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  1. Overall, I don't prefer the naming conventions for the new class of ships. I will say they are creative, but the combo of "Norwegian" + "Italian" naming for a US-based line is a bit off. I do like Luna - I remember there were thoughts years ago when they were naming Sky, Sun, Star, Dawn - that Norwegian Moon was on the table. But as I said, the names are more creative and differentiating. Past names it looks like they never moved forward with as well: Norwegian Marvel, Norwegian Seahawk If that's the case, then we may have solved it 🙂 1: Prima 2: Viva 3: Aqua 4: Bella 5: Luna 6: Ultima
  2. Me too.... Just like Encore for the Breakaway-Class as the final/ending.
  3. I did a little sleuthing and I noticed NCL refilled trademarks under a different IP subsidiary. Names resubmitted are Luna, Aqua, Bella, and Ultima: https://uspto.report/company/Ncl-Us-Ip-Co-2-L-L-C The original filing a couple years ago is here: https://uspto.report/company/Ncl-Corp-L-T-D Based on compare - Ombra, Vela and Aura are out as of right now.
  4. Yea - Wasn't a fan of the baiting "somethings wrong" to get you to keep watching the video (they also get paid via ads) you have to watch thru it. Reviews (everyones) are subjective. Not everyone needs to think/feel/like the same - They did a great job on video quality and editing. I put it on mute and admired the tour to make my own opinion. Happy cruising and wish NCL much success on this new class!
  5. Glad they are finally able to move forward! I've been wondering about the name as well. Here are some ideas (some same as yours!). They also have two additional Triton-Class ships to name: Disney Adventure Disney Imagination Disney Enchantment Disney Princess Disney Marvel Disney Joy Disney Elation
  6. Correct. Trademarks filed were Prima, Viva, as well as Bella, Vela, Luna, Aura, Aqua, Ombra, Ultima. my guess is next is Bella (styled B3LLA in the marketing). And #6 is ultima as the ultimate (similar to Encore /end wrapping up the Breakaway-Class). That leaves two left, with my preference of Luna and Aura. Mind you - other names NCL had filed but never used many years ago were also Seahawk and Marvel.
  7. This is great! I was curious about the ship selection as well - surprised to not see the Breakaway and Pride of America, while seeing the Sky. I'm a collector of these as well - excited to see this partnership.
  8. Have there been any recent photos of her at Marghera? Curious if you can see Prima 3 under construction yet. By the way - I’m thinking #3 will be named Bella. just a guess…. PR1MA V!VA B3LLA
  9. I actually thought the same. Only part that makes me think this is a "real" scenario is that he worked for Harry Sommer for NCL-Brand and this role would follow him to NCLH. Time will tell - And obviously there is a serious concern around debt - But they still need to have a focus/road map to remain competitive, hence New Ventures.
  10. Hello! Intention is for a fun topic - idea sparked when I saw a news alert that Todd Hamilton (NCL Senior VP of Sales) is moving to a new role to cover NCLH as SVP of New Ventures. I’ll say it here first…. My guesses for what could be explored (money aside - long term plays): 1.) Another NCL destination expanding on the success of Great Stirrup Cay and Harvest Caye. Royal Caribbean has Perfect Day at CoCo Cay, Labadee Beach in Haiti, and two upcoming destination in Nassau and Perfect Day at Lelepa. Carnival is developing a destination on Grand Bahama Island in addition to Amber Cove, Half Moon Cay and Princess Cays. Disney just announced a second destination as well. 2.) Expedition Cruises - either via acquisition of a ship/line, building to add to either Regent or Oceania, or a fourth line dedicated to this fast expanding market. Although much smaller ships compared to other expedition ships, Swan Hellenic could be a target with three brand new ships. what are your thoughts?
  11. Agreed. I think this is getting too much scrutiny. Average shelf life of a CEO tenure is 5 years. He has been in role for 8 years. Transition is over 3 months and not abrupt. Staying on as advisor until 2025. If was negative performance or a ‘problem’ it wouldn’t look like this.
