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  1. Some people here really not showing much compassion. A great advert for the cruising industry! I have never cruised before and as i have a young family and the costs of cruising isnt exactly cheap, this opportunity was really appreciated and as you can guess very much welcomed in these times. All i can say is if this does happen i hope to meet lovely people like becciboo and im not put off for life by some of the other bitter individuals that have commented on this thread. Maybe the thought of people who normally struggle to afford this experience sharing the ship with them is the real concern.
  2. If you must know we took the other dates as they were in the school holidays and meant not taking my kids out of school.
  3. So basically a casino whale is offered a complementary cruise? Fair enough, hardly the same as winning a competition is it.
  4. Unlucky on not winning, i believe they was around 20000 entries so we were very lucky. We were originally on a 4 night in july but was offered a 8 night cruise in august due to the ships capacity being oversold. Although they are no 4 night cruises, RCI have already moved the goalposts regarding this and in my understanding a compromise needs to be made on what is offered if anything is. The irony is no doubt if we took the 4 night one in july we would have not had a positive pcr, but who knows.
  5. I have phoned a couple of numbers and spoke to a few different agents. I think the problem is here in the uk we have no uk call centre and im always taking to the central american call centre. Although they seem very helpful, they dont seem to understand the competition and the uk guidelines and restrictions. As for resolutions, all im told is to email royal caribbean uk. Not expecting a quick reply from this. Oh and by the way, my family are not the only family who won this competition and are in the same position as us.
  6. May i thank you again. I really thought you just fired off an email. But to take the time to do it the old fashioned way is such a nice gesture. Many, many thanks again!
  7. Yes it was me that was positive and im fully vaccinated. I really think ive had it asymptomatically within last month or 2 and its not cleared my system. Will probably test positive for a couple more months. Ive took lateral flow tests regularly and all negative. First pcr test ive done. All my family are still negative too so doubt its in my system and infectious now but obviously cruise line have to treat it as current.
  8. I really hope you have better luck than my family. All we have done the last few months is take the kids to school and go to work. We have been so careful but obviously not enough it seems. Just do all you can and you will be fine. Odds in your favour. Enjoy your cruise for me, wouldnt wish this on anyone.
  9. May i thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It really has made me feel a bit better knowing that someone i dont even know can be so kind. Although i dont work in health care myself as it was my wife that won the cruise your support means so much. We are totally fine just house bound isolating at the moment.
  10. Thanks for all the kind replies regarding our situation. I will try to respond to some posts people have made as some brought up valid points and i would like to respond directly on here. Bear with me will work through them now.
  11. Very good valid points that i have read over in the t and c's. As for clause 8, they already changed our cruise to august 7th. As to limit numbers on the july ones. That brings us to clause 16. We were available to cruise but their and the government guidelines prevented us from cruising. Fair enough if we were late qnd missed the boat. This leads me to claus 23 23. In the event that, for reasons beyond their reasonable control, Promoter is unable to award the Prize as described in these Terms and Conditions, Promoter reserves the right to award a prize of a similar nature and an equivalent value, or at its sole discretion, the cash value of the Prize. Promoter also reserves the right to award a prize of a similar nature and an equivalent value, or at its sole discretion, the cash value of the Prize if in its reasonable discretion it is appropriate to do so. Either way im taking this further as the whole situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The competition was all over the press and internet and provided no end of good publicity for the company. To think it celebrated people in the emergency services and then just brushed off is downright disgusting.
  12. Yes but my gripe is how we are treated differently to paying customers. So all good for rescheduling if paying but not if the cruise was won. Especially as this comp was aimed at people that more or less everyone would regard as deserving of it through these times.
  13. Well not having a good week. Sat at home isolating after a positive covid pre cruise pcr test when full family should currently be sailing around the uk on the anthem of the seas. We were very fortunate in that my wife who works for the nhs won one of the 999 services free staterooms. Originally to sail in july before restrictions in the uk eased but RC offered a later date to limit the numbers on the first sailings. We jumped at this, with 2 kids, 5 and 9, this sailing in middle of school holidays was perfect. Well long story short, pre cruise pcr flagged one of us as positive. An absolute kick in the teeth as we have lived like hermits the last couple of months. No doubt caught at our workplace. So kids absolutely in bits, literally just about to travel 250miles to southampton and all off. Phoned royal caribbean and told we had 180 to reschedule. Little bit of relief as this eased the grief of the situation. Put on hold, guy came back to tell us because this was a complementary cruise we couldnt rebook and have lost out completely. Another kick in the stomach! Really not happy. Yes we won a cruise but then proceeded to spend nearly a £1000 on drinks packages and room upgrades. Although they are refunded why are we treated differently than a paying customer. End of the day we won a prize in these strange days and its not being honoured through no fault of our own. Just want to vent a bit on here. Seems the 999 emergency services free stateroom competition in the uk was well received, provided great publicity for royal caribbean. But a minority of us, and theres more i tell you have been left high and dry!
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