards to accommodate him, but wanted to hear from folks that have sailed Regent. Thanks! (And apologies for a food post)

  4. 5 minutes ago, gmbhardy said:

    Do Retreat cruisers get priority disembarkation?

    Sort of.  You’ll gather in the Retreat lounge (or  Michaels club) and they will escort you to the area on the ship where you disembark. That usually allows you to bypass the others waiting in line. 

  5. We did it last year on Celebrity Solstice. We only had about 75 minutes at the gardens so it was really really rushed. If this is your only time you’ll ever be able to go, then do it. But I’d recommend a much longer trip in the future as it’s an amazing place.  

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  6. The only time is ever buy anything in the Apple Store on board is if I have a ton of OBC to burn through. Most of the time it’s the same, just no tax (Although I did pick up two Apple Watches at half price at the resumption of cruising because they were 2 versions behind)  

  7. We are looking at doing an Antarctic cruise in December 2024. We normally sail in suites on Celebrity. One of the main reasons we sail with them is that at dinner, the staff is very accommodating to some food needs (both allergies and medical requirements for simple foods like pasta, eggs, etc) Breakfast is usually no problem and so would be a lunch buffet.  How accommodating are the staff for working with us?  I totally get that supply issues are present since they replinish in the location they do. For example, on Celebrity, they will show the next nights menu and if there's nothing on it, we would work with them to get an alternative that would work. 

  8. You can ignore the time given upon checkin and board anytime once boarding begins. 

    Having no idea if this works, I usually select the latest boarding time if I’m in a suite to let others use the earlier boarding slots.

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  9. Agree with @Bo1953   If you want split beds even though there’s a king, they will swap them out for you in the Iconic Suite. If you do find it’s a king, just tell the shoreside concierge before you board.  Or the butler once you’re on board.  

    Just saw a 9 night Ascent Iconic for $56k pp so they will do anything to make you happy.  

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  10. Thanks for making the thread. While I don't have any ideas, I too used to love the table service in the back seating area of the buffet. It had a limited menu, but you could just come in tshirts and shorts and still have nice relaxing dinner served to you. I'd happily pay for something like that where they could feature specials like you mention.

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  11. On 7/7/2023 at 11:50 PM, Sarahg0915 said:

    According to TripAdvisor reviews, even hotel guests say they get up at 4, 5 a.m. to make sure they get chairs on the beach! More ppl than chairs, it sounds like.  

    That sounds about right.  We staked out at 9am what we thought were available chairs at the Riu.  They had a rolled up towel on them.   At 11am hotel guests came out and proceeded to yell at us for taking their chairs which they reserved with the towel at 6am.  Between that and the bar serving alcohol from bottles only marked with masking tape, we will never go back.  

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