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  1. I’ve done the Macallan tasting you’ve described. A group of us did it together, which was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it had it just been me. I would have rather ordered a single malt off the menu with the premium package and enjoyed.  

  2. You are right about the Retreat. Celebrity needs to up its game significantly.  We were on a few weeks before you and had to have a long conversation with Priscilla (who is fabulous) about the lack of service  (both bar servers and concierges). We were significantly disappointed with all 3 concierges.  I told Priscilla that this was the first cruise since Michaels club had been in place for suites that I did not know the name of a concierge because they always seemed to be on their phone or in their own world.  One night I had servers pass me by 6 times before being offered a drink.  I am hoping that she takes to management all of the feedback experienced cruisers are providing.  


    Other than that the ship ship is gorgeous and am looking to see what changes in the suite area are made when we cruise in November. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, TeeRick said:

    We were in a Celebrity Suite on Edge Jan 20-27 sailing.  Luggage Valet service was definitely free (no fee).  Did that change?  By the way it was definitely worth it.

    Interesting. The only consistent thing about Celebrity is it’s inconsistency. Maybe they figured it cost too much with so many more suites than M and S class ships.  

  4. Agree with the above poster. We were on Edge in March in a Celebrity Suite and it was not free (Celebrity fee). Maybe for the suites above Sky and Celebrity. On other Celebrity ships, I believe it had been included as part of our suite amenities.

  5. Also, sometimes it’s not marked well so you might have to walk around to find it. When we left out of terminal 18 at Port Everglades it was a standing sign which we only found after walking back and forth twice. At Miami there’s a specific numbered column you go to beside the special delivery sign. They longshore staff handling the luggage weren’t aware of the special delivery sign in case you need assistance finding it. 

  6. VT thank you for all your observations. You’ve been amazing.  Can you comment on Luminae? We always sail in suites to get access to Luminae. One of the things that really appeals to us is to be able order off the MDR menu. I understand that because of logistics that’s not possible.  My partner is allergic to a number of things and access to the MDR menu has been a life saver.  Do they at least have the every day favorites and will continue to do special requests if you give a days notice.   

  7. When we were in a RS in November, we were also told to go to the special desk outside the terminal at the port in MIA. We dropped off our luggage with the person manning the station. They walked us past all of the lines up to the front of security screening. Then after that, he walked us to the agent to check us in. Then another person escorted us onto the ship. That would probably be a great service if you're mobility limited as they will get you past all of the lines. Our luggage was in our room when we went up to it around 2. We had boarded at noon.

  8. We didn't think we would like them, but since we had a lot of OBC to use, we went ahead and booked 3 days on our recent Reflection cruise. We really liked them, even on port days when we didn't go ashore. We could have the canopy lowered when we wanted shade and moved back when we wanted sun. Also, they are close to the aft bar so you can easily run to it and grab a drink. Found that to be quicker than calling each time.


    On a related note, have then been installed on Equinox yet?

  9. In response to your question in cigars, yes you can bring them and a cutter on board the airplane and also the ship. TSA wont allow torch lighters either in checked or carry on though the cruise ship does allow them. You'll need a regular lighter, which is allowed.



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  10. We were on this cruise and the cruisers were ruder than we've ever seen in the nearly two dozen cruises we've taken. What I witnessed were all adults (40s and up) behaving badly. Several groups would demand immediate attention and not wait for those already waiting at the bar to give their order. In addition, one of our friends was in a wheelchair and some cruisers were being disrespectful of her while trying to get in and off the elevator, among other things.



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  11. We are neighbors, currently in 11730. They replaced the shower door in our suite today. We were livid to find that they had done so without so much as a word letting us know the contractors would be performing work. We came back to the room to find what they did. We let the concierge know of out displeasure with it. The new setup is awful and the entire floor will now be covered in water. We had the 2nd in charge of housekeeping to the room to show them what they had done and of our concerns about letting contractors in.


    Otherwise it's a fantastic room. Huge room with a great view of the Aqua Theater.

  12. We were there over Thanksgiving week and always head over to Dawn beach. When we got there it was covered in seaweed....Both in the water and on the beach. There were probably only 10 chairs set out where normally there would be over 100. We left and went to Pinel island for the day and had a great time.



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