  12. Mind you, CEOs of Carnival Corp and Royal Caribbean Group also retired in the past year as well. Interesting moves they made were CFO to CEO replacements of the companies - which makes sense to get them in better financial states in these chapters.
  13. I agree! He may have planned to retire in 2021 but held out until he felt things were a bit more stable. he did slide his son into President of Oceania last year
  14. Oh wow. Very interesting with the Turkish connection. Aliaga? Hopefully not….
  15. Not sure about Celestyal… today they announced the acquisition of one of the former HAL S-Class Ryndam ships from Seajets. Ship to be named Celestyal Journey. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2023/02/83204/
  16. ***PURE SPECULATION** If I were to make a guess...I'd say Deliziosa. This would give Carnival a total of six Spirit-class vessels, replacing a lot of the itinerary and homeport coverage previously held with the Fantasy-class vessels. Elation is currently in dry dock - but I believe at her age she now needs to be in dry dock a minimum of every two years.
  17. A&K didn't just get the ships - they bought the whole brand, which also includes customer records. Gave them a significant headstart over just buying two ships and creating a brand (like Ambassador, CFC, Cordelia).
  18. Bringing the thread back on track.... All of the cruise lines are in financial trouble, but are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel given no additional macro events other than Covid, war, inflation, recession continuing to trend negatively. I do feel NCLs GTM strategy is sound - Market to Fill, NOT discount to sell. Prime example of this is how Carnival has discounted tremendously to get the ships filled. Now, they are seeing they have too much value compared to land based resorts. Reversing pricing in this segment is SIGNIFICANTLY HARDER to than pricing down. Carnival has been measuring on load factors, which is absolutely fine if that is their strategy. With that - they are banking on higher onboard spending (alcohol, WiFi, photos, etc). They are already increasing prices on WiFi now. NCL is seeing a significantly longer booking window, which is key, Customers are purchasing their fares further in advance, some paying in full. By the time they get onboard they have a "fresh wallet." Think in terms of living paycheck to paycheck. If you have a significantly short booking period, only a certain percentage of that paycheck you are willing to spend onboard. With a further out booking window, cruisers can spend a higher percentage on the actual cruise. Now - What helps NCL even better in this scenario - they have higher pricing than they have had historically. 2023 will be an interesting year. Remember - even though they have record bookings, they cannot recognize that revenue until the cruise departs to wall st. SO, pile on higher pricing, plus more onboard spending (which IS happening for NCL) they could have a great 2023. Having said that - ALL of the cruise lines have a significant level of debt. Carnival is struggling to pay this down - they have had to dispose 20%+ of their fleet. Below is a quick analysis of chances of bankruptcy. Do take this lightly since there are a lot of factors than can happen - Ship sales, restructuring debt as it comes closer, etc. NCL feels they can pay down their debt organically without issuing more shares and tapping into $1.7B of revolving credit they DO have access to. And remember - NONE of the cruise lines received bailouts like the airlines. Chances of bankruptcy: Carnival Corp - 45% Royal Caribbean Group - 27% Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings - 52% https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/NCLH/Probability-Of-Bankruptcy https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/RCL/Probability-Of-Bankruptcy https://www.macroaxis.com/invest/ratio/CCL/Probability-Of-Bankruptcy
  19. Well this just got a bit more interesting.... https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/finance/world-dream-appears-limbo-following-singapore-auction-updated So it sounds like Resorts World did not bid, nor did Trey Hickey/KKR who were very active in the beginning.
  20. Correct. The question is if this is a name for the area on Grand Bahama Island, or a rebrand of either HMC or Princess Cays.
  21. My guess is that it would be Grand Bahama area. https://carnivalgrandport.com/home This would be more of a branded experience rather than Going by Carnival Grand Port.
  22. I saw yesterday at Carnival has registered the trademark “Funday Cay.” I’m wondering if there is an upcoming revamp of either Half Moon Cay or Princess Cay? I’ve wondered when/if Carnival would finally have its own branded island (since HMC was acquired by HAL and Princess Cays by Princess). Or - could this be the new port on Grand Bahama??
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